Bootstrapped and profitable, BikesterGlobal simplifies motorcycle touring for motorcyclists

Bootstrapped and profitable, BikesterGlobal simplifies motorcycle touring for motorcyclists

This post was most recently updated on August 25th, 2019

About BikesterGlobal.com and What we do?

“At BikesterGlobal, we believe that travel truly inspires a person. Exploring different places and cultures open up a person. Travelling is an education in itself. Being passionate bikers ourselves, we love and explore places mostly on our motorcycles. There are so many terrains and destinations globally that are a biker’s paradise! However, one needs to do a lot of research and planning when they want to do a bike trip, especially internationally. Our primary objective is to simplify the process of exploring the world on a motorcycle.

BikesterGlobal is India’s only booking platform exclusively for motorcycle tours. We are continuously working towards enabling bikers to explore India and International destinations on motorcycles. Presently, we have expeditions in 12 destinations and will have expeditions in 50+ countries in the next 6 months”, Says Hasan Kakal (Co-Founder) BikesterGlobal. 

When did you begin?

The journey started in October 2017 and we officially launched in February 2018. A lot of operational and research work was put in during these five months to make BikesterGlobal a reality.

Co-founders Profile:

Hasan Kakal (Co-Founder) – Born in a business family, he went on to get a masters degree in business administration. His experience in market research and sales gives him an excellent business acumen. His passion for travel and love for a motorcycle led him to quit his day job and start BikesterGlobal.com.

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hasankakal/

Atikulla Merchant (Co-Founder) – With a masters degree in Information Technology, he is the backbone of tech at BikesterGlobal. His experience in working with startups and running a successful consulting business gives him enough exposure to understand the need of the hour. Being a biker himself he understands the need of his fellow bikers and hence developed BikesterGlobal.com.

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/atikullamerchant/

Website :

Our website BikesterGlobal.com lets you choose from a number of tour options for a particular destination. Eg: If you’re looking for a motorcycle tour in Bali, you can go through all the options for Bali tour that are listed on our website and select the one that meets your requirement.

Our primary focus while listing a tour is quality Every tour operator listed on our website has to qualify our 24 point eligibility criteria. Also, every tour is listed in a standardized format, which ensures that the traveler can easily compare different tours and make a choice.

Bootstrapped and profitable, BikesterGlobal simplifies motorcycle touring for motorcyclists

Image/ Credit: Team BikesterGlobal.

Funding plans:

Currently, we are bootstrapping and it is going pretty well. For the next few months, we are concentrating on collecting data to understand our first customers and the market and thereby help us make realistic projections. Once we have realistic projections, only then we will opt for funding.


“We tie up with local guides and vendors in different countries. Getting them in a standard operating structure is a slow process and takes a great deal of patience, due to the complications of time-zone differences, no face-to-face contact, language barriers, technology issues and having different ways of conducting business in different countries having no prior knowledge of global business standards, we learnt many things  during the process”, Says the Team BikesterGlobal. 


We have had an avid follower base on our Social Media Pages. We have 9000+ people following across different social media platforms. The common love for motorcycles amongst the enthusiasts and their passion for traveling on a motorcycle has helped us build a follower base in mere five months.

In the last month (June 2018), we were approached by 500+ bikers and have generated a revenue of approximately Rs. 15 lac.

Quote from the founder:

Do less, but do it right.- “Hasan Kakal”

Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs:

Everything has a gestation period. There may be times that you feel like it’s not working and it’s not going to work. But hold on, keep iterating and keep going. It’s just a matter of time for things to start working.

Bootstrapped and profitable, BikesterGlobal simplifies motorcycle touring for motorcyclists


URL : https://bikesterglobal.com/

+91 7977810991

[email protected] 



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