Breast Reduction – Do Breasts Grow Back After Reduction?

Breast Reduction

A breast reduction is a surgical procedure that removes excessive breast tissue to reduce the size of your chest. It alleviates back pain and other issues caused by overly large breasts says our best plastic surgeon in India. Unfortunately, there are several factors that can affect breast regrowth after reduction surgery. These include hormones, pregnancy, weight fluctuations and illness.

1. Hormones

Hormones are chemical messengers that help to coordinate different functions of the body, from muscle growth to cognitive function and mood. These messages travel through the blood and reach a specific cell, known as the target cells, to give instructions on how to function.

Hormones are made from proteins or steroids and act through a receptor site on a cell wall. This resembles a lock and key mechanism, where the hormone fits into the cell wall. This can impact breast reduction results in the long run.

2. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when your body undergoes major changes. Your breasts are one of the most noticeable, as they get bigger in preparation for feeding your baby.

During pregnancy, the hormones estrogen and progesterone trigger changes that result in breast growth.

These changes include increased fatty tissue, blood flow and glandular growth. They can also result in the development of areolas, which are the skin surrounding your nipples. These changes can also have a negative impact on your breast reduction surgery results.

3. Weight fluctuations

Despite all of the hard work you put into your diet and exercise routine, your weight can fluctuate. Many factors influence your weight, including hormones, your menstrual cycle, water retention, medication and alcohol consumption.

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The average woman experiences weight fluctuations of two to eight pounds over a week. But some women may notice more drastic changes and it affects their boob reduction result.

4. Age

Age is an important consideration in deciding whether or not to undergo breast reduction. This is because it affects breast growth and can lead to a need for a revision procedure later in life.

It’s also important to remember that the best time to have a reduction surgery is when your breasts are fully developed, typically at 18 years of age. However, some girls may benefit from having the procedure performed earlier.

5. Hormone replacement therapy

The best way to reduce the impact of menopause on your breasts is with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), a treatment that helps bring your body’s levels of estrogen and progesterone back to normal.

HRT comes in several forms. Some of the more popular include oral or injectable forms of progesterone and estrogen. It can also be combined with other medicines like anti-estrogen drugs (AIs) and tamoxifen. It is usually given for at least 5 years.

6. Diet

While breasts are largely fat tissue, they do respond to changes in hormones. These can be related to puberty, pregnancy, weight changes, menopause and certain illnesses.

In addition, your diet and exercise affect breast growth. You should try to have a balanced diet, combining different food groups to get enough nutrients and calories.

7. Exercise

Getting a healthy amount of exercise is a great way to help you lose weight. Cardio exercises, such as stair climbing, swimming and running, can help you burn calories faster and improve your overall health.

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You should not perform heavy lifting or chest exercises for several weeks after breast reduction surgery. This is because your breasts will be healing.


Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue, reshapes the remaining breasts and closes the wound. The procedure can be done in an outpatient facility or in the hospital.

In both situations, patients are generally able to go home the same day as their surgery. They may also need a dressing (bandage) and a surgical bra for a few weeks following the procedure says our best plastic surgeon in Mumbai.

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