How This Nepal based Startup has innovated SAAS based App for FMCG Companies

Delta Tech
Image Credit/Source : Team Delta Tech

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When and how did you start? The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers

I (Ekta Golchha) always had a passion and interest in the IT sector. After I completed my education, I got an opportunity to gain experience in the tech industry, specifically in the field of data science, by working in 2 tech companies in India. Then, I returned to my home country, Nepal, and started my own company, Delta Tech Pvt Ltd in August 2016.

We first started by offering services like website designing, web application development only, and gradually started offering services like mobile app development, graphics designing and SEO. When we first started our company, we employed only 3 team members, which has now increased to 25. We got our first 2 projects even before incorporating the company, which was a motivating factor, Says Ms Ekta Golchha , Founder and Ceo Delta Tech .

By offering tech services and via aggressive market research, our team got a chance to study the needs of the market and understand the problems local businesses were facing. So, in January 2018, we started building our own product (SaaS-based), Delta Sales App (launched in Oct 2018), which was aimed to solve the problem of field salesforce automation. This field sales management software is designed to serve FMCG industries and any companies with the field sales team

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The app allows taking sales orders, adding payment collection, scheduling activities and reminders, marking attendance, adding daily remarks, creating journey plans and also tracks salesmen’s GPS location. We have been working with companies with over 150 sales team members as well as small and medium businesses with less than 10 sales team members.

How did you come up with the idea? Your inspiration moment

We found that it was quite common that FMCG, CPG and other companies were facing issues in managing field sales teams. So, we started with a simple idea to only manage field salesforce, which gradually evolved towards building a more robust field salesforce automation.

Brief about organization and founding members

Delta Tech is a Nepal based software company located in Biratnagar.  We have a team of 25 software developers, designers and support team members.

We are currently working on 3 SaaS-based products and also offer software development services to clients. Other than our core product, Delta Sales App, we are also working on an inventory management system and a CRM application.

Founder and CEO: 

rsz ekta golchha
Image Credit/Source: Ms Ekta Golchha
( Founder and Ceo
Delta Tech )

Ms Ekta Golchha  (Alumni of Oxford University, Warwick University, UK, with over 6 years experience in the Tech sector)

About funding, plans for growth, Future plans and funding

Currently, we are backed by our parent organization, RK Golchha Group. We have plans to enter another market in future as well as build more SaaS-based products. We would welcome external funding from investors who share the same vision.

Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies

We face challenges due to competition, but we have our USPs which have helped us in winning deals. There are also other challenges like trying to change the way sales teamwork, as they have been used to working in a certain way and introducing new software for sales teams has a learning curve, which is time-consuming to adopt.

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A quote from the founder on the journey

“You may fail every day, but never give up. Work hard until your target is achieved.”

Provide some statistics like revenues or Clients Acquisitions

We have served over 1000 clients around the world.

Your website / apps / and contact details

Company Details:

  • Company: Delta Tech Pvt Ltd
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  • Address: Chand Kripaa Building, Tinpaini, Biratnagar, Nepal

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