Wire Mesh and Its Uses

Wire Mesh

The different types of iron mesh or metal grating that exist on the market are a type of fabric woven from wires and protected against corrosion. It’s mostly covered with a layer of zinc or stainless steel. These metal meshes are currently used to delimit the perimeter of the land, different projects for enclosures, and even for the construction of chicken coops and cages.

When we talk about a metal net, and before using them, doubts may arise about the material’s durability and its resistance to corrosion or suitable installation. Discover the types and uses of SMS Perkasa’s wire meshes in today’s post!

What is an Iron mesh, and what is it for?

Wire mesh is an iron mesh protected against corrosion with a layer of zinc or stainless steel. For this reason, this material is indicated for use as an external barrier to divide fields, make cages and protect livestock from predators. In most cases, an iron wire mesh is mainly used to reinforce concretes during construction.

The metal fence is also used to delimit the perimeter of land and plots for enclosures that prevent the passage of certain animals and insects, such as chicken mesh or anti-rabbits, etc. In addition, this metallic material is used to make rodent traps, cages for hamsters, rabbits, and all kinds of birds.

How to choose supports for reinforcing mesh

For the reinforcing steel mesh placed on the slabs to fulfill its function, it must have the proper position, which is achieved with suitable supports. The suggestions that follow help to find the best ones according to the work conditions.

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Welded wire reinforcing mesh is primarily used in above-grade slabs to control cracking caused by shrinkage, temperature stresses, and other effects and control the width of cracks. Heavier mesh styles can even be used as structural reinforcement in a slab. However, to serve its intended purpose, the reinforcing steel mesh must be accurately positioned within the slab utilizing supports.

It is relatively inexpensive and straightforward for contractors to support mesh on slabs above grade properly. (It costs less than one cent per square foot to keep a single reinforcement layer.) Products for this purpose include:

  • Wire and welded wire brackets.
  • Individual high saddles with base plates.
  • Stringers with plates.
  • All-plastic frames.
  • Concrete blocks.

You can also use single high harnesses or rails without base plates on a firm sub-base or mud mat. All supports are manufactured in various heights to accommodate different slab thicknesses.

When supporting selecting a particular project, factors to consider include:

  • The thickness of the concrete cover required by the design of the slab
  • Several layers and specified positions of reinforcing steel
  • Firmness and strength of the base or subgrade
  • Size and weight of the reinforcing mesh.
  • An anticipated construction load.
  • Compatibility of the support with the concrete. (Concrete block supports, for example, must have the same compressive strength as the concrete in the slab.)

Where to Buy Iron Wire Mesh at the Best Price

You already know what kind of metal meshes exist and their most important uses and applications, but where can you buy them? You will find different custom-made sheets and plates and other customized formats at SMS Perkasa.

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In addition, you can buy the iron wire mesh metallic material to your liking: there are seven types, with different diameters available in 28 variants. All variants have the same width and length, namely 2.10 M and 5.40 M, with free shipping for the Surabaya area with a minimum of 5 tons purchase.

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