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Over the past two years, all trade fairs have suffered a sharp decline and a decrease in the organization and form of people’s involvement, specifically due to travel restrictions due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19. There were different approaches in this sector: from cancellation to the creation of “virtual events”, which however do not allow, according to the founder of Fairingo Federico Addimando – a real form of real and “sincere” interaction with the end customer, effectively creating an extremely controversial and difficult to truthful approach. Fairingo, the first platform in the world able to provide services related to the trade fair sector in a simple and direct way, allows sector operators, but also to different interested parties in this context, to be able to access and reach all trade fair events in the world, in a simple and fast, all just a click away.

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What is interesting to note is in fact the ease with which Fairingo, in fact, has defined a new approach to the trade fair sector. Its founder, Federico Addimando, has in fact answered a simple question: is it possible to make the trade fair sector “within everyone’s reach”? The answer is yes. In fact, Fairingo basically offers four main services: search for trade fairs based on dates and sectors, all over the world, in an easy and fast way; booking of flights and hotels, thanks to a partnership with; booking service for interpreters and translators for specific trade fairs; and finally, booking of stand construction services, which will allow operators in the sector to be able to easily decorate and build stands at all trade fairs around the world.

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This approach is undoubtedly of great value, a real innovation that allows us to define a new phase of development in this sector, determining new forms of use of the web at the service of the trade fair sector.

Fairingo, in fact, certainly represents an example of the use of “technology and multimedia” in the trade fair sector, however its founder, Federico Addimando, believes that the trade fair sector can hardly be supplanted by virtual reality or other approaches; certainly augmented reality and technology will be increasingly present, however he believes that the fair represents a place where human, physical and face-to-face interaction is necessary, for this reason Fairingo represents an innovative platform capable of combining technology and traditional models for the development of the exhibition sector, creating new business opportunities for all the players involved.

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