7 Deadly Amazon Product Photography Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Product photography has gained a new level of importance for any e-commerce business. It’s the easiest path to reach, captivate, and engage the audience on the website. 

In this digital world where screens control how we connect with products, the product’s visual appeal is essential. If product photography for Amazon is done correctly, it can turn a casual browser into a loyal customer. Displaying the best product photos is the easiest way to attract customers.

Many Amazon product photographers unknowingly make serious mistakes that could undermine their success in this massive marketplace.

In your daily browsing, you see similar patterns of mistakes on most e-commerce sites. Although those mistakes seem basic, they still leave a terrible impression on the audience, resulting in fewer sales from potential customers. 

Whether you are a newbie or a professional Amazon product photographer, you should know how important it is to avoid these seven mistakes to elevate your product photography game.

Mistakes to Avoid in Amazon Product Photography

Let’s review the seven deadly Amzaon product photography mistakes you should avoid if you want the products to stand out and attract customers. 

Poor Lighting

Nothing can ruin an image more than poor lighting. A too-dark or too-bright image will not leave a mark on potential customers, resulting in low ROI. Also, mixing natural and artificial light is a bad practice in product photography for Amazon because it rarely produces the desired results. 

The best camera in the world will only do magic if you have good lighting. Excellent lighting is the foundation of good photography. Product photography companies emphasize the importance of well-lit images highlighting product features, colors, and textures. 

Always avoid insufficient lighting, which hides details and causes potential customers to look elsewhere. Ensure you have good lighting to take stunning photos and stand out in the Amazon marketplace. 

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Using Distracting Props and Backgrounds

When discussing Amazon product photography, background and props are important elements that can make or break your photography game. A cluttered background distracts viewers from seeing the actual appeal of your product. 

Well-picked backgrounds and props can enhance product photos but result in significant failures when done poorly. As an Amazon product photographer, always ask yourself what props are necessary, and try to have one or a maximum of two focal points.

Keep the background clean and simple to make your product photography appealing. Avoid unnecessary objects or props as they distract attention and make the product photos look low quality. Avoid overcomplicating your product photos by adding too many things in the background, as this dilutes the message you want to communicate.

Scared of Exploring Diverse Angles

Another common mistake is shooting the product with only one angle and taking less number of photos. Amazon product photographers sometimes need to show more diversity in their photography. Various angles can better showcase the quality and details of the product to convince the customers that the product is right for them. 

Having at least three to five shots per product is ideal as it gives a better chance of converting an e-commerce visitor into a recurring customer. The helpful rule to remember is that premium products should have more images than other products. 

If you are an Amazon product photographer, always explore multiple angles. The rule of thumb is to bring more images than you need, and you can always discard the extras later. Extra shots cost nothing except a few more moments, so take enough shots.

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Underestimating Editing

The two major mistakes product photographers make in Amazon photography are using too much editing or doing poorly. Badly edited and overly retouched images are equally damaging and make the result look unnatural and unattractive, ultimately bringing the sales down.

Image editing is essential in Amazon product photography as Amazon allows visitors to zoom in and out of the product photos. Photo retouching either uplifts or ruins the images, so balance is key. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise during the shooting because even the most exceptional retouching expert can’t fix a poorly shot image. However, some flaws can be corrected to make the photos look perfect.

Editing and retouching fixes the exposure and white balance and enhances the color, but overdoing it can negatively affect the results. Never skip this step, as visitors check every product detail by zooming in and out. If you don’t have the time to retouch and edit the image, click here to hire a professional product photography agency and let them take care of it. 

Overlooking Consistency

Consistency is the key to professional Amazon product photography. Some product photographers make the mistake of using different background colors for photos, changing the light fixtures, and alternating the white and yellow light, resulting in unappealing Amazon store visuals. 

Basic product photography should be simple and consistent to create a good experience for the buyer. For example, if you use a white background, use it in all types of products and categories and make sure the color doesn’t differ. Just pick a style and stick to it. Consistency should be a guiding principle in product photography as it builds brand identity.

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Low-Resolution Images 

Low-resolution photos significantly impact product presentation, customer perception, and sales. An online visitor will not be attracted to the product if it has low-resolution images. Use a good lens and professional camera to ensure your product photos are high-resolution and as close to reality as possible. 

High-quality images help to make a good first impression. Customers would likely trust and be drawn to your product if the image is clear and crisp. Photos with low resolution may make your product appear less appealing and untrustworthy.

Not Using Tripod

In product photography, not using a tripod increases the risk of camera shake, which results in blurry images. Even the most steady hands cannot compete with the stability provided by a tripod. A little shake affects the sharpness of the visuals in photography, causing bad and blurry shots. 

Using a tripod for Amazon product photography adds the consistency one cannot achieve without it. There would be no unwanted blurring in your image; thus, crisp and professional shots would come out. 


Product photography for Amazon is an important factor in driving sales in the world of e-commerce. Your product images are like superheroes for uplifting sales. Avoid the mistakes mentioned above if you want your products to stand out and attract buyers.

Product photography is tricky, but avoiding these mistakes would help you take exceptional shots. As an Amazon product photographer, you can do wonders with your photography by using a good color palette, excellent lighting, and diverse angles. As a bonus, always sprinkle your photography with creativity and check professional product photography companies for inspiration.

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