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Metformin Explained

Metformin is an FDA-approved drug used to control high blood sugar levels typically associated with type 2 diabetes. It decreases the amount of glucose the body absorbs from food, thus helping to control the amount of sugar getting into the blood. It also helps to decrease the amount of glucose being produced by the liver. When used properly, metformin can help to prevent kidney damage, nerve problems, blindness, and sexual function as well as decrease the risk of a stroke or heart attack. In simple terms, metformin ultimately does three things; It lowers the body’s sugar production, lowers the body’s sugar absorption, and makes the body more sensitive to insulin.

Benefits of Using Metformin

Although metformin is typically associated with its benefits in fighting type 2 diabetes, there are also several other benefits correlated with its use.

Lowers risk of cognitive impairment with aging

As the body ages, cognitive deterioration is expected. However, in recent years, evidence has also come to light supporting the importance of insulin resistance and its contribution to cognitive deterioration. As metformin works to reduce the body’s insulin resistance, it also helps protect users from potential cognitive decline with aging. Insulin sensitizers, such as metformin, help to reduce the risk of developing cognitive impairment and cognitive decline as we age, which is a huge benefit to its use.

Facilitates weight loss

Metformin itself shouldn’t be considered as a weight-loss drug. However, according to Everyday Health, it does help those suffering from obesity. Metformin works to lower blood sugar in the body, and lower blood sugar levels have a direct impact on weight loss. Metformin also has an impact on our body’s hunger cues or the feeling we receive when we start to become hungry, as well as works to improve our body’s gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which also plays a crucial role in facilitating weight loss.

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Reduces the chance of developing diabetes

Taking metformin isn’t just for those who currently have diabetes. It also helps to prevent developing diabetes. This should be expected, however, as metformin works to lower blood sugar by decreasing the amount of glucose the body absorbs from its food intake. The decrease in sugar levels either works to help those with diabetes or to prevent individuals from developing it over time.

Has anti-aging effects

Studies have actually shown that metformin has anti-aging effects on the body as well as increases the average life expectancy. It works to improve the body’s responsiveness to insulin, but also improves blood vessel health and has antioxidant effects.

Where Can I Buy Metformin?

As metformin continues to gain popularity in the market, it is leaving many potential users questioning where to buy metformin? However, with its recent popularity, metformin can be found as easily as doing a quick internet search for its availability for purchase online. For example, it can be purchased online from AgelessRx.com, which is a company that offers prescription therapies.

Common Questions about Metformin

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, metformin may be a great fit for you. However, you may find yourself with some questions about its use before determining if it’s the right option for you. Below are a few common questions associated with metformin and its use.

How often do I take Metformin?

When first starting to take metformin, you should start with a smaller dose to avoid any discomfort in the stomach. As your body gets accustomed to it, you can try to increase your dose to whatever is prescribed on your bottle. The frequency varies depending on the dosage that is prescribed.

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Is Metformin FDA approved for its longevity benefits?

The simple answer is no. Metformin is FDA approved for those with type 2 diabetes. However, similar to other medications, metformin can be prescribed off-label. In other terms, a medical doctor can prescribe it in any way they see fit for their patient. However, metformin is approved by the FDA to be studied, specifically for human longevity, as part of the TAME trial that started in 2020.

Is it safe with other prescribed medications?

Metformin can either be used alone or in combination with other medications. Side effects to metformin are extremely rare, making it one of the safest prescription medications. However, it isn’t safe for individuals who are allergic to metformin or who have poor kidney function. Depending on where you purchase metformin, there is typically a medical team that will consider these factors while reviewing your prescription request.

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