Why Vacuuming is Not a Replacement For Carpet Cleaning

Why Vacuuming is Not a Replacement For Carpet Cleaning
Why Vacuuming is Not a Replacement For Carpet Cleaning
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Vacuuming is an essential part of daily routine but taking it as a substitute for professional cleaning can be wrong. Vacuuming becomes important when you have kids or pets at home. With high traffic, there are more chances of dirt accumulation on the floor carpet. If you do not vacuum it timely, a layer of dirt and grime may form on the surface of it. Sometimes you can be busy with many other engagements but you cannot ignore your cleaning routine. You should vacuum your house and hire carpet dry cleaning to maintain the glory of the carpet just like new.

Carpet Stain
Carpet Stain Removal

You Should Not Consider Vacuuming As the Utmost Solution to Carpet Cleaning Because:

Removal of Surface Dirt From the Carpet:

Dirt and grime keep on accumulating with time and reach to the deepest of the layers of the carpet. You cannot reach so deep in the regular cleaning process. Vacuuming is a good option for removing dust particles from the carpet but still reaching the core is difficult even with a high suction power vacuum also. Unclean carpet spoils the quality of air which may cause various health issues for the ones who are allergic to dust and allergens. It’s better to opt for professional cleaning in such a case. After cleaning your carpet by professionals, add additional care with vacuum.

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Don’t Choose the Carpet Which Acts As Magnets For Dust Particles:

Carpets are a huge investment for any house owner. You want to avail the service of this replacement for a long time. But what if it starts looking shabby very soon. What could be the reason for it? The reason is clear as crystal, that is the maintenance and care taken should be up to the mark. If you do not vacuum the carpet once or twice a week, the dirt may harden the surface. The selection procedure of carpet material matters a lot in this case. The more the carpet attracts the dust particles, the more it accumulates dust and allergens in it. Woollen carpets and nylon carpets are best as they are stain-resistant and durable too. Vacuuming them is easy but in the long run, it’s important to get the carpet cleaning services by professionals only.

Vacuuming Does Not Work For Spots, Stains, and Odours:

Kids and pets are notorious and do not care for cleaning and hygiene when they play. It makes us on duty to provide them with a clean and healthy environment to live in. The number of spots, stains, and spills multiplies with young ones at home. You can clean them and vacuum them to clear the spot. But vacuuming only removes larger debris, it cannot reach the inner layer of padding. You have to rinse the stain once you vacuum it and then you need to dry the left moisture out of the carpet. For removing the odours you need to have a surface cleaning solution. Still, if you do not get satisfactory results, professionals can be the one-stop solutions for all the spills, stains, and lingering odours. You can check our blog titled Easy To Follow Solutions For Stubborn Carpet Stains.

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Mould and Microbial Growth:

Carpets get dirty with piling up of the dirt and grime in it. If they are not cleaned properly, it may lead to damage to the carpet. Vacuum is not able to remove the stains and spots on the carpet and neither can be the odour. Vacuums can only clean the surface dirt, that is why when we rinse the stains, the left moisture can be the reason for mould and microbial growth in the carpet. This can be very risky for you and your loved ones. Damp carpet provides favourable conditions for the bacteria and viruses to breed. To avoid all this hubbub, you just need to call the professionals and it will be worth it for sure. Hire the Best Carpet Cleaning Company for removal of carpet stains.

Carpet Cleanig
Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional Carpet Cleaning is Worth the Expense:

DIY methods and vacuuming work to an extent but do not provide a substitute for professional carpet cleaning. For Carpet Steam Cleaning, Our Professionals have all the required set of tools and machinery for executing the proper and accurate carpet cleaning. Most of the carpet manufacturers mention getting the carpet professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. To extend the life and worth of your carpet, hire professional cleaning and make it a priority. Contact the Ses Cleaning Services for expert cleaning services.

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