Top 10 Aerospace Companies in Bangalore

Aerospace Companies in Bangalore
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Aerospace is the branch of technology involved in the manufacturing of aviation and space flight. This department looks after the mechanism & construction of aeroplanes & space shuttles, aircraft, or rockets. Manufacturing of this requires a lot of new technologies & manpower; hence, not every company has the capacity to carry out the business of aerospace. So a special branch has been developed which sums up the technology, machines & manpower into a giant aviating vehicle. You can find a List of Aerospace Companies in Bangalore below.

The companies which manufacture these aviating vehicles are known as aerospace companies. There are many aerospace companies, but out of all, there are some top 10 aerospace companies that have excelled in this business by using proper techniques, giving it a proper design, testing, assembling the aircraft part & making it safe & comfortable for the users. Aerospace companies are set up in areas where all their manufacturing requirements are fulfilled easily; one of the aerospace manufacturing centres in India is Bangalore. The top 10 aerospace companies of Bangalore have got the best quality & latest innovations. The list of the top 10 aerospace companies located in Bangalore is below.

List of Top 10 Aerospace Companies in Bangalore:

UniMech Aerospace & Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.


UniMech is the fastest emerging manufacturing of tooling, mechanical sub-assemblies for Oil & Gas or Aerospace industries & precision components. This company has made it to the top aerospace manufacturing companies real quick just because of its highly talented & knowledgeable staff. This is one of the best aerospace companies in Bangalore. UniMech involves the preparation of 2D drawings & 3D models, machining, manufacturing method, and special processes of assembling all the different parts of the aircraft. All the products of UniMech are handled by cent per cent inspection of features, proof load, NDT to make sure that the product meets with the functions. The CEO of UniMech is ANIL KUMAR PUTHAN. The company was incorporated on 12th august 2016. After achieving great success in India, eventually, the company expanded its business in foreign countries like Germany, the USA, and North America. It is one of the Top Aerospace companies in Bangalore

  • CONTACT : 080-4218 4084

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited


Hindustan Aeronautics is one of the oldest & largest aerospace brands in India. This brand was established on 23rd December 1940. HAL is an expert in manufacturing & designing fighter jets, jet engines & marine gas turbine engines, helicopter building, software development, spare supply, overhauling, avionics, upgrading of Indian Military Aircraft with the latest technology. This is the best company for aerospace mechanisms in India.

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The headquarter of HAL is located in Bangalore. Because of its quality & optimism, the Indian Military started giving them contracts for fighter planes used in the war. Gradually HAL started expanding its business in nearly every city of India; according to recent data, there are in total 11 research & development centres & 21 manufacturing divisions under 4 units spread across the whole nation. The board of directors of HAL is assigned by the President of India with the help of the Ministry of Defence Government of India. The chairman & managing director of HAL is R MADHAVAN. It was established in Bangalore by WALCHAND HIRACHAND with the assistance of the Kingdom of Mysore (then). The first office of the company was called ” EVENTIDE “, which was on Domlur Road. It is one of the Top Aerospace companies in Bangalore.

  • CONTACT: 099225 08671


Rolls Royce

This brand has been working in this field for over more than 80 years. So the name of this company is quite old & very reliable. The main work of this company is to look after the manufacturing & researching of the new parts of the jet & aircraft by looking after the needs & requirements of their customers. The Rolls-Royce company did a joint venture with HAL(Hindustan Aeronautics Limited)for manufacturing the engine components & compressor shrouds & cones for the gas turbines used in it. It is also one of the Top 10 Aerospace companies in Bangalore.

The main centres of engineering of this brand are located in Bangalore & Pune & the centre of operations are located in Mumbai & Chennai. This company has maintained their position as the best aerospace company in Bangalore for years & that legacy is still continued because of its business ethics & constant hard work to give the best of them. The centre located in Bangalore mainly focuses on the research & development of the Jet engines used by civilians. Rolls-Royce is the main supplier of power systems across the aerospace manufacturer. This brand even manufactures luxurious cars which have high demand all over the world.

  • CONTACT: +91 11 41811000

GLOINNT Solution Pvt. Ltd.


Gloinnt Solution was incorporated as a private company on 13th April 2016. The main objective of this company is innovation. This company believes that innovation is the only key through which success can be achieved. It mainly focuses on the manufacturing of the engines of the aircraft with the implementation of the latest updates of technology invented. The main headquarter of Gloinnt is located in Bangalore. The Gloinnt scrutinizes the needs of their customer & make their contrasting simple & easy accordingly. This company always passes through all the parameters to make itself the topmost company in aerospace in Bangalore. The extraordinary staff & best leader helps the companies to find out the solutions very efficiently & smoothly. The main area of the domain of this company is aerospace, automotive, rail, oil & gas & energy. The directors of Gloinnt Solution are Jasper Augustine Ramaswamy & Leena Jasper. It is amongst the Best Aerospace companies in Bangalore.

  • CONTACT: 074062 93707
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Top 10 Best Aerospace Companies in India | Aerospace Companies Bangalore|Aerospace Companies| Best Aerospace Companies in Bangalore

BOEING India Pvt. Ltd.

boeing logo

Boeing India was founded on 15th July 1916(105 years old) and is one of the ancient companies in aerospace manufacturing. The headquarters of this company is located in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. One of the largest & best manufacturers of aircraft & jets. The company’s specialization is in the construction of rotorcraft, rockets, satellites, and telecommunication equipment. It is one of the best Aerospace companies in Bangalore
Apart from these the company also provides the services like lease & product support. This company manufactures defence fighter planes & sells them in the dollar to other countries. It is the largest exporter to the United States in this business. It is the second-largest defence contractor in the world, according to the report of the year 2018. It is a public company. The founder of this company is WILLIAM E. BOEING. The service of this brand is spread worldwide. There is no nation in the world where fighter planes or aeroplanes parts of Boeing are not supplied.

  • CONTACT:+91 11 46566000


Collins Aerospace.1

Collins Aerospace is the subsidiary company of Raytheon Technologies, the world’s largest company in aerospace in Bangalore. This company is a major player in supplying aerospace & defence products; the headquarter of this company are located in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. The establishment of this company was started in 2018. The company is not too old but is already a top company of aerospace company. The products like Sensors & Integrated Systems, wheels & brakes, engine components, and warfare systems are manufactured in this company. It also comes under the Top list of Aerospace Companies in Bangalore.

There are many divisions of the company according to its work & construction like aerostructures, avionics, interiors, mechanical systems, mission systems, power & controls. Each division is handled by highly qualified staff & employees. There are more than 300 locations where the company has opened its centres. The success of the company is already very high in the field of research & development in aerospace. One of its largest hubs is located in Bangalore. It

  • CONTACTS: 040 4033 4033
  • WEBSITE: www.collinsaerospace.cpm


Team Indus

The Team Indus was incorporated as Axiom Research Lab on 12th February 2017. This company works for the research & development of different parts of an aircraft. The company is working on the lunar rover mission by partnering with OrbitBeyond. The headquarter of this company are located in Bangalore, India. The founders of this brand are Rahul Narayan, Indranil Chakraborty, Sheelika Ravishankar, Sameer Joshi, Dilip, Chabria, and Julius Amrit. These all excelled the company in every possible field & that’s the prime reason why the company is at the leading or the topmost position today. the code name of TeamIndus was HHK1, but now it is called Z-01 & their rover is called as ECA which means EK CHOTI SI ASHA (a small hope). It is considered one of the best Aerospace Companies in Bangalore.

  • CONTACT: 080 46667100
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The Bangalore aircraft was incorporated in a private incorporated on 25th February 2008. The headquarters of this company is located in Bangalore, India. The speciality of this brand is that they’ve their own private pilot training schools & own in-air transportation facilities which are manufactured by their technologies. Although they haven’t yet launched any civil aircraft, they’re on it. But because they’ve come up with a lot of innovations & creativity, they’re one of the top aerospace companies in Bangalore. The company mainly works on designing, structuring, analyzing fabrications, and testing aircraft. This company has immense knowledge power in the aeronautical field. It also comes under the Top list of Aerospace Companies in Bangalore.

  • CONTACT: 080 2448 7213


Asteria Aerospace

Asteria Aerospace has specialized knowledge & expertise in robotics & artificial intelligence. This company prepares customized self-working products according to their customer’s demands & needs. Complete knowledge about the latest technologies & complete hardware operation is held by his company. This company has been since 2015. The company also makes aerospace drones. It is a private company working on a profit-earning basis. The co-founder & director of Asteria Aerospace is NIHAR VARTAK. The main founder of this brand is NEEL MEHTA. These are the best aerospace companies in Bangalore. It is amongst the Top list of Aerospace Companies in Bangalore.

  • CONTACT: 080 4095 5058



The main work of Airbus is testing the defence aircraft & maintaining it. It is the third-largest industry in terms of revenue in turbine helicopter deliveries. This brand was founded by Roger Beteille, Henri Ziegler, Franz Josef, Strauss on 18th December 1970. There are many headquarter of this company. One is in Bangalore. It is the largest manufacturer of fighter jets located in Bangalore. The supply of this company’s product is worldwide. The chairman of Airbus is Rene Obermann. There are two divisions of this company Airbus Defense & Space SAS. This company is the largest supplier of Civil Aircraft to the country’s Military. It also comes under the Top list of Aerospace Companies in Bangalore.

  • CONTACT: 080 663080380


Aerospace companies are set up in areas where all their manufacturing requirements are fulfilled easily; one of the aerospace manufacturing centres in India in Bangalore. It is amongst the Top list of Aerospace Companies in Bangalore.

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