Writing that touches the soul and leaves the readers wanting for more

Writing that touches the soul and leaves the readers wanting for more

Image Credit/ Source:  Mr Anubhav Shrivastava

Anubhav is a renowned TEDx Speaker, having previously given talks in various startup and literary fests of IIT Kanpur, BITS Pilani, IIT Guwahati, SRM etc. He also has an MBA admit from ISB Hyderabad.

The essence of their writing apart, it is what the authors do in their real lives that make a long-lasting impression on their fans and followers. One such author is Anubhav Shrivastava, acclaimed for his two splendid creations: One Last Time and Letters in the Rain.

Jack of all trades, mastering them all

Anubhav and his colleagues at the EduTech start-up, where he is employed as of now, understand what exact ingredients are needed by the students to excel in their careers. The team is young, enthusiastic and full of positive energy working hard to give back the love they receive from the people. Anubhav serves as vice president of the multi-crore venture that offers pan-India scholarships to those who are meritorious.

He has been a Ted Talk celebrity who delivered a speech on ‘The Juggling Showman’ only to be applauded by people from the world over. In his Ted Talk, he emphasized the crucial balance between the professional and creative lives, switching perfectly between these two to achieving desired goals. That apart, he stressed on the need of finding comfort outside of one’s “actual” comfort zone in case one aspires success.

How does he touch a cord to the masses?

Anubhav has been a people’s writer. Scribbling down the minute nuances of our day to day lives has been his feat. The capability of connecting with the readers on a personal level, being able to reflect their respective lives is one of the finest qualities he has helping him win over his audiences.

For the past couple of years, Anubhav has been one of the promising authors to look up to. Author apart, he is also a mesmerizing orator, giving motivational lectures to students from the most prestigious colleges all across the country.
Not committing to the norm of measuring the success of books prevalent these days, Anubhav said the way of measuring the success of books is not flawless. To Anubhav, money matters but not more than the love and support that he receives from the happy audiences.
One thing that sets him apart is language. He keeps the books as lucid as it can be in terms of language. In addition to the well-paced narration, maintaining the reader’s flow and offering them an immersive experience is another plus. There are a few instances where he has used rich ornamental words but the timing is simply exquisite. There are instances where Anubhav makes you burst to laugh at the witty sarcastic jokes and well-built sense of humor.

According to Anubhav, his happiness is directly proportional to his readers; any increase in one is to be reflected significantly on the other. This keeps him motivated. “My readers are happy, and so am I,” he said.



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