Gurgaon based parenting start-up GoParento incubated by Facebook’s FbStart has been selected by Google Play under the apps “Made for India”

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 Image Credit/Source: Team GoParento

GoParento uses short blogs based on real-life experiences by parents, experts, celebrities and brands to solve the problems faced during the precious/invaluable yet difficult stage of parenting.

 GoParento has been selected by US-based social media behemoth Facebook Inc. as part of their FbStart programme for accelerating growth, under this programme, GoParento will receive tools and services worth $80,000, which includes Amazon services, Facebook ads credits and 20 more services, also mentorship from Facebook’s Menlo Park HQ.

Whenever a new kid is born, every parent faces a lot of dilemmas at every progressive stage of parenting and they seek practical guidance. The information provided on this platform is very short and crisp, hence making it easy for the readers to find the right solution in a time-effective manner.

A transition from a joint family setup to nuclear families has left a great void for the new parents to fill. This is majorly due to the job aspirations of this generation. But in tier-2 cities also nuclear families are being preferred, making it all the more important to have a platform which can address the basic doubts and problems of parenting. GoParento is addressing this problem very intelligently through short notes and making platform to ask questions from other parents.

Language is not a barrier for users of this application as it provides the option of both Hindi and English. Ease of use makes it accessible for the users of varied demographics. This is one of the major factors why more than 50 percent of users come from tier 2 and tier 3 cities. GoParento also got selected by Google play store under the apps “Made for India” under their program of “Build for Billions” for making the app easy to use and ability to run smoothly in low-end Android devices.

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Gurgaon based parenting start-up GoParento incubated by Facebook’s FbStart has been selected by Google Play under the apps “Made for India”

Image Credit/Source: Harsh Chhabra, Founder GoParento

“I was seeing parenting is difficult when I looked around to the parents nearby and my sister, I realized early child need entertainment and parent needed guidance in every small step in their parenting journey and parenting experiences changes wrt region, culture and economic status of parents. Content available on most of the famous parenting site is common for everyone irrespective of country/state/city, economic status, and language.

Something was needed which is more practical to follow, which can fit with one’s own culture. So we provided a simple yet very useful platform for parents to share their parenting journey and tips to help others in making their parenting easy, This lead to the invention of GoParento shorts”, Says  Harsh Chhabra, Founder GoParento.

Not only parents, brands and experts also give professional tips to help the users during their experience and hence increases the user engagement.

Just recently television celebrity Chahat Khanna also started sharing her parenting experience on GoParento to help all the readers.

In a world where all the other startups have been successful by the virtue of huge rounds of funding, one of the most interesting facts about GoParento is that it is a self-funded (bootstrapped) start-up. Even though it has been able to acquire a user base of  2,00,000 parents organically, currently GoParento is serving content to 4 lac parents monthly including third-party apps using GoParento’s content to engage users.


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