Top 15 Free Online Plagiarism Checkers Tools in 2019

best free plagiarism checker
best free plagiarism checker
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Best Free Plagiarism Checker

What is Plagiarism?

In short, plagiarism is a sort of copying someone’s work in writing. It can be said that when you copy someone’s work ditto. When you pass another’s work as your own completely or partially, your work will be termed as plagiarized. When students copy someone else’s research paper in order to avoid real-time research it is called plagiarism done intentionally.

It may also happen that you did not copy someone’s writing intentionally because ideas can be similar sometimes. So, how can you avoid such type of unintentional plagiarism? There is a solution to it. There are many plagiarism checkers that check where your writing matches with the original or other writings.

These plagiarism checkers check the whole of the internet to find similarity with your writing. The problem arises that most of the professional plagiarism checkers are highly expensive. So, what can you do? There are some exceptionally good plagiarism checkers that come for free. Today we are going to discuss the free plagiarism checker available on the internet.

The best would be to buy content from reputable content writing services like CLICKVISION in order to avoid things like plagiarism in your articles. You will also save lots of time from unnecessary issues in the content like grammar mistakes, unprofessional tone, bad flow or plagiarism.

What If You Don’t Check Plagiarism

Any copied content brings disrespect for you and the original author. It is not good for the originality of your article. If your content is not original it does not create credibility. The most important thing is the many works are copyrighted. If your content matches with them, you will be in trouble. The author having the copyright can bring you to a legal battle. In any country of the world, if it is proved that you copied, you can be jailed or fined for plagiarism. It is mandatory that you avoid plagiarism at all cost. Here is the list of free plagiarism checkers.


It is one of the most popular plagiarism checkers on the internet. It is very easy to use Duplichecker and checks the plagiarism of your content. The plagiarism checker checks all the contents available on the internet and shows you if your content is plagiarised or not. The most interesting feature of this plagiarism checker is that it gives instant results so that you do not need to wait for a long time to get the result. You just have to copy your content and paste it on Duplichecker. Otherwise, you can upload a document for checking the plagiarism.

If you are a professional writer you can employ it for your daily use. You just have to register with Duplichecker which is completely free. If you do that you get to check plagiarism of 50 contents daily. Those who do not want to register can check one content every day.


This is the one everyone is talking about. Grammarly is the best out there. If you go and ask any random writer that if they know of Grammarly, you will get an affirmative answer. If you think Grammarly just checks your plagiarism, you are wrong. It is so because it helps one become a better writer by providing suggestions and suitable words at the very moment you write.  If you download Grammarly on your system, it will work everywhere you write online.

It may be the chats or the searches you make. It checks and proofreads your content for free. It checks 250 types of errors- grammatical and spelling and then provides the result. The result also comes very fast. It comes instantly. It has a premium version that is more powerful. The free version is also excellent and is used by most of the writers because it is the best out there. When you use Grammarly, you hardly need to use anything else.

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Small SEO Tools

It is said the best things come for free. And the best plagiarism checker also comes for free. This is very true for Small SEO Tools where you can check your content for free. There are many ways to provide your text into the application. You can upload your document. You can choose from the dropbox. Otherwise, you can simply copy and paste the text. The word limit for the text is 1000 words per search.

This is one where you can exclude a specific URL if you want. Similarly, you can include a specific URL for inclusion so that the application compares your text with that specific site. The result of plagiarism comes really fast and they show you a percentage of uniqueness and plagiarism. The application at the same time gives you the source link through which you can check where it becomes plagiarized and make changes accordingly.


Another great name in the list of top plagiarism checkers that come for free. Prepostseo is very famous with the users where they hail the features of the application. There are many tools in this application. To be precise there are more than 75 tools from which plagiarism checker is one of them. You just have to copy and paste the content and click on Check Plagiarism. You can also upload your document. There are four languages you can put your search and the word limit is 1000 words per search.

You can generate the report of plagiarism and share it with others. Your content will be safe and secure as the application does not save any content. The good thing is that Prepost seo checks keyword density in your content which is really an add-on. You can compare the text with the matched source in case of plagiarism. So, it can be termed one of the best free plagiarism checkers with all the sought-after benefits.


It is a free plagiarism checker and one among the best plagiarism checkers for free. First thing first. Quetext has an interface which is very easy to use. It checks the plagiarism even if you rewrite the source article. It provides a widget which can be used on your website. With Quetext, free means free. Every service it provides is free which means you can use without making any payment and there is no limitation of words with Quetext.

You even do not have to open an account for checking your content for plagiarism. The only limitation that Quetext comes with is that it allows copy paste input only which means you just have to copy and paste the content to check plagiarism. Otherwise, Quetext is a very famous plagiarism checker with 2 million users. In the arena of free plagiarism checkers there are many big names but there is nothing like Quetext.

Enago Plagiarism and AI Grammar Checker

Enago Plagiarism and AI Grammar Checker provide plagiarism checks as well as AI-based grammar checks in one go. Enago’s Plagiarism Checker uses the most sophisticated algorithms to detect plagiarism against 91+ billion current and archived web pages. Inclusion of Scholarly Articles check allows easy comparison against additional 82+ million published scholarly articles from 1,700+ publishers. It also includes AI Grammar Checker that checks your writing for complex grammar errors, scientific spellings, and formal tone. It suggests language enhancements that improve your writing quality. Additionally, with Power Editing, you can get up to 40% more suggestions with a 92% accuracy for better structure, clarity, readability, and impact.


This one has a broader range of functions. Of course, plagiarism checking is one aspect of it. It can be said that Bibme is a really helpful plagiarism checker for students. The best thing is that it comes free. You can directly write on the application without worrying about if your writing is being gone online because it is not being published anywhere.

While you write you will get suggestions on a better choice of words. The application checks the plagiarism on the go so that you can change the plagiarized portion while you are writing. You can also import your writing from anywhere. The application gives suggestions on citations also. So, it is a combo package where you get everything from grammar check to plagiarism check. Students are all praise for because it keeps your writing unique and beautifully written.

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Edubirdie is another free plagiarism checker that checks your content. There is an option to choose what type of content you want to check. You can either copy paste or dropbox the content. You will receive the report instantly and in the case of reported plagiarism, you will be given the source of the matched content. Y

our uniqueness will be shown in percentage form and the plagiarised content will be highlighted. The application is very good for any professional writer. You can use it for checking your content on a daily basis.

Paper Rater

Another important plagiarism checker is Paper Rater. It is one of the most popular ones. It acts as Grammar checker as well as a plagiarism checker and proofreading checker. The application makes broader use of NLP, Machine Learning, etc. The application software is cloud-based so that you hardly need to download it. Paper Rater is strictly free which means no signup, no trial offer. You get everything for free and nowhere you have to make any payments and there are no hidden tools so that you can use all the tools for free.

You can either copy paste the content on its dialogue box or upload the documents you have drafted. This application checks flag mistakes and offer you the much-needed corrections in just 5 to 10 seconds. You can use this application for free and enjoy writing plagiarism free content. It really helps you very much.


Plagiarisma is a free plagiarism checker where you can get your content checked for plagiarism. The software is supported by Windows, Android, Blackberry. You can access it on the web. Plagiarisma supports more than 190 languages. It has both free and paid versions. With the free version, you can check 3 contents a day but with the paid version there is no such limitation. You can get re-writing service for free with Plagiarisma.

Here while checking plagiarism, you can choose to check the search engines you want to run the check on. It not only shows the matched site but also the matched content. It is ideal for a professional writer to have a plagiarism checker and Plagiarisma can be a great choice for an author. The report is downloadable in PDF format and you can get 24*7 support from the technical team.

Search Engine Reports

It is a simple plagiarism checker that checks your content for free. The application is not very much complex and checks the content put by you by matching HTML sources. You are not asked to pay or make any types of registrations. You just have to copy and then paste onto the dialogue box of Search Engine Reports. There is a limitation of 1000 words per search. Although the software does not provide any downloadable report, it definitely gives you the links of the articles your content matches.

You can click on the links and can see that the matched content is highlighted as you open the link. Since checking plagiarism is a must and when you check and the application says your content is plagiarized, you do not get the original content but this application gives you that. So, Search Engine Reports is a very helpful free plagiarism checker for you.


Plag Tracker provides you with many features that you don’t get in other applications. It is another free plagiarism checker that is a must-have for every author. The most interesting thing about Plag Tracker is that it has no limit on the number of words in your content. No matter how many words you have put into the application for checking, it will effectively check the content and let you know if your content contains plagiarism.

You will get a detailed report of the check and the report will be sent you via mail so that you can revisit the report when you need. The application has one limitation. The report takes up to 30 minutes to reach your mail. The free version is very good but the paid version also provides better service and offers grammar service as an add-on. You can reliably use this application and enjoy the free service.

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Plagium is really a great plagiarism checker. It is a free plagiarism checker and it just checks not only the search engines but also the social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Fb, etc. The plagiarism checker is very fast and efficient. You do not have to wait for the result because it comes instantly. You just have to copy the content and paste it into its dialogue box. Once you are done you have to click on the Quick Search option.

The Deep Search option is available to this who use the paid version. Other application of the same number puts up a limitation on checking plagiarism. This application keeps the limit at 5000 so that you can check your content below 5000-word count without requiring to sign up. Of course, the paid version is better since it comes with a lot of additional benefits; the free version is no less. You can rely on this plagiarism checker and go with the free version.


Copy Leaks is a Plagiarism checker that checks your document carefully. The limit for word count is quite restrictive. The free version of the application lets you check 2500 words a month. Apart from it, your content is saved in the database of Copy Leaks. Moreover, the software provides a very comprehensive plagiarism report. Copy Leaks does not detect language if the sentence is restructured. The paid version starts at the amount of $11. The report is easy to comprehend where the source is put with which your content matches. The software works in multiple file formats. You can check it with multiple languages. There is an app for Copy Leaks apart from the normal web version. It can be said Copy Leaks is not that much suitable in a free version where the word count limit is a bit restrictive. In the future, a time may come that it does not remain a free version yet it can be tapped on during an emergency.


Plagscan is also a popular name. It is a free plagiarism checker. It uses a two-step algorithm to check plagiarism for your content. It has a limited trial version for free users. It has a plethora of new features. These features are very supportive where you can check multiple documents simultaneously. You can compare them and seek the report through email. 1000 words are the word limit for checking your documents. You can upload up to 300 kb of documents. Plagscan compares your content with sources that are thematically identical. The search is based on Plagscan database and the web. It considers that if your content matches with the source content by three consecutive words, yours will be said as plagiarized. When the verification is done you can get the customizable report which is downloadable. You can get also an MS Word version of the report limited to up to 10000 words or 10 Mb. Plagscan is a good one but the trial version is a limited one. So, you can look for the paid version.

Unplug Checker

Unplug Checker is a free plagiarism checker. It is very sophisticated and works wonderfully well. The software makes a deep check over the web to detect plagiarism for your content. No matter what your content is the application checks all the search engines. The result of the plagiarism is very easy to comprehend. It comes instantly so that one need not wait for it. Although the plagiarism checker is very famous and used by many, it has certain limitations. You cannot put the content of more than 500 words to check plagiarism.  T

his free check is always available and it has no obligations regarding this check. You can copy and paste the content onto the dialogue box and it will be checked for plagiarism. This is really a great plagiarism checker and it can be very helpful for your daily use. The complex method through which the application checks the plagiarism is really worthy of praise.

So, the list will go on because there is literally no end of free plagiarism checker but these are the top ones and the best ones among them. Hope you enjoy writing and checking the uniqueness of it through these top 15 free plagiarism checker.

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