3 of the Best Trade Shows for Interior Designers

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If you are an interior designer, and would like to gain more vision of how you want your designs to be, you should consider attending an interior design trade show. There are so many different trade shows that are great spaces for interior designers to come together to find creativity, to make connections, and to learn  more about upcoming trends. People are able to show their projects through trade show displays. As they show off their work, it can inspire others to channel their creativity. If you are an interior designer and are considering going to a trade show, then you should keep reading. In this article, we are going to talk about three of the best interior design trade shows that you should attend.

Architectural Digest Design Show

This trade show is held in the second week in March in New Your City. This is one of the biggest interior design trade shows in the world. This is where all of the top interior designers come together to show off their designs. These shows showcase all kinds of interior design elements such as lighting, different furniture arrangements, kitchen models, lighting, and so many of the other interior design elements. Because this is one of the most popular interior design trade shows, there is a lot of coverage that goes into the event itself. Some of the most diverse art and interior designs are present in this show. It is one that you won’t want to miss!

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Designer Experience

This trade show has moved to the virtual world in the wake of covid-19. This is a show that professional interior designers should not miss. This show has a lot of good presentations and information that is coming from industry experts. All of these sessions offer great insights in the whole experience of creating a design, the different elements of design, it showcases innovative products, and even hosts live design therapy sessions. All in all, there are so many opportunities to learn more about the trends of interior design, and get to hear about upcoming trends within the industry.


NeoCOn is another one of those trade shows that you should seriously consider attending. It happens every October in Chicago, and is a great way to learn more about interior design, and a chance to see the latest innovative products that are out there. Every year, there are up to 50,000 people who attend this show. In this trade show, there is furniture, fabrics, interior building products, flooring, lighting appliances, as well as interior finishes. Not only is there a presentation of all of these decorations, there are also many keynote speakers who will speak to the attendees about the upcoming industry trends.


If you are an interior designer who is looking for some inspiration, or who wants to find out more about the industry, and what the newest trends are, then you should consider attending one of these trade shows. There are also many other interior design trade shows that take place, but, here are three of them that you will not want to miss.

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