Why You Need To Enlarge Profile Picture

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You can find all your near and dear ones on Instagram easily. Instagram is a hub to a million people and business profiles. With so many profiles housed on Instagram there are multiple chances of getting profiles with similar names. At such a point Instagram profile picture is the only thing that can help you identify the accounts. But Instagram has restrictions set for Instagram profile pictures. Instagram profile pictures are locked in small circular thumbnails, which restrict you from viewing these profile pictures in full zoom. When you can’t view Instagram profile pictures in its original size and resolution it becomes difficult to identify accounts.

How to enlarge an Instagram profile picture?

There are many reasons why we need to zoom in on profile pictures on Instagram. But how do we do that? There are Instagram profile picture viewing apps that enable you to view and download any Instagram profile picture in full zoom based on the username that you enter on the app. it helps you view profile pictures in their original size and even download them to your gallery. One such free to use app is iZoomyou. These apps are AI powered and work on API Technology to help you get a clear view of profile pictures. Not only this, they give you accurate results and high quality images. You can simply find these Instagram profile picture viewers on Google for free.

There are many reasons why we want an enlarged view of Instagram profile pictures. Some of which are:

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Identify accounts in the follow request list:

Instagram has multiple profiles with similar usernames. This makes it difficult for us to identify accounts. Profile picture restriction on Instagram is a barrier that stops you from viewing profile pictures in full zoom allowing you the opportunity to identify accounts based on the profile pictures.

To find accounts of old friends and known ones:

You can also find your old friends on Instagram. But again you need to view their profile picture to confer their profile from the amalgam of similar named profiles on Instagram. For this purpose you need to open the profile pictures in their original size.

To view profile pictures of family and friends:

People post their best pictures as their DP. Of course you would want to know what your friends or family have put up as their profile picture on Instagram. But that’s not possible with a locked profile picture, you need to zoom it. Instagram does not allow you to open profile pictures in full zoom irrespective of the fact whether you follow the account or not.

To recognize original profiles:

There are many profiles on Instagram that are impersonating a certain popular brand. How are you? Which are the original one. Brand logo of any brand is the identity of its account. Most brands and businesses put their brand logo as their DP. Viewing this Instagram profile picture in an enlarged version hence becomes helpful while finding your brand page.

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