Infra Companies in India
Top 10 Infra Companies in India

Top 10 Infra Companies in India

India’s infrastructure companies have shown their experience in coping with the challenges and creating the foremost of the on the market opportunities – each essential quality for achieving nice success. Infrastructure investments are very important to a country’s economic development and prosperity.

Transportation, communication, sewage, water, and electrical systems are all examples of infrastructure. Infrastructure and assets wherever a country’s face changes, whereas providing a good career to someone. Though this space is packed with challenges however conjointly provides high rewards. During this space, you earn tons of cash for yourself and conjointly get the satisfaction of doing one thing for the country. 

So here is that the list of the top 10 infra companies in India.

Larsen & Toubro Infrastructure Development Projects Limited (L&T IDPL)

Larsen & Toubro these days is one of all the most important construction companies in India, and their project portfolio includes road constructions price over Rs eighteen,000 Crore. 

Some major comes of the corporate are: 

Coimbatore Bypass

 Panipat Elevated corridor

 Krishnagiri bypass in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu 

Gujarat industrial plant for IOCL

 Fertilizer Plant for NFCL,  Kakinada.

 Larsen &Toubro (L&T) remains the undisputed favored infrastructure company in India. No one might have summarized its role in nation-building higher than P Chidambaram, WHO referred to as it India’s solely national sector company (on the company’s seventieth day of remembrance once he was the Union Finance Minister).

 That was in 2007. Today, L&T continues to create on its name by maintaining associate all spherical growth across the infrastructure segments wherever it operates. The recently terminated business has been quite sensible for the corporate. As an organization statement aforesaid, ‘various value optimization initiatives launched by the corporate, power-assisted by lower input prices, diode to associate improvement within the profit of each project and products businesses’. 

The Profit after Tax for L&T as a bunch for the year at Rs5451 large integer grew by a walloping four hundred and forty yards as compared to the previous year.

 Subsidiaries and associate firms along with contributed Rs613 large integer to the Group’s profits, posting an increase of over 100% over the similar quantity for the previous year. The Group’s consolidated total financial gain registered Rs 43970 large integer vis-a-vis Rs40511 large integer for the previous year. 

The operational margin at thirteen.1% improved by one hundred forty basis points over last year, whereas the order book crossed the Rs100,000 large integer mark as of March thirty-one, 2010. (The Engineering & Construction Segment’s contribution to the current is Rs 63899 crore). 

The large order book provides ample visibility to the company’s continued leadership position. L&T is well poised to require advantage of the opportunities conferred by India’s wonderful infrastructure development. Moreover, L&T has a respectable presence and capabilities within the international markets. 



Punj lloyd|Harold Clayton Lloyd|actor|histrion|player|thespian|role player} Infrastructure limited was founded in 1982 and it’s a section of the Punj Lloyd cluster.

 Punj role player is concerned in numerous comes consisting of Transportation, Energy, Roads and welcome and its market capital stands at Rs 933 large integer as on July 2015. Few major comes completed by the company are: 

5MW solar power plant at bap, Rajasthan

 (2×250 MW) Chhabra Thermal Power Project 

Bangalore Metro Rail 

Heera field redevelopment for ONGC. 

This is the ensuing ‘No surprise’ name. Punj role player Group’s consolidated total financial gain for FY2010 stood at Rs10,539 large integer with associate degree EBIDTA of Rs218 large integer and PAT at Rs108 large integer.

 During a recent interview with Construction Week, Atul Punj , Chairman of the Punj role player cluster had aforementioned that his cluster aims to be amongst the highest 5 EPC players globally by 2012. Quite happy at the monetary performance of the cluster, he said, “We’ve seen sensible traction so as flow from most of our business verticals throughout the quarter beneath review. Our order book continues to be strong at Rs27,770 large integer which is two.64 times of our FY10 revenues. a number of our massive wins embody India’s largest solar-based EPC contract also as 2 comes from the Mangalore plant. We’ve additionally completed compensation of all loans and outstanding of Simon Carves kingdom. The results of our initiatives enhance my confidence in our capabilities and strengths so much. I believe Punj role player is well-positioned to leverage the significant opportunities within the infrastructure and hydrocarbons business.” 

This year, the cluster additionally won its 1st project in Thailand. The contract, valued at Rs574 large integer, was secured from PTT Public Company Ltd, a { thailand| Thailand| Kingdom of Asian nation| Siam| Asian country| Asian nation} state-owned oil & gas major and one of the largest companies in Thailand listed within the Fortune world five hundred corporations. Punj role player cluster sold its entire stake of nineteen.43% in Pipavav workplace (PSL) to the Company’s co-promoter, Skil Infrastructure, creating profits of Rs3,071 million within the overall deal.



Jaiprakash Associates Limited is a public listed infrastructure company and it’s a region of the Jaypee cluster of Indian Corporation. JAL was based in 1979. It undertakes varied infrastructure comes like Power, roads, welcome, assets and sports, etc and its market capital stands at Rs five,716 large integers as of July 2015. 

Jaiprakash Associates Limited has worked on many hydropower comes in India. A few notable comes of JAL are:

 1000 MW Karcham Dam on watercourse Satluj, Himachal Pradesh

 Yamuna expressway 

Cement blending & Grinding Unit in Agheri, state 

1450MW hep on Sardar Sarovar Dam, Gujarat

 Jaiprakash Associates Ltd (JAL) has emerged as a number one infrastructure conglomerate having business interest in a very wide selection of areas like engineering & construction, cement, power, expressways, assets, and welcome. 

The cluster showed a powerful performance throughout the twelvemonth finished March thirty-one, 2010 with total revenues of Rs10316.04 crore; up to seventy two.52% from Rs5979.52 large integer within the same amount last business. This can be the primary time that the cluster has crossed the Rs10,000 large integer turnover mark. While Ebitda stood at Rs2891.44 large integer up forty.36% from Rs2059.91 crore, worldwide web profit (after extraordinary items) for FY10 stood at Rs1708.36 large integer registering a growth of ninety.45% from Rs897.01 large integer in FY09. 

Commenting on this, Manoj Gaur, govt Chairman, JAL, said, “The roadmap that we’ve got set at the beginning of the business has helped North American country reach associate degree all spherical growth across all sectors. 

The cluster is absolutely equipped with the avenues opened by the govt of Bharat in infrastructure, assets, and power sectors. I might prefer to impart all our shareholders for the religion that they need to be reposed within the recent listing of our cluster company – Jaypee Infratech Ltd (JIL).” Commenting on the group’s performance in core business sectors, man Bibos gaurus any additional, “We are presently on a high-growth path. Jaypee cluster may be a distinctive cluster with a de-risked business model having heterogeneous portfolios with business interests all told spheres of infrastructure sector – be it engineering & construction, power, expressways, and assets.”

 JIL sold out over one.5-million sq ft of developed assets between April-May 2010 within the Group’s integrated territorial division at Noida. within the last business, JIL has sold out over thirteen,000 units comprising of twenty.35 mln square foot space. within the cement business, Jaypee cluster has an associate degree put in capability of twenty-one.3 MTPA and going forward it plans to proportion the capability to over three.00 MTPA by FY12. “With government’s impetus on infrastructure sector and our new capacities operating at full capacities, we expect a big growth in our cement business,” said man gaur. 



Within operation revenue up by one year from Rs6945.66 integer to Rs9457.21 integer in 2009-10, Lanco Infratech is recently one all told the fastest-growing below firms and one amongst the top 10 infra companies in India. its subsidiaries and divisions across a synergistic span of verticals alongside construction, power, EPC, infrastructure, property development, and renewables.

 The company has Rs25713.70 integer value of construction and EPC order book as of March cardinal, 2010, that’s flowering overpower comes (88%); roads & building comes (8%), and completely different comes (4%). ” On a long run basis, a minimum of over succeeding for max four years, we are going to see a significant amount of visibility to the event and EPC order book,” In the power section, Lanco presently has 9311 MW beneath operation and construction. 

This includes 1349 MW beneath operation; 733 MW beneath synchronization; 1875 MW expected to be commissioned in FY 2011 and 5354 MW beneath construction. the company expects that 5354 MW of comes beneath construction to be commissioned by FY 2014. “In the area of power, we are going to be adding the,600 MW additional operational capability this year, increasing our operational capability to around four,000 MW of that our bourgeois portfolio would be regarding 766 MW. 

The money flows that we have got an inclination to unit aiming to generate from these comes will cater to the equity wants of power comes that unit presently beneath execution and development,” Kumar extra. The company is presently constructing two roads comes in Mysore, the eighty-one-kilometer Bangalore-Hoskote-Mudbagal stretch on National route four and so the eighty-two-kilometer Neelamangla – Devihalli stretch on National route 48 on Build, Operate, and Transfer (BOT) basis. the general project worth is denumerable at Rs1300 integer and involves six laning of sixteen-kilometer stretch and four laning of the remaining stretches.



Since crossing the Rs1 billion turnover in 1995, Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd (NCC) has kept itself busy in establishing new divisions for its business growth. 

It established a property division in particularly 1996, followed by transportation which is (roads, highways, and bridges), water, electrical, power, irrigation, metals, and oil & gas. With a robust order book price of Rs15,370 crore, NCC is these days one of every of the foremost dynamic infrastructure corporations in India. 

Its order book includes pure gold from buildings & housings, 16 PF from water & setting, twenty-first from international comes, thirteen from new divisions, 100 percent from irrigation, V-day from transportation, five-hitter from electricals, and three from metals. 

The corporate is observing building Associate in the Nursing order book of around Rs25,000 large integer by this financial. NCC has achieved a turnover of Rs5897 large integer for the year all over March thirty-one, 2010 as against a turnover of Rs4786 large integer within the previous year, registering a growth of twenty-third. It’s to become a US$2-billion turnover company by subsequent year. The company announces Associate in Nursing EBIDTA of Rs 658.23 large integer and net income when tax of Rs282.74 large integer for the year as against Rs504 large integer and Rs181 large integer severally within the previous year. Seeing large opportunities in power sector construction and execution business, NCC is observing power generation capability of five,000 MW in an exceedingly few years.

 It’s expected to attain monetary closure of one,320-MW phase I project at Srikakulam by next month. it’ll take up the second part of 1320-MW at a similar location at the later stage. NCC was among the few corporations to create an early entry into larva and BOOT comes. Moving forward, the corporate aforementioned it’s to extend specialize in transportation and power sector. 

It’s additionally observing increasing in international markets by focusing a lot of on roads, facility and buildings come. NCC employs four,400 folks directly and thirty-five,000 piece-rate staff indirectly. 


IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects Ltd

Established as a premier EPC & LSTK service supplier in 1990, IVRCL Infrastructures & comes achieved a cluster turnover of US$1 billion in but 20 years of its operation. It’s a robust presence in water, transportation, building & industrial structures, and the power sector.

The company entered into BOT/BOOT/DBOOT comes in 2001 and presently is corporal punishment a number of the large comes across the country. With the current order book standing at Rs23,375 crore, the Hyderabad-based IVRCL expects the figure to achieve Rs32,000 large integer in FY11, due to a rise in government orders. additionally, to its current order book, it’s bided for near to regarding Rs19,000 large integer price of labor that it expects to open presents. IVRCL had recently won Rs3,100-crore larva road comes on the Goa-Maharashtra border from NHAI. The 122.06-km stretch is obsessed for four-and six-lane work on the New Hampshire seventeen from Maharashtra-Goa border to Panaji-Goa-Karnataka.

 The project includes a six-lane cable-stay bridge over the Zuari stream. The company has achieved a consolidated turnover of Rs5841.42 large integer against Rs5074.07 crore, recording a growth of fifteen.12%. IVRCL is optimistic regarding its revenue in the current year to achieve Rs7,000 crore, up from around Rs5,500 large integer this year. The company sees vast potential within the water sector as most of the states in Bharat are water-starved or water-stressed. IVRCL has been maintaining regarding forty-fifth to fifty-fifth top-line and shut to regarding hr bottom-line within the water sector.

 Moving forward, the corporate expects states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, geographic region, and Gujarat to pay US$4-5 billion every to satisfy water would like, not just for beverage however additionally irrigation.


Simplex Infrastructures Ltd

Present in business since 1924, Simplex Infrastructures is one of the biggest pure-play civil construction & engineering contractors in India. Its sturdy presence across numerous construction verticals, that embrace industrial plants, power plants – thermal; nuclear; hydel; urban infrastructures & utilities, buildings and housing, marine, roads; railways; bridges & elevated road & rail corridors.

The company’s order book at the yearend was 14 July higher at Rs11,491 large integer against Rs10,059 large integer last year, comprising power (27%); building & housing (22%); industrial plants (19%); urban below (16%); bridges (9%); marine & column (3% each) and roads & railways(2%). the corporate aforementioned there was any order flow of Rs1289 large integer throughout the primary 2 months of this year. the corporate has given steerage of top-line growth of 15-20% throughout this year FY11.

 During this fall FY10, the corporate secured Rs2,166 large integer new orders, nearly double of Rs1,116 large integer for an equivalent quarter last year. This includes Rs1501 large integer from domestic markets (69%) and Rs665 large integer from overseas markets (31%). 

The order intake includes commercial Construction Rs908 large integer, Power Rs512 large integer, Building & Housing Rs499 large integer, Urban below Rs178 large integer and column Rs69 large integer. The order intake throughout the entire of FY10 stands at Rs5,984 large integer against Rs5,629 large integer last year.

The company has created a sturdy presence in most geographic area countries, the Indies, country moreover as in Russia.


GMR Group

When GMR opened the T3 at Mrs. Gandhi International airfield in the capital of India recently, it absolutely was quite the gap of a terminal. It absolutely was a press release that airfield infrastructure in Asian countries had earned a replacement level.

Though the revenues for the cluster have gone up a modest Bastille Day and also the income has declined, the Ebidta went up twenty sevenths, money profit by Bastille Day and free income by twenty-seven. 5%, signifying the economical and profitable operations of the business. Commenting on the performance of the total year, GM Rao, cluster Chairman said: “We area unit continued our specialize in business building and establishment building at a similar time and achieved important progress on each front. We tend to create a powerful beginning to the year as we tend to noninheritable key power plants, thereby adding 1970 MW to our portfolio.

We tend to commenced operations within the recently created domestic terminal T1D of Old Delhi International airfield. we tend to won 3 routes comes to unfold across 3 states. The 235 MW barge-mounted powerhouse was with success resettled from Mangalore to Kakinada.

We with success completed the development of the spanking new Old Delhi Terminal three Associate in Nursingd it’ll stand tall as an infrastructure icon and fashionable entranceway of Asian country for our country to be actually pleased with. We tend to launch some vital establishment-building initiatives and strong many others across the corporate with special specialize in all our stakeholders – shareholders, lenders, customers, government, employees, partners, atmosphere, and society.

We tend to launch a Business Excellence program, information Management initiatives took speed, initiated Enterprise Risk Management framework, launched powerful development programs on leadership for senior executives, and created important progress in performance management and talent review.

The year gone has been satisfying on all fronts as we tend to create a sturdy platform of property long growth for our company. With three airports, thirteen power plants, 9 highways, and twenty-two locations of our CSR activities we’ve positioned ourselves as an accountable company subject and as a powerful, infrastructure developer renowned for the best quality delivered on time.


Gammon India

The last financial year wasn’t specifically an unforgettable one for Gammon India; the DMRC accidents undoubtedly failed to facilitate. However, it might be wrong to judge the corporate strictly on these 2 problems. There are several reasons why this company makes to the top 10 list – one in all the explanations being the actual fact that it’s the sole Indian Construction Company to own been commissioned with ISO 9001 certification for all fields of technology works as well as style.

one more reason is that the wide selection of complicated comes that the firm is handling across geographies with associate degree order book standing of Rs14745 large integer on the year ending March thirty-one, 2010. This can be considerably higher (14%) compared to the Rs12900 large integer as the finish of FY09. The order book includes a sensible mixture of transportation, energy & transmission, and water.

Gammon India’s operational financial gain stood at Rs 4488.94 large integer with the operative profit at Rs 418.19 crore. One highlight of the fiscal year lapsed has been the acquisition of sixty-nine. 41% stake in Ansaldo Caldaie Boilers Asian nation Pvt Ltd (ACBIPL). ACBL is engaged within the business of coming up with, procuring, producing, building steam generation units. 

Some of the key currents come undertaken by Gammon Asian nation embody a large order from ISKCON, another Rs 631.81 large integer order from metropolis commercial enterprise and Transportation Development Corporation for construction of the bridge and its approaches over watercourse Yamuna at Wazirabad (Delhi), a contract aggregating Rs 308 large integer from Jindal Power for civil works amongst others.

Gammon India’s Italy-based wholly-owned subsidiary SAE Powerlines bagged $22.5 million prices of lawman consent African country for a 220-kilovolt cable beside another power transmission project price $31 million in the African country. General Tosi Meccanica SPA European country, another subsidiary of Gammon Asian nation, secured Rs510 large integer price of the order for the provision of hydro turbines. 


Hindustan Construction Company (HCC)

Even we have a tendency to were shocked to check geographic region Construction Company at variety ten – nothing to require aloof from the opposite firms at the highest. One is additionally shocked to check that mister Gulabchand has delineated the last year as a ‘slow year’ within the annual report. Of course, he has added that the year ‘allowed the corporate to specialize in ‘nuts and bolts and steel onself for additional aggressive multi-pronged growth’.

Nevertheless, one cannot overlook the varied happenings at the cluster during this ‘slow year’. The Bandra-Worli ocean link was opened in June 2009 then the corporate raised Rs480 large integer through QIP in July 2009.

 Whereas developing and implementing a superb IT system for its own comes and for others, HCC additionally launched Asia’s 1st IT Company for the infrastructure sector. It created its 1st international acquisition with Karl Steiner atomic number 47.

 HCC additionally created hefty progress at Lavasa; the project has currently been enlarged to 18000 acres as against the sooner plans of 12500 acres. HCC realty too has shown nice promise with 247Park. the corporate additionally signed contracts for many come. 

There has been a sizeable growth within the company’s order book, which stood at Rs18810 large integer as of March thirty-one, 2010. HCC’s financial gain from operations augmented by 100 percent to Rs3863crore in 2009-10 with Ebidta increasing by three-d to Rs443 large integer. 


So, these are the brief about the Top 10 Infra Companies in India.



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