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In this Article we will discuss about Top 10 Automobile Companies in India in 2021. Let’s begin….

The automobile business is known to be one of all the most important pillars of the Indian economy.

 According to recent reports, India is that the fourth largest automobile market surpassing the Federal Republic of Germany in terms of sales.

 Also, the full net worth of the country’s automobile firms in India expected to achieve 300B by 2026. 

Sales of two-wheelers and three-wheelers have accumulated by four.86% and 10.27% severally. 

From managing upper-middle-class needs of cars to jobs to the wants of luxury cars, automobile companies throughout India are doing a superb job in satisfying their customers. 

Let’s have a glance at the highest 10 automobile companies in India 2021 that are a part of the economy.

List of 10 automobile companies in India :



Founded on the twenty-fourth Feb 1981, Maruti Suzuki has become the primary family-oriented automotive of India. Because of its low maintenance value and affordability. 

Maruti Suzuki has become one of the leading automobile companies within the nation. Compared to its rival, its running value is low. 

Maruti Suzuki’s one thousand high-powered by 970cc engine was the primary automotive to be introduced by the corporate when establishing itself in Gurugram, Haryana. 

It’s become the foremost car-selling company in India. It goes on from a spread of two.94 lakhs to eleven.51 lakhs. . A market leader within the traveler vehicle section in India, it absolutely was a venture between Maruti Udyog restricted and Suzuki Motor Corporation from Japan. The corporate became a subsidiary of SMC in 2002. 

Maruti is that the Second Largest Automobile company in India by Revenue.  Maruti Suzuki largest auto company in India supported Market share. 

 Maruti Suzuki 800 was the primary automotive to be introduced by the corporate. The automotive became a success because of the affordability it came in with. Since then Maruti Suzuki has been manufacturing hatchbacks, sedans, and crossovers for India. 

But people who follow the corporate closely would possibly apprehend that Maruti has additionally tasted failure. For example, the failure of Grand Vitara and Kizashi . 

Talking regarding security, Maruti Suzuki has awfully few cars in its arena that have scored over 3-star rating at the worldwide NCAP. Cars like Alto and Swift have scored a zero-star rating. It’s vital to notice that these 2 models are the simplest marketing models in India for over sixteen years currently. 

The corporate clarifies that their cars are in compliance with the norms set by the Indian government and that they have determined to not send their cars for the worldwide NCAP any longer. 

No matter be the explanation, safety may be a necessary parameter no company ought to overlook.  In terms of sales, Maruti Suzuki has continuously had a favorable position within the market. 

With over five hundredth share within the sales, Maruti Suzuki remains at the highest of the chart. In 2020, because the BS6 emission norms coming back in situ, the corporate has additionally determined to stay their diesel engines aside and solely use fuel mills instead.

 Maruti Suzuki was the primary manufacturer to introduce a BS6-compliant lineup within the country. This additionally gave them a head start over the others. The corporate has already sold out over seven.5lakh BS6 vehicles, the most among the carmakers. 

There is a cult following of this company that looks to possess without stopping before long. With time, several cars were designed by the corporate because they witnessed smart client satisfaction records at the same time. a number of the renowned and most purchased cars include Zen and Baleno. 

The company ventured into the assembly of diesel cars and performed exceptionally well. The company has 2 producing facilities with every having a capability to supply one,200,000 vehicles each year. 

The market capital is 215,433 C. The company’s income is five,599 C with the entire plus and equity values being sixty-three,927 C and forty-nine,262 C severally.

2. TATA MOTORS         


Founded in 1945, Tata Motors is an associate Indian transnational automotive producing company. In 1988, it entered into traveler vehicles by producing vans, trucks, sports cars, coaches.

It conjointly manufactures military vehicles. The corporate produces one of the safest cars in the Asian country with splendid safety options with the most effective quality. the value vary varies from four.70 lakhs to sixteen.25lakhs. . Tata Motors is one of the leading Automobile companies in India and therefore the world, the corporate is that the largest automobile company within the list of prime ten Automobile companies in India supported the Turnover.  Market share Passenger Vehicles: six.3% Commercial Vehicle: forty-five. 

1% The Company features a robust world network of 134 subsidiaries, associate companies, and joint ventures, together with the Felis onca Land Rover within Great Britain and therefore the Tata Daewoo in the Republic of Korea.

TML offers automotive merchandise, starting from sub-one-tonne to 49-tonne Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) trucks, small, medium, and huge buses and coaches, and traveler vehicles.

TML is that the leader in India’s CV market with a market share of forty five.1% and sales of four,68,788 vehicles in FY 2018-19 and has gained market share within the Medium and significant industrial Vehicle (MHCV), Intermediate light-weight industrial Vehicle (ILCV) and tiny industrial Vehicle (SCV) segments. 

The actual journey towards triumph started in 1998, having the launch of Indica. However, the aggressive selling strategy, wonderful fuel economy and powerful engine created it the most effective mercantilism automotive within Indian history. 

Tata Motors conjointly launched the world’s least expensive automotive back in 2008 underneath the name ‘Nano’. However the automotive wasn’t able to meet the expectations company had from it. In fact, in 2019, Tata sold out just one unit of automotive. In 2008, Tata Motors conjointly bought Felis onca and Land-Rover from Ford. This conjointly marked the start of hefty innovation in terms of analysis and style.

 India’s initial 5-star rated automotive at the world NCAP, the Nexon was introduced by Tata in 2017. Since then, the corporate has unbroken a forward approach in creating the Indian roads safer. 

Cars like Tiago and Tigor conjointly received a 4-star rating at the same crash testing. Tata Altroz became the second automotive from the corporate to receive a 5-star rating. In terms of sales, Tata Motors features a sensible hold within the market, particularly for the SUV section.

Tata Motors cluster could be a billion-dollar organization with its base in India. it’s a number one and best among automobile companies in India with several segments together with sports utility, an intensive vary of cars, and defense producing. The corporate has sold out around 10L vehicles until currently.

3. MERCEDES – BENZ      


Who is an automobile fan and yet not aware of the name! Yes, there are lots of lovers of this automobile sector no doubt they are of the middle class, high class, or lower class people. Mercedes has always remain many people dream car to buy. This automobile company is having lovers of every age group in India. The corporate is known to manufacture luxury cars and has international recognition for the exact same reason.

Based back in 1926, Mercedes is headquartered in FRG. Excluding dealing in luxury cars it conjointly manufactures industrial vehicles. 

The varied bar goes to as high as two. 48 crores. One of the foremost premium automobile offerings within the country comes from the German whole, Mercedes-Benz. P.S. Force Motors has been producing the powertrain parts for Mercedes for an extended time.

-Mercedes includes a ton of offerings within the premium section like E-Class, G-class, S-Class, and V-Class Polo.

 -The most reasonable Mercedes up to now is that the A-Class that came with a beginning value of ₹28lacs.

 -The company has been legendary for safe and performance-based cars for an extended time currently.

Mercedes-Benz offers a full vary of traveler, light-weight business, and significant business instrumentation. Vehicles area unit factory-made in multiple countries worldwide. The good brand of town cars is created by Daimler conductor. 

This Best Automobile Company in India provide these-

Models A-Class – motorcar luxury Hatchback and Sedan .

B-Class – motorcar luxury Multi-Purpose Vehicle.

C-Class – Compact govt luxury Sedan/Saloon, Estate, Coupé, and carriage.

CLA – motorcar luxury 4-Door auto and Estate

 CLS – Mid-size luxury 4-Door auto 

E-Class – Mid-size govt luxury Sedan/Saloon, Estate, auto and carriage

 G-Class – Luxury cross-country vehicle 

GLA – motorcar Luxury Crossover

 GLB – motorcar Luxury Crossover 

GLC – Compact luxury automobile vehicle 

GLE – Mid-size luxury automobile vehicle

 GLS – large luxury automobile vehicle 

S-Class – large luxury Sedan/Saloon, Coupé, and carriage

 V-Class – Luxury Multi-Purpose Vehicle 

AMG GT – Luxury Sports car 

AMG GT4 – Luxury sports 4-Door auto 

EQA – Luxury electrical Crossover 

EQB – Luxury electrical Crossover

 EQC – Luxury electrical automobile vehicle

 EQV – Luxury electrical Multi-Purpose Vehicle

4. TOYOTA           


The Japanese brand came back in 1999, eighteen years later than the primary Suzuki entrant in India and no doubt became one of the best automobile companies in India The primary automobile to be introduced by Toyota was Qualis, an MPV. It gained tons of recognition in India thanks to multi-purpose usage, lower costs and over a decent engine. Another MPV launched by Toyota was Innova. 

The rear-wheel-driven Innova was loaded with options at that point and was still cheap. This can be what has created the MPV one in each of the popular MPVs of all time. Innova has been ruling the phase since its origination. 

 In the meantime the company additionally introduced the Toyota Fortuner in 2009. The SUV has been an idol since then among SUV consumers and has been one of every of the most effective selling within the phase.

 The company additionally tapped within the sedan phase with ringlet in 2003. It brought with it, responsibleness, comfort, and luxury that raised the standards of luxury within the sedan phase. By 2004, the Toyota Corolla became the most important commerce govt sedan in India.

 The corporate additionally introduced the likes of Toyota Etios Liva, Camry, and Yaris. Toyota has introduced cars in each phase and for each variety of purchasers. The company took a choice to collaborate with India’s largest automaker, Maruti Suzuki. Underneath this collaboration, Maruti Suzuki can share 25-30% of the merchandise volume with Toyota to rebadge. 

The primary product to urge rebadged was the Baleno that launched underneath the name of Glanza within the company’s arena.

 If you see a 2005 Toyota Innova running swimmingly on the road, no need to get shocked as these machines were created to last by the corporate that was established with constant principle. This can be the rationale the corporate has created a decent client base in India.



A Czech Automobile Manufacturer supported in 1895, is headquartered within the European nation. The corporate has a hundred twenty-five years of wonderful heritage and history. The company is alleged to be a flag bearer for German technology. It specializes in its utmost quality and preciseness production.

 It’s one of every of the largest premium automobile commercialism company thanks to its clever approach with the goal to supply the most effective to its customers. Its worth vary varies from seven.49 to 35.99 lakhs. 

The German auto manufacturer famous for the innovative technologies and inventions came to our shores back in 2001. The primary automobile to launch was Octavia. The premium phase options, handling, high fuel potency, and also the low initial worth of Octavia created it a success within the Indian market. 

Since then the cars like Skoda speedy, Fabia, Laura, and excellent are launched by the corporate in India. Laura and Fabia are interrupted. Skoda conjointly launched the Kodiak in India in 2017. 

Recently launched Skoda Octavia RS at the automobile exposition 2020 and currently has reached the dealerships. . Skoda has maintained sound monetary stability over recent years. In 2013 the complete achieved sales revenues totaling €10.3 billion (2012: €10.4 billion).

 Thanks to the weak economic scenario in several European countries and also the growth of the model vary, in operation profit reached a modest 522 million Euros (2012: €712 million). 

Skoda achieved a roaring begin to 2014: likewise, as recording the very best range of deliveries to customers in a very half-moon ever (247,200; up 12.1%), it recorded a big increase in sales revenue (23.7%) to nearly three billion Euros. 

As of August 2016, Skoda was being sold out in 102 countries. In 2020, the highest markets for Skoda by the range of sales were China (173,300), Deutschland (161,775), Russia, European nation, nice UK, and the Republic of Poland. Within the Asia-Pacific region, Skoda is additionally being sold out in Australia, New Zeeland, Taiwan, Brunei, and India.

 Skoda is additionally increasing into rising markets like the Asian nation, wherever imports are to be started from 2018 and production of vehicles by 2020. Growth strategy conjointly includes Singapore.



This automobile company Headquartered in the national capital, it’s a South Korean Company that entered India in July 2019. Proving to be a game-changing company for the Indian markets, Kia Motors entered the state with its SUV Kia Seltos.

 It’s Koreas oldest manufacturer of automobiles that will increase the trust issue that the purchasers are to get within the company. 

The company produces three million cars per annum. The purchasers will fully show their responsibility within the company and it’d come back them happy. 

The cars vary from six.71 to 33.95 lakhs. Kia is that the latest entrant within the automotive business of Asian nations. Kia Seltos that was the primary automobile to be introduced by the automaker took the market by storm. 

Within no time, Seltos became the simplest marketing automobile within the section. It comes loaded with options and powerful engine choices.

 Kia created a robust presence within the market that was already hit with low sales. It showed us the potential Indian market has. This year, Kia additionally launched a luxury MPV, Carnival that additionally has attracted heaps of consumers.

 Kia has aforesaid that it’ll be launching a brand new automobile every six months. The next automobile expected to launch is that the Kia Sonet .



Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., a quality product and farm solutions supplier is that the flagship company of the Mahindra cluster. It’s one of the leading auto companies in India. Since the collection of the primary vehicle in 1947, the corporate has adult apace. 

It’s the Third Largest Automobile company in India by Total Sales. 

Market share –

CV: 25.3% 

Passenger Vehicles: seven.4% 

Tractor: forty.2%. 

UV: 25% 

LCV : 44.5% 

Today, the corporate offers a large vary of merchandise and solutions starting from SUVs to electrical vehicles, pickups, business vehicles, tractors, two-wheelers, and construction instrumentality. 

It’s one of the leading Indian automobile firms. . . Mahindra cluster has unfolded around in over one hundred countries with its presence in the region, agriculture, automotive, and part producing. The auto sector is that the largest amongst all and has innovative and progressive technology in its method. The automotive phase includes Mahindra truck and bus, Mahindra electrical, Mahindra two-wheelers, GenZe, Jawa Moto, Pininfarina, and SsangYong motors. 

The part producing phase has the engine engineering unit and also the unit of the casting. Their ar concerning 240,000 workers carrying the 14B greenback company. The Mahindra CIE automotive ltd has an Associate in Nursing ROE price of two.23% with a market capitalization of half a dozen,965 C INR. 

The cluster is additionally concerned with community works to push Associate in the Nursing eco-friendly and consumer-friendly geographic point. the security measures taken by them to support their workers and employees are appreciated across the globe.

8. Volkswagen AG

Volkswagen AG

A German maker company supported in 1937 is headquartered in the European nation. It absolutely was supported by Hitler and has been continued to make a stimulating name since then. 

Its original Volkswagen Bettle continuing being the most effective commerce automotive for the complete twentieth century. Its conservative and oversimplified style is what makes the cars stand out from the group aside from conveyance extremely comfy and giving secure ride expertise. 

The cars go as high as up to thirty-three lakhs for the corporate. . Volkswagen Ag owns 0.5 varieties of automobile brands within the whole world. However talking regarding its own offerings, there not a lot to supply. Particularly the CBU Route Company is taking these days to bring cars like Troc in Asian country is adding to the costs of cars. This can be the most important reason for the corporate not having a really sturdy presence as compared to its subsidiaries.

9. Hyundai Motors 

Hyundai Motors

This automobile company in India Introduced as Hyundai Motors India in 1996, it’s the utmost variety of shares when Maruti Suzuki. 

Its wide variable ranges offer a refined plan of however it makes positive that its client of all the financial gain teams gets their satisfactory deal. 

The corporate has cars starting from nine.91 lakhs to sixty-five lakhs. . The Korean car manufacturer came to the Republic of India back in 1998, once there was no competition to Maruti Suzuki within the industry. 

The primary automotive from the corporate was the hatchback, Santro. It had been the primary time that the other manufacturer apart from Maruti Suzuki was able to attract customers with its giving. 

Within no time, the Hyundai Santro was able to attract a load of shoppers giving a real-time competition to Maruti Suzuki for the primary time. 

First-in-class options and a special than usual style were enough to charm the shoppers. Since then, the corporate has remained within the high positions once it involves sales. 

Hyundai has been proverbial to administer many options and safety for an extended time currently. Premium phase sedans and SUVs are a specialty of Hyundai. Verna and Elantra square measure a region of premium sedans from Hyundai. SUVs like metropolis and Santa Fe square measure those within the phase proverbial for the premium options and safe rides.

 This year, Hyundai has launched Aura, a compact sedan and therefore the all-new generation of its well-liked Creta complete. Hyundai Creta 2020 launched simply before imprisonment has been able to attract a decent quantity of bookings. Hyundai conjointly launched the all-new Verna this month. The company has been actively innovating in terms of power train.



Renault is a French international automobile manufacturer established in 1899. The corporate produces a variety of cars and vans, and within the past has factory-made trucks, tractors, tanks, buses/coaches, craft and craft engines, and autorail vehicles. Renault India has been proverbial for cars like Duster, Kwid, Scala, and plenty of others. 

The corporate has created some exceptional cars that are running in India for an extended time currently.

 Renault Duster is set to form a comeback with the foremost powerful engine within the section which is able to surely take the market by storm. It’ll be equipped with one. 

3-liter turbo engine, the foremost powerful within the section.

So, This was the list of Top 10 Automobile Companies in India 2021. Hope you all Liked it.



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