4 tips for electric scooter speed enthusiasts

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How to ride an electric scooter fast

Most of you who own an electric scooter love how fast these scooters are. But there will always be that point where people think ‘what if’ and try to figure out ways they can make their scooter faster.

Unleash the beast

Some electric scooters have a top speed that they can’t go beyond. This occurs either because of safety measures implemented by the manufacturer or because of more advanced technology included in the various upgrades the gadget has. But what happens when you want your electric scooter to go faster? Unlock its motor and take it for a ride!!!

●     Speed limiter

The motors on an electric scooter have a set speed limit. Usually, the engine’s speed is wired directly to the controller, which limits how fast your vehicle can travel. However, this wire can be unplugged and removed so that you no longer need to worry about not being able to go exactly as fast as it’s capable of going – it will always be at your fingertips.

Lessen the load

It may seem obvious, but making an electric scooter faster would be easier if you removed weight, mainly if that weight included anything unnecessary. It’s a really simple idea! But determining what is necessary or not can be difficult because it varies from person to person. For example, some people might value comfort over performance, while others might see comfort as something that detracts from the performance. In this case, we recommend that everyone removes things that either get in the way of or reduce the electric scooter’s speed (think seat cushions!) while keeping the overall structure safe and sturdy – because safety first!

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Remember about the battery

You can squeeze even more speed out of your electric scooter by carrying a charger with you just in case it runs low on juice. These machines are taking a hit to the gas pedal, not allowing them to achieve maximum potential. This is an inconvenience that most riders have come to experience firsthand. If you balk at the prospect of tinkering with your precious e-scooter after buying it, consider investing in a high-performance 30 mph scooter. There is a whole panoply of different options, so don’t hesitate to order your fast-and-furious new ride now.

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