Why use a Rental Self-Storage Locker in Bangkok

Why use a Rental Self-Storage Locker in Bangkok

This post was most recently updated on January 27th, 2023

Great Thing About Rental Self-Storage Lockers in Bangkok

If you live in the suburbs of Bangkok but work in the city center, perhaps you are looking for a storage solution that you can easily access anytime. Self-storage rental lockers in Bangkok have gained popularity in recent years for people who are moving, downsizing, or just looking for some extra space. The trend of self-storage in Southeast Asia actually started back in Singapore, where due to the small island nation’s land scarcity, self-storage gained popularity. This has encouraged JWD Store It to expand its operations to Bangkok, seeing that Bangkokians also have a need for more storage space. 

Below are a few reasons why Self-storage has started to gain popularity in Bangkok. 


The advantage of renting a self-storage locker is the convenience you get. You will be able to gain access to your assets anytime you like, just like in your own home. This allows you to come and go as you please and at any time because self-storage lockers allow 24-hour access anytime you want. This is perfect for folks who want to store seasonal items or perhaps sporting equipment. 

Most self-storage units allow you to drive right up to your storage locker or have easy access to loading and unloading areas which allows you to move your items quickly and conveniently. 

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Extra Space

The constant need for extra space is a first-world problem that plagues everyone. Especially for those with large collections, extra space is always welcome. Extra storage is also needed when you decide to downgrade to more modest accommodations but need more time to either sell your existing items or distribute them to goodwill. 


One of the major benefits of using a self-storage facility is the extra security it offers. Installing an advanced security system with multiple camera angles is an expensive endeavour for most folks. Why not leverage the existing security available at a self-storage facility? There are multiple surveillance cameras, keycard access, alarms, and fire safety systems in place at almost all self-storage facilities. 


While it seems counterintuitive, renting a self-storage locker might be more cost-effective than, say, purchasing a new property or renting a whole warehouse just to store items. Most self-storage facilities offer flexible arrangements where you can choose a monthly contract or long-term storage, which would usually give a more attractive rate. 

JWD Store It!

JWD Store It! is a joint venture between JWD InfoLogistics and Store It! and is a part of the larger JWD Group of Companies that was established in 1979. JWD InfoLogistics is one of the top services provided in the ASEAN region and offers a full range of logistics and supply chain management solutions that meet the needs of all your business-specific requirements. 

Store It! is one of the pioneers in Singapore’s self-storage industry. Starting in 2005, they have grown their customer base in Singapore into two self-storage facilities in Singapore. 

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Store It! has five easily accessible storage facilities in Bangkok in these locations: Srikreetha, Siam, Thiam Ruam Mint, Ramintra, and Rama9. This is to ensure that customers will have convenient access to our storage solutions. 

Visit us today to learn more about how we can assist you with a convenient and affordable storage solution! 

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