When Did Valorant Come Out?


Mostly gamers across the globe find a new game and start playing it day and night soon it leads to the formation of a cult and more and more people play and gradually the gaming frenzy declines as people move to a new game. But in the case of Valorant, the gaming fever just never left as people love to play this game day and night without any stop and such is the passion for valorant that people often want to know all about it, So the top question about valorant which crops in many inquisitive minds is When did Valorant come out?

As we proceed further we will answer this question for you along with some more facts and trivia about your favorite game Valorant and also discuss valorant smurf accounts. 

More About Valorant: When was valorant released

Many gamers often want to know when was valorant released so we are here to provide you with an answer to that question. 

Valorant started its journey in October 2019 as it was released under the name Project A for a beta testing phase, gradually limited access was granted to players in April 2020 and finally, valorant was released as a full-fledged game on June 2, 2020. 

What are Valorant Smurf Accounts?

Any discussion about one of the most quickly growing game valorant would be incomplete without a discussion about Smurf Accounts. 

Valorant smurf accounts are an account of valorant which is sold by one player to another, the buyer often looks for an easy shortcut to level up in the game while Valorant smurf account sellers are professional gamers who make multiple accounts and level them up by continuously playing with high skill levels and then selling them for a good price. 

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Selling smurf accounts in Valornat is officially banned by Riot games but it continues as it is difficult to catch and ban Smurf account holders. 

Best Features of Valorant

Many wonders why valorant is so much loved and played by gamers so much across the globe, well if you wish to know the answer to it just keep reading as we have listed down the top key features which clearly state why there is a high degree of popularity for playing valorant and what makes it one of the best strategy 

  • Constant updates make valorant one of the most interesting games as players never feel bored with new features being introduced constantly
  • New Maps are introduced along with constant updates in other gaming features which keeps the game interesting and fun to play
  • Great graphics and less lag in gameplay
  • Interesting agents with abilities and weaknesses
  • A vast number of weapons to choose from which allows players to play with their own choice of guns. 

Final Words…

Welcome to the conclusion of our article on When did valorant come out. We hope you enjoyed reading the content and found the facts and information about Valorant a nice read to have. 

We believe in keeping our articles short, simple, and full of cool information to help you find some time to relax as your search to find answers to your inquisitive mind. 

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