What To Look For In a Sound Deadening Material

Sound deadening materials can be confusing, but we’re about to go even more in-depth. The different types of products have various properties that you’ll want pay attention too when shopping for your next car or truck!

 I’ll point out some specific features from brands like Accent and Bristol while highlighting how thickness affects effectiveness as well as base material – which has an effect on both odor AND heat resistance..


As I have explained many times, sound deadening materials are more effective than deadening sprays. Why is this?

Deadening mats are more common because they have been around longer and we know how they work. As we’ll see, mats can be more difficult to apply than sprays.

You can pick any material you like, provided you are aware of one thing. Thickness will determine the effectiveness of your product.


is the thickness of a deadening pad. It’s expressed in millimeters, or thousands of an inchIn my reviews, I will be focusing on the thickest version of the product. However, I will also include any thinner versions. prefer thicker mats because they perform better. They can be a bit difficult to install.

With sprays, the user can control the thickness of the product. One coat can provide about 20 mils of product. However, you can apply as many layers as you like. Two to three layers is usually sufficient. However, there is another characteristic of sound deadening material that can affect their performance — the base material.


These products’ effectiveness is determined by their base material. In deadening mats there is often a relationship between the base material and mat’s heat resistance or odor. These factors are important to consider when installing a material in enclosed spaces.

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I have written before about the debate over base materials. You can read that article if you are interested in learning more about asphalt and butyl sound deadening mats.

There is also something to be said about the base material for liquid deadeners. Spray deadeners can be either rubber-based or ceramic insulators, according to my knowledge. Both should be equally effective. As I have already mentioned, asphalt has a disadvantage.

Heat resistance is the first and most important disadvantage. Asphalt materials are more susceptible to heat damage at higher temperatures. Butyl and ceramic insulation can withstand temperatures as high as 240 degrees Fahrenheit. You can see why cars can produce a lot of heat by themselves.

You may still be able to do it if your home is in a colder area. These products should be avoided if you live in hot areas or have hot summers. Both asphalt and rubber can be emitted a certain odor from heat.


Clearing the area is the first step in any soundproofing project, regardless of whether you are using a mat or spray. Clearing the way is key to allowing you to get to the sheet metal that you will be working on.

If you wish to spray the floor with deadening mats, remove the seats. You should also open the doors and remove the headliner if you want to soundproof the car. The hood will be the easiest to work on because it doesn’t have any top layers you need.

You’ll need to trim your deadening mat, if you have one. For whatever reason, some products are harder to cut than others. Smaller pieces are easier to work with. However, smaller pieces are easier to work with.

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On the other hand, If you are using a spray, a spraying kit is required. You will need to mix the liquid insulation with a drill and a special bit. You can then use a spray gun to evenly coat the surface with the mixture.

You should be ready for a full-day of work, regardless if you are working with liquid insulation or mats. Sound deadening materials for car mats will take you longer to cut and to apply than sprays. The curing time between layers is quite long for deadening sprays. You can expect to spend approximately the same time on each type of soundproofing, although you will likely invest more effort in installing the mats.

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