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This post was most recently updated on May 1st, 2022

What profession pops into your mind when you think of the best healthcare professionals? Most people would answer nurses as healthcare practitioners put themselves at the backend but give patients their best care.

Healthcare as a sector has evolved significantly in the past few years, and today, it envelopes several subfields. Despite the emergence of multiple subfields in healthcare, nurses are still considered the backbone of the medical field. Registered nurses play an active role in providing patient care and serving as the doctors’ right hand. Indeed, they are the best healthcare professionals.

Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses are the ones who have undergone training and fulfilled every responsibility as per the Board of Nursing Criteria. RNs generally get jobs easily after completion of their degree. They can work in hospitals, maternity homes, rehabilitation centers, physicians’ offices, or other healthcare facilities.

RNs’ job is far from a piece of cake as it requires them to wear multiple hats. RNs administer medications and monitor patients’ conditions for reactions or side effects. In addition, they coordinate with other healthcare professionals and devise appropriate treatment plans. RNs take care of multiple tasks and stay on their toes; still, they never compromise on anyone’s health.

Registered nurses are in demand all four seasons. The good part is that you can pursue e-degrees and land a job after completing your course. Enroll in an Online Program for Registered Nurse to BSN and fulfill other responsibilities along with your degree. RNs are considered superheroes as they put in earnest efforts to help patients recover.

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Here are a few pointers that will prove that RNs are the best healthcare professionals:

  1. RNs Spend a Considerable Amount of Time with Patients

Ask patients who have spent a week or more in hospitals, and they would remember their nurses’ names. Other healthcare practitioners’ details may slip out of their minds, but most patients reminisce about their nurses even after years. Although patients deal with multiple healthcare practitioners, nurses spend the most time with patients. They know patients very well and ensure that sick people receive whatever they need. Most patients have good experiences with nurses; thus, they consider them the best healthcare professionals. 

  1. They are Empathetic

Empathy and compassion are the core of nursing. If you can’t experience other people’s sorrow as deeply as your own, you won’t be able to become a nurse. RNs are always compassionate and work to relieve their patients’ misery. RNs are the most compassionate healthcare workers, empathizing with their patients’ pain.

Nursing is challenging and takes a toll on your mental and emotional health. Besides, when you witness suffering every day in different forms, you may feel numb. Still, RNs are special people who practice empathy regardless of situations and play their part effectively.

  1. They Deliver Personalized Care

RNs take advantage of technology and devise personalized treatment plans for patients. It helps you connect with patients and design a treatment plan according to their specific conditions. Personalized care yields better patient outcomes and helps patients recover quickly. Nurses can use data analytics to learn about their patients’ particular needs and address them accordingly. RNs have also a very fulfilling background in their studies since they engage with different materials that teaches them everything about patient caring. Online resources such as those by Osmosis act as a guide on their journey.

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  1. RNs Put in Long Shifts

Most healthcare facilities deal with nurses’ shortages. RNs routinely put in double treble shifts and work without taking any break. Although long shifts take a toll on their physical and mental well-being, they do not let their work affect their nursing.

Aside from nurses, other healthcare practitioners also work hard and strive to give better services. They work in their spheres and help patients on their road to recovery. Still, RNs’ role is unique in patients’ recovery. They put their well-being at the backend but ensure good care of patients’ needs.

  1. They Strive Hard to Meet Patients’ Expectations

Patients may not have high expectations from other medical professionals, but they have high expectations from nurses. RNs strive hard to meet patients’ expectations, tweak their schedules to look after them, and juggle many responsibilities.

Numerous patients can be a nuisance; they become stubborn and refuse to take drugs. RNs have impeccable negotiation skills; they keep calm, bear with patients’ tantrums, and do not let patients’ behavior dull their enthusiasm for nursing.

  1. They Provide Emotional Support

As an RN, you spend a considerable amount of time with patients and develop a bond with them. Often you deal as a messenger between patients, other medical professionals, and patients’ families. You may have to relate unfortunate news to patients or their families. RNs witness patients in their vulnerable conditions and offer them emotional support.

Aside from patients, nurses are also there for patients’ families. They often witness families trying hard and praying for their loved ones’ health when they are in critical condition. Suppose patients succumb to death because of injuries or disease. RNs relate the sad news to families and provide them emotional support. Physicians or other healthcare professionals take care of their duties but hardly consider other people’s feelings. However, most RNs lend a listening ear to their patients.

  1. RNs Maintain Patients’ Privacy
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Aside from doctors, RNs are generally aware of the sensitive nitty-gritty of patients’ health. Several patients are uncomfortable sharing these details with anyone and prefer keeping them private. RNs ensure that they do not let any unnecessary personal detail out and maintain patients’ privacy

RNs do not discuss patients’ health with anyone other than related healthcare practitioners. They keep all the information confidential and adhere to organizations’ rules.


Today RNs play a vital role in the healthcare sector. Their primary motive is to provide patients with the best possible care. RNs juggle multiple responsibilities and often neglect their well-being but do not compromise on patients’ treatments. In the modern world, RNs have comparatively greater autonomy than before. In complex emergencies, nurses can intervene and decide the next course of action. RNs are the best healthcare professionals as they strive to improve patients’ health by giving them the best possible service. 

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