Top 10 E-Commerce Companies in UK (2021)
Top 10 E-Commerce Companies in UK (2021)

Top 10 E-Commerce Companies in the UK (2021)

The UK’s e-commerce companies are the globally recognized organizations and the leaders of e-commerce companies worldwide. The advancement of technology, the online biased marketplaces, and the growing need of people are the reasons behind this revolutionary zone of e-commerce companies in UK.

Here’s a list of the top 10 e-commerce companies in UK (2021) with a brief history and their offerings.

List of Best E-Commerce Companies in the UK :

Amazon UK:

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Amazon UK is a leading e-commerce company in UK. It was started as a book-selling site in the year 1996 headquartered in London, U.K. Today this e-commerce company is one of the economy boosters in the UK, providing a wide range of items with employability of British Workers.

Amazon UK caters to e-commerce solutions and the company retails books, jewelry, electronics, apparel, and accessories online. Amazon UK Services serves clients all over the world.  This company is known as one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world as well as the world’s most valuable brand. It also provides facilities like 2 days delivery for the prime subscribers. Amazon UK also offers international shipping to some selected countries for some of its products.

Amazon UK Services extended their territory by introducing Prime Videos, an OTT platform, Amazon Music, and Kindle for reading books. It also has an Amazon Pay balance for online payment. In a word, Amazon UK is one of the top e-commerce companies in UK in 2021.  


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Shopify provides an online selling platform and it’s trusted by over 1,700,000 businesses globally. Shopify provides beautiful themes that are customizable and responsive. In fact, you can design your own website with your own desirable look from its layout, colour, and look.

Shopify e-commerce company provides seamless services through its highly qualified professionals and handles everything from marketing to payments, to secure checkout, and finally shipping. This e-commerce company accepts online selling, offline in-store selling, social media marketing, in fact, selling in the trunk of your car. Among its trustable clients, Brooklyn Museum, NALATA/NALATA , Coco & Breezy, tokyobike, Adore Me, etc are remarkable.

With a monthly plan of $299, you can get access to Shopify with 14 days of a free trial. Shopify is a leading e-commerce company as well as a platform and one of the top e-commerce companies in UK in 2021.


1200px Magento Logo.svg

The world’s biggest brands love Magneto e-commerce company because today’s consumers are changing rapidly and no other e-commerce company is more flexible. The company sells more at a lower TCO than merchants on competitive commerce platforms.

Magneto provides flexibility to customize and extend your platform to create unique, differentiated branded experiences keeping the variable desires of customers in their mind. The Magneto Marketplace is globally the largest and most versatile offerings of customized and tested extensions. The Marketplace offers the latest best practice extensions to extend your store’s features according to your wish.

Magneto defines more than just a platform or product. It also provides trained experts to help you get to market fast, create amazing customer experiences, and cell more. The Magneto users grow 3X faster on an average than those on competitive platforms. The advantage lies in the 50% reduction of the total cost of ownership.

Magneto provides a monthly plan of $3,417 with 30 days free trial. Obviously, Magneto is an outstanding e-commerce company and one of the best e-commerce companies in the UK in 2021.


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EKM is a platform that caters to anyone to create a successful online store. The company was established in 2002 by Antony Chesworth in the UK. Today EKM is the World’s highest-rated e-commerce company that earns multi-million pounds every day. It’s UK’s most popular e-commerce company and powers 1 out of 5 shops in the UK.

EKM online shops are extraordinary for their evolving power to assure the customers about the growing sales and demands. With 2 decades of experience and a team of 70 e-commerce professionals, EKM is always a destination from small startups to large websites. The expert team will help you throughout by providing an account manager for your website who will guide you and even manage the shop for you by processing orders and spend more time with your website to make it awesome.

EKM believes in doing the right thing, making a positive impact among the clients, keeping the website simple yet elegant, and evolving with the daily needs. EKM e-commerce company works with partners like Google, eBay, Klarna, PayPal, Trustpilot, etc. You can use EKM with a monthly package of £541.66 with 28 days of a free trial. EKM is one of the top e-commerce companies in the UK in 2021.     

Marks & Spencer Group plc:

1200px MarksAndSpencer1884 logo.svg

Marks & Spencer Group plc in short M&S is an e-commerce company that focuses on its own businesses, including food, clothing, beauty ranges, and homeware. The company was founded by Micheal Marks and Thomas Spencer in the year 1884 in London. Over 135 years, the company serves both in the UK and internationally. Today M&S operates a family of businesses, selling high-quality, great value own-brand products in the UK and 62 other countries from 1,519 stores and 44 websites globally.

M&S has sold a wide range of charitable women’s clothes for Breakthrough Breast Cancer for many years. The company also partnered with a community investment platform Neighbourly to help them distribute unsold surplus food and non-food items to small charities and community groups in the UK and Ireland. With this noble work and maintaining a brand identity over the years, M&S is one of the best e-commerce companies in the UK in 2021.


tesco store

Tesco is a leading multinational e-commerce company with more than 360,000 professionals. The company serves affordable, healthy, and sustainable food to the customers for helping them to enjoy a better quality of life and an easier way of living.

Jack Cohen began to sell surplus groceries from a stall in London in 1919, and in 1924 he opened the first Tesco store and today it’s one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the UK.

Tesco focuses on three primary areas: quality, healthier options for the customers, and packaging improvements. In 2016, Tesco launched eight different food brands, including Redmere Farms and Boswell Farms, offering quality, fresh products at affordable prices. This company is involved in noble works like free fruit for kids, and Bags of help. Tesco is one of the best e-commerce companies in the UK in 2021.

eBay UK:

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eBay UK is a leading e-commerce online platform, incorporated in 1995 in America. The company extends its branches in more than 20 countries, including UK. eBay UK is a pioneer of e-commerce that provides an online marketplace to the people and businesses to sell their products directly through an online medium.

The platform provides products ranging from vehicles and cars to electronics goodies and fashion accessories, home and garden to sports and toys, and even business and industrial products. This is one of the leading platforms for both buyers and sellers for their requirement. With the growth of the online medium, eBay UK is one of the best e-commerce services in UK in 2021.



Argos Limited, trading name Argos is an e-commerce company in UK that operates as a catalogue retailer. Incorporated in 1972, the company was named after the Greek city of Argos. This e-commerce company serves in both physical and online shops. Currently, the company has over 29 million genuine customers and nearly a billion online visitors per annum.

Argos is a registered owner of a lot of brands. Which feature a substantial number of products comprised within a catalogue, including Challenge, Visiq, Beanstalk, Opticom, Grosvenor, Pro Fitness, Coolworks, Steamworks, Acoustic Solutions, Mega Games, etc. It has also franchised overseas to countries such as China. With the wide range of offerings, Argos is one of the best e-commerce companies in the Uk in 2021.

John Lewis & Partners:


John Lewis is a brand of high-end department stores operating throughout Great Britain.  The first John Lewis store was established by John Lewis in 1864 in Oxford Street, London, UK. Currently, there are 52 John Lewis stores in Great Britain.

John Lewis covers a wide range of offerings starting from the season trends in homeware, furniture, fashion apparel, and beauty products to electronics items and even optometry and financing. This e-commerce company caters to services both on online and offline retail platforms. The brand finally extended its branch in Australia and the Republic of Ireland

John Lewis attracts a moderate number of customers for their diverse range of branded products with a reasonable price range. John Lewis is one of the best e-commerce companies in the UK in 2021.


Asos is a recognized British e-commerce company that focuses on fashion and beauty products. Established in 2000, Asos is an online platform of fashion and cosmetics retailer and now it’s one of the best fashion e-commerce across the UK as well as the globe.

Asos sells over 850 top brands and holds the rank of 5th for the best lifestyle/fashion and apparel category worldwide. The platform ships to all 196 countries from their three main centers in the UK, EU, and the US. Asos aims for the current fashion freak generation and provides empowerment through clothing appearances.

As an icon of young generation-based apparel and beauty products, Asos is one of the best fashion e-commerce companies in the UK in 2021.


The UK’s top e-commerce companies feature a healthy mixture of marketplaces, development platforms, and retailers. With the growth of online marketing and the advanced need of people, e-commerce companies are flourishing every day and offer a wide range of facilities. Let’s hope for more growth e-commerce companies in the UK in the upcoming years.



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