Amsterdam Seed Banks That Ship To USA

Amsterdam Seed Banks That Ship To USA

This post was most recently updated on May 7th, 2022

With Amsterdam’s reputation as a center of cannabis culture, it’s no surprise that the city has become a hub for the world’s best seed banks. But when it comes to shipping seeds to the United States, not all seed banks are created equal. We have compiled a list of Amsterdam Seed Banks that ship to the USA.

We have researched and analyzed several different factors in order to find the best seed banks that ship to USA. These include: quality of seeds, variety of seeds, shipping times, customer service and overall reviews.

Quick Pick ILGM Seed Bank Best Amsterdam Seed Bank [Offers Free Seeds]

Shipping & Returns Info - Discreet and Guaranteed | ILGM

What we like:

  • Shipping fast and discretely
  • Coupon codes available
  • Good customer support
  • Free seeds
  • Germination Guarantee
  • Free grow book
  • High quality seeds
  • Buy 10 get 10 seeds
  • Free shipping to U.S

What we don’t like:

  • Seeds prices are a bit expensive

Top 4 Amsterdam Seed Banks That Ship To USA

1. ILGM Seed Bank Best Overall

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>>>>Visit ILGM Seed Bank Official Website

ILGM Seed Bank is a long-standing Dutch seed bank and the first to offer free seeds with every order. They are specialists in the development of feminized cannabis seeds and they have earned a good reputation by providing safe, discreet and easy shopping for cannabis seeds online. The company was founded in 2012 by Robert Bergman who were already involved in growing, breeding and distributing weed seeds for many years. Since then, ILGM has developed into one of the largest cannabis seed banks in Europe. They have grown leaps and bounds to be able to expand their operation from a small room to a large warehouse . With their larger capacity, they can now develop more varieties of marijuana than even before!

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ILGM has a very extensive spectrum of products which can be divided into different categories such as autoflowering plants, indica’s, sativa’s or hybrids which makes it easier for you when you’re looking for a specific strain that matches your needs perfectly! To save you time on all these products which ILGM offers, they let you filter everything through different options like brand name (Cannabis Cup winners), price per seed or flowering period so that all the information stays clear but also manageable! Besides offering free seeds with every order they also offer multiple germination guarantees or stealth shipping if your package needs to arrive unnoticed by any customs office or anyone else who may want to know what exactly is inside this package! If you’re looking for high quality marijuana seeds at competitive prices then look no further than ILGM Seed Bank because they will provide you with everything needed!!!


  • 100% Germination Guarantee
  • Shipping to USA is free
  • Exclusive Deals
  • Premium Cannabis Seeds
  • Free growing e-book
  • Fast Shipping
  • Ship Discretely
  • Money back Guarantee


  • Seeds are pricey

2. Seedsman Biggest Strain Selections

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>>>>Visit Seedsman Official Website

Amsterdam-based seed bank Seedsman offers a unique selection of seeds that includes both standard varieties and some more unusual strains. They have an especially large selection of autoflowering cannabis seeds, which are popular with Europeans.

Seedsman has been in this industry for almost 20 years developing and providing high quality cannabis strains. They offers worldwide shipping discretely.


  • Biggest strain collections
  • Multiple payment options
  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Shipping worldwide
  • High quality seeds
  • Bitcoin accepted
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  • Limited customer support

3. Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds (@royalqueenseeds) / Twitter

>>>>Visit Royal Queen Seeds Official Website

While there are many places that you can buy seeds online, it’s crucial to find a reputable seller. Researching the marijuana industry news and keeping up with the community on forums such as Grasscity forums, Reddit and Rolittup can help you get a sense of which suppliers are most trusted. Although it’s always better to buy seeds from a store where you can see them in person (that way you know what strain you’re getting), we want to focus on companies that sell their products over the Internet because they make it possible for those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to these products.

Royal Queen Seeds is one of our favorite seed banks and they have an impressive selection of feminized seeds. The company has won numerous awards and is headquartered in Amsterdam, but they do ship worldwide on select countries. Even though marijuana is illegal at the federal level in both countries, this seed bank produces high-quality goods that are sure to please any cannabis connoisseur.

Unfortunately Royal Queen Seeds does not ship cannabis seeds to U.S.


  • Reliable seed bank
  • Good customer support
  • Excellent products
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Multiple payment options


  • Shipping to select countries only

4. Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana Seeds are available now at Cheeba Beans

If you’re going to have a good time in Amsterdam, it’s best to do your research first. There are dozens of areas and districts in the city where you can visit legal cannabis cafes, but if you don’t know where to begin looking for these establishments, it could take all day. However, the process is much simpler when you find a reliable seed bank or dispensary that ships seeds and marijuana products directly to the United States.

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Nirvana Seeds, established in 1995 with 70+ seed varieties and autoflowering strains as its specialty, is just such a company. They not only deliver their prized products across international borders with ease; they also make themselves available for questions via email or phone call on any topic related to cannabis. Their representatives patiently answer inquiries about growing methods, known genetic traits of certain plants and other details that may help customers up their game while enjoying cannabis locally or from afar. Their extensive selection of cannabis seeds makes them one of the top 4 Amsterdam seed banks worldwide!


  • Excellent support
  • In the business since 1995
  • Germination guarantee
  • Support for new growers
  • Exclusive deals
  • Stealth shipping


  • Shipping overseas may take long


If you’re a grower and want to find an Amsterdam seed bank that meets your needs, look no further than the ones listed above. They are highly credible and have a proven track record of delivering top notch seeds of the highest quality. Amsterdam seed banks specialize in rare strains, exotic varieties, and can help you find the strains you are after.

We hope that you have gained some useful information from our reviews of these Amsterdam seed banks that ship to the USA! If you are ever in Amsterdam, stop by one of these shops and say Hi!