5 Things You Should Absolutely Know About Amber Jewelry 

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Whenever people mention jewelry, the first thing that comes to mind is silver, gold, and diamond. Then there are others, such as metal-based, that may pique the attention of only a few.  Amber is one type of jewelry that stands apart by being attractive, versatile, and fashionable. Many people do not know about it but may have used it occasionally.  

Instead of buying expensive jewelry made from expensive gems, you can consider affordable, light, and perfect amber jewels. They radiate the same values of class, beauty, and fashion like other expensive jewelry. You can buy different types, such as necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings, and earrings, and even use them for other essentials, such as key holders. Before you buy them, here are some details you need to know.  

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  1. Versatility 

Amber can be cut into shapes and modified to form jewels and gifts. This is due to its softness and various color schemes enabling you to make some of the nicest and rare gifts.  

Instead of struggling with holiday gifts for family or friends, you can get amber earrings from HolidayGiftShops. The earrings are available in different colors, textures, and designs, giving you endless options of products. You can also order a customized one to meet the needs and preferences of the person you intend to gift the earrings. 

Besides earrings, you can also make other unique products from amber. You can create bracelets, key holders, necklaces, etc. Instead of buying cheap jewelry made from rare metals or coated jewelry, you can buy organic and authentic jewelry made from amber.  

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If you need something unique and rare yet affordable, amber jewelry can be an ideal alternative. Create a unique drawing, then ask a jeweler to cut the gem in the same shape and smoothen the texture to boost luminosity and attractiveness.  

  1. Amber Is Not a Mineral  

From the name amber jewelry, the first thing that comes to mind is precious minerals. Amber is a gemstone for jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces. It is an organic compound that sometimes occurs naturally or can be manufactured from a hardened tree resin. 

Resins are significant for trees to protect vulnerable sections from damage by adverse weather conditions such as heat and rain. It mostly occurs in areas where one peels the tree’s bark exposing the internal elements. You can take the tree resin and subject it to various conditions to allow it to harden.  

In areas such as forests, the resin can fall off with time and harden underground, forming an amber gemstone buried into the ground.  

Once mined, the gemologist and jewel experts can cut and shape it into various products and shapes. When shaped into a jewel, nobody can notice it is from tree resin. It is weather resistant, hard, and has pleasing textures and colors. 

 3. Multicolor Amber 

When you walk into a jewel shop to buy amber jewelry, you must learn the various color variations available. A tree resin has a natural honey-brown color; however, when it hardens and is processed by a jeweler, the color schemes can arise into eight colors based on the color scale.  

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 Common colors include green, emerald, brown, luminous dark orange, yellow, etc. The color variations are based on the conditions that lead to amber formation. Conditions such as heating, cooling, salty conditions, and soil water elves can easily determine the original color of amber you extract and use. These conditions can also determine luminosity levels and attractiveness. 

Most jewel stores will have all the color arrays available, making selection easier. However, some colors, such as amber-green, may be unavailable due to costs and rarity.  

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4. Pricing the Amber Jewelry 

The price of amber jewelry depends on various aspects, such as color, clarity, inclusion, and weight. In terms of clarity, amber is available in two variations: clear and those inclusions. Clear ones are affordable, while those with inclusion can be a bit expensive. Those with inclusion can be expensive due to the unique color inclusions and appeal. Those with inclusions tend to be expensive due to rarity. 

The color variations can also determine the prices; for instance, some colors, like honey brown, are highly abundant. Such amber jewelry can be slightly expensive compared to rare amber green. Cuts can also determine the price; however, they are available in different cuts due to their softness.  

Finally, you should understand the gem is lightweight compared to other gems such as diamonds and gold. A karat of amber can be twice the size of a diamond since it is light. This makes them suitable for making bigger jewelry. 

5. Types of Amber 

Due to the color variations and method of formation, you need to know different types of amber. The information will be critical to avoid buying fake amber. Many fake amber jewels are made from chemically manufactured resin and other lab processes.  

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There are more than thirty variations of amber; however, the most common ones include two variations that is, Baltic and Dominican amber.  

The Baltic amber is one of the most valuable gems commonly mined around the Baltic Sea regions and sometimes washed to the shores by the seas. The color variations include transparent or opaque, light, and darker tones of yellow. Sometimes you get rare versions, such as opaque white. 

The Dominican variations are the inclusion types since insects or plants are trapped inside. They have the same color variations as the Baltic types.  

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Amber is one of the most beautiful and affordable jewels. It has the same values as other expensive minerals, i.e., attractive, fashionable, and stands out. Being one of the softest gems, you can cut it into jewelry, such as earrings, based on your desires. You also have the option to select from different color schemes to match your fashion. Links 

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