“BECKFRIENDS.COM” – Send Anything Anywhere & Earn as you Travel  

“BECKFRIENDS.COM” – Send Anything Anywhere & Earn as you Travel
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When and how did you start?

Launched in July 2016 by Deep Malhotra (37), Shikha Pandey (33) and Mayukh Basu (23), BECKFriends.com tries to simplify global logistics requirements through technology by creating a simple, flexible, cost-effective platform for delivery solutions that also gives an opportunity to the user delivering the package to earn while they travel.

“Sending something with someone traveling to a country where one of our relatives live, has been going on since people started moving out of their homes. Also with more and more people moving all around the world for tourism, better job opportunities, global experience etc the world has truly become a smaller place. Yet with so many people traveling and so much of technological advances, logistics remains a challenge for the end user and smaller merchants”

This is the need gap that BECKFriends.com addresses. The traveler and shipper network of the website enables you to send anything anywhere in the world and in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

BECKFriends.com is where travel meets logistics, ” Says The Founding Team

How did you come up with the idea? Your inspiration moment

 We started BECK as a same-day delivery network in Mumbai and soon realized that the complexities of logistics are something that exists worldwide and that this is an area which needs simplification.
Through our same day delivery network, we also got in touch with numerous merchants and SMEs who could not grow and expand due to lack of a simple and cost-effective logistics channel. This inspired us to start working on BECKFriends.com and to develop the first of its kind global peer to peer network.

Brief about the organization and founding members

 befriends is a peer to peer delivery network that connects senders and buyers to send anything anywhere and earn as they travel. We are currently a 9 member team with 3 Co-Founders.
Last Qualification: MBA from SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management) passed out the year 2004
Prior Qualification:
B.Com from R.A. Podar College, Mumbai University passed out year 201
Mass Media Management in the year 2002
Last Job: Fox Interactive Media India Pvt. Ltd. till December 2009
Prior Job:
Google.com until March 2008
Last Qualification: Bachelors in Mass Communication from SNDT University in 2005.
Last Job: Marketing Manager Bharti Airtel till 2010
Prior Job: Assistant Marketing Manager HUL till 2006.
Last Qualification: BE (Hons) Computer Science year 2015
Last Job: Raja Software Labs Limited (Android Developer) till 2015.
 team 1

Image: Credit/Source:   BeckFriends

The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers.

We are simplifying sending anything anywhere on our platform BECKFriends.com by connecting senders/merchants/buyers with travelers who can earn as they travel and deliver things on the way.

“Through our platform, a user can request delivery of an item from one place to another. These details are shared with users traveling along the same route and the sender may choose any one of the interested travelers to complete the delivery for them. For the sender, it’s a very simple process compared to the archaic procedures of most courier companies and they can coordinate with the chosen traveler to have control over all details of the delivery. Also in most cases, the charges will be lower compared to other traditional methods of sending. For the traveler, it’s an easy way to make some quick cash while traveling”, Says The BeckFriends Team

For the shipper, this is a hassle-free alternative to the conventional expensive courier options. Also, they can look at sending various items which are volumetrically larger yet not difficult to carry but would cost a fortune to be shipped by courier. For example things like speakers, guitars, homemade food etc.
We want to build a habit changing the global product for travelers who are hooked on to our platform and see us an additional source of covering their travel costs while for senders/merchants/buyers a cost-cutting way of sending things from one place to another.
The traveler and the shipper have a multi-step verification process. The traveler and shipper upload copies of their government-approved ids and link it to their profile. They also verify their profile by linking it to their social media profiles like Facebook, linked, twitter etc. On connecting the traveler to the sender a detailed mailer about Do’s & Don’ts is shared basis the origin and destination country with both parties.
The community reviews of travelers and shippers basis their experience of sending something or carrying something also adds to the trust rating of the traveler or the shipper.
The shipper can choose to ensure their product for an amount up to Rs.25,000. But in case a traveler feels that the product can get damaged or is too fragile to be carried, he can decline the same.
For any transaction, the ultimate decision of whether to carry or not to carry a package lies with the traveler.

 About funding, plans for growth

Milestone for the next 6 months:
• 150,000- User Base
• 50,000 – Active Users
• Increased footprint with 3 offices (Mumbai + Bangalore & Singapore) and 2 satellite operations with leads in London and San Francisco.
• Increased team size of 31 with 10 Tech + 5 Ops + 5 BDs + 1 each Finance, HR, Legal + 3 Marketing + 5 leads (country + city)
We are seeking to fund of 1.5 million USD.
BECKFRIENDS.COM- Send Anything Anywhere & Earn as you Travel 
BECKFRIENDS.COM- Send Anything Anywhere & Earn as you Travel 

Image: Credit/Source:   BeckFriends

 Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

The logistics market is expected to hit 15.5 trillion dollars by 2023 with a 7.5% CAGR year on year. The travel market is to reach $183 billion by 2020. And BECKFriends.com is right in the middle of both.
The challenges and opportunities that BECKfriends.com is solving and creating:
1. Simple single platform to send things anywhere:
 Technology in logistics has not made life any easier for end shipper or SMEs- BECK offers them a single platform to update their shipping requirements and connect to travelers on the route or pick an option of shipping by a logistics partner.
2. Cost Effectiveness: 
The end consumer and SMEs are unaware of the product options available and do not have cost-effective options of shipping due to irregular requirements – BECKfriends.comoffers all the solutions at a single go on uploading the requirement and the customer can pick and choose as per their need.
3. Customised solution:
The consumer today want customized solutions and when you upload your shipping requirement details basis the size, weight, details, and urgency on our website you get the option best suited for you from us.
4. Opportunity to earn as you travel:
• Everyone wants to travel but it is still an expensive proposition- Join the BECK travel network and earn as you travel and recover a part of your travel cost.
5. Delivery platform with human connect simplifying logistics & growing travel: 
• It will always be cost-effective because it is built on the shared economy.
• Shippers now have an efficient and cost-effective shipping option so #sendanythinganywhere
• Traveller has just the reason they needed to plan the next travel #earnasyoutravel
BECKFRIENDS.COM- Send Anything Anywhere & Earn as you Travel 
BECKFRIENDS.COM- Send Anything Anywhere & Earn as you Travel 

Image: Credit/Source:   BeckFriends

 A quote from the founder on the journey, or dealing with the challenge, or any inspiring moment.

BECKFriends is here to change the way people send things from one place to another & the way they travel. This is a habit changing product and is here to disrupt travel and logistics markets globally. BECKFriends is where travel meets logistics to offer a quicker, easier, cost-effective and hassle-free shipping alternative.’
BECKFRIENDS.COM- Send Anything Anywhere & Earn as you Travel 

EXCLUSIVE: Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs

“Failure is part of the game. If you have never failed, you have never been tested, and then you haven’t seen your best yet. Entrepreneurs should remember a setback is only an opportunity for you to come back stronger. And at the time of failure it’s not your fans, but the critics that will help you keep moving ahead, never ignore them.” – Deep Malhotra, Co-Founder- BECKFriends.com

Provide some statistics like revenues or clients acquisitions

 BECKFriends.com currently has 21,675 registered users with over 50,000 deliveries till date with over 90% repeat customers plus a revenue of Rs. 35 lakhs last financial year.
BECKFRIENDS.COM- Send Anything Anywhere & Earn as you Travel 

 Your website / apps / and contact details

Whatsapp helpline: +91 9967573684 

Facebook Page Link : https://www.facebook.com/BECKDelivery/

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