10 Ways Car Buying Trends Have Changed Since Covid

Car Buying Trends

This post was most recently updated on September 6th, 2022

The pandemic has changed the automobile industry considerably. People are moving towards more environment-friendly and using to opt for online used cars rather than buying a new car. Millennials and Genz are finding the process of buying a new car way too complicated and have been at the forefront of most of the new cars trending online. With that, these are the top 10 car buying trends of 2022. 

  1. Increase in demand for used cards: According to an article by CNBC, sales of previously owned vehicles have increased thanks to Covid-19.  Partially due to the fear of upcoming recession and avoiding public transportation. The ease of buying cars online has contributed to the rise of online used cars. Moreover, Genz is moving towards buying used cars online rather than purchasing new ones. 
  1. People are buying cars used cars online and have at-home delivery: According to an article by ‘thinking by google,’ almost 18% of Americans buy used car sooner if there is an online buying option. We all have seen our favorite new car trending online and have an urge to test it for ourselves. The car buying trend of 2022 is moving towards convenient services like in-home delivery and test drives. Having a car delivered to your driveway and available for a set time for a test drive before making a purchase decision is incredibly convenient. 
  1. East financing options: Many people who shop for cars do not spend as much time comparing costs and models during covid as they do look for a good bargain. People are looking for easy loan processing services which bring them one step closer to their dream car. Crazy Herman provides online used cars with easy financing options, which makes the process of owning a car a breeze. 
  1. Strong interest in SUVs: For a long time, small cars have been losing popularity in the United States. Although covid has pushed customer demand away from automobiles and toward SUVs, this remains true. SUVs may have influenced this trend since they provide more safety features, greater interior space, and more comfort features for roughly the same price as comparable Sedans.
  2. Moving towards sustainable options: The production of new automobiles has a major effect on the environment. Online used cars are considered a form of reuse and are the desired options for the environmentalist. Used cars have less of an impact on the environment overall since most of their emissions were produced during the initial production process.
  1. Increase in Van life: Since the pandemic has made remote working the new norm, many people have moved out of their apartments to travel full time and adopt van life. Many van lifers opt for online used cars and modify the vehicle according to their convenience. This influx is clearly seen as the upcoming car buying trend of 2022 where people are purchasing used vehicles and converting them into their homes on the wheels. 
  1. An Interest in affordability: The all-time high inflation rate and rent skyrocketing in colorado have motivated people to choose affordable options. Online used cars have been a hit; due to the ease of processing your loan and getting your dream cars at a price that fits your budget. Moreover, you have to pay less for car registration and almost no sales tax on them. Companies like Crazy Herman provide you with easy options to finance your car needs at pocket-friendly pricing. 
  1. Live-streaming events: During the pandemic, there was an increase in the popularity of broadcasting major events in real-time online. Several notable automakers have delayed their grandiose premieres in favor of online broadcasts. This method has not trickled down to every car dealership but has become a widely accepted option to showcase your inventory to the ideal customer. 
  1. Rise in demand for electric vehicles: There has been a recent uptick in curiosity about electric cars. The obvious automobile purchase patterns indicate that now is the time to start preparing to sell electric cars, even if many used auto dealers are still predominantly buying and selling gas and diesel-powered vehicles. 
  1. Varied new features in new cars: With people opting toward van life and driving cars as self-care; car manufacturers are compelled to provide amenities like stress-relieving multimedia software and several other health and wellness tools. There will be a lot more air purifiers and health monitors included in cars in the future.
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Businesses’ strategies and customer habits have been disrupted by the covid, and these changes are expected to last for some time. Therefore, knowing what customers want and how they want to purchase used cars is crucial to the success of your business. Getting an estimate for the journey or knowing the cost to move a vehicle will need some planning and the assistance of an auto shipping business. Used vehicle lots that want to remain competitive will have to adapt to the rising demand for at-home delivery and test drives.

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