Busting Common Gambling Myths
Busting Common Gambling Myths

Busting Common Gambling Myths

This post was most recently updated on December 22nd, 2021

Man’s affinity to myths is puzzling, and there seems to be one for every subject under the sun, gambling included. When it comes to gambling, myths are as old as the game, and some have outlived their ancient origins and found their way to modern casino floors. As intriguing as they may be, they barely carry any facts, and below, we debunk some of the most popular gambling myths.

You Can Control Slot Machine Spins

If you have been to a highly charged casino floor, you must have come across some players doing all manner of things, like tapping slot screens furiously, to bring that bonus home. They can’t keep their hands in one place and even stop reels thinking they have a secret winning formula.

As far as gambling goes, this is just an illusion. Once you hit the spin button, the outcome is beyond your control. If it were possible to master spinning and always win, casinos would soon go out of business as these “gambling geniuses” would be on a roll to gather as many winnings as possible.

All Casino Bonuses are Scam

One of the most misunderstood topics regarding gambling is bonuses. With many casinos delving into avenues like online poker and real dealer games, there is cut-throat competition. As a result, most casinos have to use enticing promotions, including lucrative bonuses, to entice players to register and play.

Unfortunately, many players rush to claim these bonuses before understanding the attached terms and conditions. Before you know it, you have missed out on a bonus simply because you disregarded one of the conditions. If you want to get the most out of casino offers, always stick to the terms.

Casino Staff Pump Oxygen Into the House

As ridiculous as it sounds, this myth still goes around today, and it’s easy to understand why. When many people go to the casino, they lose track of time and stay longer than planned. Perhaps, this is the source of this myth, as high oxygen levels can increase alertness, and players won’t get tired quickly.

The truth is that casinos go out of their way to enhance the ambiance and make it conducive for prolonged sessions. Everything, from the lighting to the music, cozy lounges, and the complimentary drinks, are more than enough to keep gamblers holed up in their favorite gambling house.

Only High Rollers Should Play Bacarrat

Gone are the days when gambling was a preserve for high rolling casino members. Low wagering requirements have opened up casino doors to a larger number of players. Yet, there is still a widespread misconception that baccarat is a game reserved for the rich.

The fact is that high rollers are attracted to the game because of a low house edge and a possibility of massive wins with large bets. However, anyone who can meet the minimum betting requirements can play and have an equal shot at winning.

There Are Hot and Cold Slot Machines

You will be surprised that some players believe that every casino has “hot and cold machines.” The hot machines allegedly favor players while the cold machines are just like their name, cold and unforgiving. These perceptions are purely based on imagination.

Luckily, these beliefs are far-fetched and have no impact on game outcomes. Nevertheless, if you feel your losing streak is pegged to a “cold” machine, it’s time to reevaluate your gambling strategy. Consider taking a break to do some research on improving your winning chances.

The House Will Always Win

Indeed, the house has the upper hand concerning game outcomes, and you are more likely to lose a bet than win. Unfortunately, some critics only look at the losing side of this argument. If the house always wins, players would soon figure it out and stop playing.

Many players have won jackpots and other grand prizes like luxurious cars over the years. This already disproves this baseless myth. While mega winnings are generally few, they do exist and are easily the main reason most gamblers keep trying their luck.

Always Double Your Stakes After Losing Bets

Players use many strategies to try and recover their money after a prolonged losing period. Some strategies, like the Martingale method, suggest doubling your stake after every loss. Unfortunately, if you follow such beliefs religiously, you will soon be staring at a nervous breakdown.

For instance, if you started with a $10 bet and lost 10 bets, your bets will have ballooned to a staggering $10240. On the other hand, if you continue doubling your bets, you risk losing everything and messing up your finances. To avoid such costly mistakes, always stick to your bankroll.

Casinos Don’t Pay Winnings

You must have come across critics who strongly believe that casinos don’t pay winners. Their fears are founded on hearsay and there is no reason to trash brick and mortar or online casinos before giving it a shot. You might be pleasantly surprised by the level of effectiveness and speed of most casinos.

Like with every other industry, there are a few firms that make the rest look bad. Fortunately, most states have stringent measures for casino operations and move with great speed to close down any fraudulent firms. To be on the safe side, always work with verified and duly registered casinos.


Gambling is fun and rewarding with the right mindset, and this involves shaking off these limiting myths. So get your strategy in order and prepare your bankroll for a round of exciting games, free from paranoia.



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