Tarun Gill: Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Biography and More
Tarun Gill: Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Biography and More

Tarun Gill: Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Biography and More

Personal details :

The pace of modernization has picked up so quickly that no one has free time for themselves in their busy schedule. A lot of people loving maintaining their body but are not able to join gyms because of their tight work schedule. But here we have Tarun Gill, a fitness blogger who has made it a goal to spread his fitness videos to every individual online. Tarun Gill is a very popular name among fitness trainers in India.

He has successfully been an inspiration for numerous individual. He is not only a YouTuber or a Vlogger but is a kind-hearted human who runs a large number of NGOs which assist the needy and the underprivileged children to develop their career in the fitness field. With a determined fan base of more than three million he has never accepted defeat and gives full regard to the lady luck in his life. Tarun Gill is the standard example of how one can make a positive career simply by being honest and transparent on the social media platform. He is a certified Life coach and NLP Practitioner is the fitness industry.

Name Tarun Gill
Vocation Fitness YouTuber
Date of birth 14th July
Birthplace New Delhi
Sun sign Cancer
Caste Jatt
Religion Sikh
Height 5’10’’
Weight 90 Kgs
Shoe size 10
Eye colour Dark brown
Hair colour Black
Marital status Married
Spouse Nidhi Chaudhary Gill
Educational qualification Bachelors Degree in History Master’s Degree in Journalism MBA in marketing
College/University St. Stephen’s College, Delhi (History Honors) Indian Institute of Mass Communications University of British Columbia, Canada
Hobbies Travelling
Net Worth 0.5 Million to 200 Million
Dream job Journalist
Does he smoke? No
Does he drink? No
Joined YouTube on 30th July, 2015
YouTube Subscribers 6.9 Lakhs
Total video views 88,549,538
Recent Award Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award for India’s Fitness Entrepreneur of the Year, 2019.

Family and wife :

Tarun Gill with Wife
Image : Tarun Gill with her Wife
Nidhi Chaudhary Gill

Tarun Gill was raised in a well-established family and was brought up in New Delhi. He has always been excellent in academics and wanted to grow up as a successful journalist. After pursuing his bachelor’s degree in journalism, he went on to pursue MBA in the same field and also completed his internship in Goldman Sachs. He used to work as a communications leader for one of the fortune 100 companies.

He later in life married his girlfriend after a supposed affair of three years and from then she has always got his back. Not much is known about his family but he is a very soft-spoken kind-hearted guy who loves to spend free time with his family and friends. He has also played national level Squash. He has always been respectful and has looked up to his teachers who helped him free his mind from the thoughts that were holding him back in life. They have played a significant part in shaping and giving direction his thoughts. 

Tarun gill with john Abraham
Image: Tarun Gill her wife and John Abraham

What makes him better?

Tarun Gill has always remained a man of his works and shares a close relationship with his family. He strongly believes that whatever success he has achieved is all because of his wife and her support. Being a Sikh by religion he has always loved to visit the Gurudwara and is an ardent devotee of Guru Nanak. He is a good looking man who perfectly fits into the picture of a successful entrepreneur.

He has a lean and a perfectly shaped body is a fitness trainer which makes him really popular among female fans. He has with determination created his success path with a dimpled smile like a cakewalk. He also owns a company providing food supplements with at least 30 varieties. Apart from maintaining his YouTube channel he sometimes also does modelling. He has done a couple of modelling shoots and was the face of manhunt Mr India International in 2016.

Video Credit/Source: Tarun Gill

His social media initiative :

Tarun Gill is the originator of India’s major fitness TV reality show, “Fitness League of India”, handpicking brilliant, fit individuals across the nation and promoting them both digitally and on television. He is also the originator of a successful YouTube fitness channel, co-owner of a food supplement business “Tarun Gill fitness”, creator of TG Connect, an event-based platform to identify underprivileged and needy athletes.

Look out for society :

Tarun Gill has been working actively for numerous NGOs which he initiated to benefit the needy and the underprivileged students who possess the calibre of excelling in the field of fitness but are not able to do so because of their inevitable financial issues.

He also operates a gym where the NGO kids can join and get adequate training from some of the finest trainers in the industry and also helps them to make a good name internationally. His students follow him with all their hearts and consider him next to God to help them follow their dreams. He is not only a successful fitness trainer but is an inspiration to numerous individuals out there.

Follow him today if you desire to move forward on his steps much efficiently and know the real tactics of gyming easily in the comfort of your home:

All his social media platforms are very resourceful as they provide complete guides to fitness, his contributions to the society, the success stories of all his followers, his strong bond with his family and most of all his strong personality.



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