Why do Golfers Wear Golf Hats?

Golf Hats
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Golfers have been wearing golf hats since the sport’s inception. Some say that it is to keep their hair out of their eyes, some say it is for protection from the sun, and some say it is because they are just plain lazy. Regardless of the reason, there are a lot of people who wear golf hats. In fact, over 5 million Americans wear them every day.

Some people even go so far as to buy more than one golf hat if they don’t like the one they have on. People who wear golf hats don’t need much to get them started. In fact, some of the most common items for wearing a hat are a knit cap, a fitted hat, and a bucket hat. As for more formal wear, plenty of different hats may be worn to show their status in the community.

Here are some of the most common advantages of wearing Golf Hats:

1 – Protection from the Sun

Research shows that people who play golf spend a lot of time outside in the sun. The average round of golf lasts 4-5 hours and can get sunburns easily.  

This can be a lot for someone who doesn’t golf most weeks. 8-15 hours gets really tiring, really fast! Skipping out of the sun can be a relief for some.

Golfers’ days are grueling – they typically spend 6-7 days a week playing, with many games lasting 8-10 hours every day. Spending time in the sun can be especially brutal and pasty, but golf hats can help you avoid any negative effects or risks. Protect your skin while out in the sun with a hat that provides ample protection.

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2 – Helps Improve your Vision on the Course

Golfers have to be able to see the Course ahead and the ball inflight. If either of these two things is not visible, golfers may miss opportunities and run into potential issues on the Course.

The golfer cannot perform their best when they are not in full visibility. A golf hat increases peripheral vision, and a pair of sunglasses enhances the view over the Course.

Golfers need to be aware of where every shot lands in order to maintain full control over the ball as it is being hit. Seeing where your shot ends up is one of the key aspects of playing good golf.

3 – Sponsorship Opportunities

While PGA Tour players aren’t quite to the level of NASCAR when it comes to sponsorships all over the place, there are still a number of locations that are ideal for a sponsor to spend some money on having their name or logo displayed.

The hat is usually an integral part of golf attire and a prime viewing location because it’s conspicuously placed on top of the head. Camera operators often love having close-ups of the golfer, showcasing their Course and swing.

Sponsorship opportunities are commonly taken advantage of in the golf industry. Professionals have a way to pay for the gear they need while also having an item on their side that ensures their sponsor can be viewed at all times & not just during a live broadcast.

4 – Fashion Opportunity

Golfers want to wear the clothing that makes them look good, feel good, and play well on the Course. They are always looking for ways to stay ahead of their competitors before the game even starts.

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Hats provide another fashion accessory that can help build your personal brand. They’re a useful way to show the company’s brand and to make it more professional-looking. Many companies give their employees and partners hats at events where they want to help them build their brands themselves, making it easier for all parties involved.

There are a lot of benefits to wearing a hat all the time, especially when you’re working on the Course. A hat helps with your appearance, and it’s easy to keep a few in the car and on hand at all times if you’re headed out for golfing. Some golfers collect hats for different courses they have played the best.


There are not too many downsides to playing golf with a hat on. Some players will tell you they get sweaty, but in general, most people enjoy wearing a golf hat.

The things you can do with a golf hat are endless. You can add your personality and show it off in a way that allows you to feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. There’s something great about wearing out new hats while playing your favorite recreational sport.

You can easily pull together a great outfit with just one accessory. Not only is it versatile, but also affordable. The golf hat is definitely a worthwhile purchase.

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