IBM Company Profile, Biography, Founding Team, and Many More

IBM Company Profile, Biography, Founding Team, and Many More
IBM Company Profile, Biography, Founding Team, and Many More

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Technology is a process of implementing all the theoretical knowledge into practical application through accurate skills. We all have witnessed the evolution of technology from printing presses to the Internet. Today, technology has become an integral part of our everyday life. It also contributes to the economic, health, medical, industrial, financial, real estate, and consumer care sectors. 

Information Technology (IT) is one of the most significant divisions of the technology sector. It involves computers, hardware, software, web browsers, semiconductors, and the Internet. IT also plays an integral role in storing important documents and protecting them through cyber security features. Today, we will review the second-best American multinational technology company in the world.


International Business Machines Corporation, popularly known as IBM, is an American multinational technology company existing since 1911. The company has its headquarters in Armonk, New York, and business spread in more than 177 countries worldwide. Charles Ranlett Flint is the founder of IBM and involves Arvind Krishna (CEO) and Jim Whitehurst (President) in the management team.

IBM specializes in providing services like cloud computing, computer software, computer hardware, outsourcing, and artificial intelligence. It also excels in data analytics, cognitive computing, IT security, and the Internet and Things. The central aim of the company is to invent software and hardware using the latest technologies. It also focuses on maintaining its credibility and position in the IT sector through its inventions and revenue generation.


IBM initially started its business as a computing, tabulating, and recording company. It has successfully expanded its area of work, turning into a hardware and software manufacturing giant. Over the years, it has invented various software, machines, middleware, hosting plans, and semiconductors. Some of its inventions include floppy disk, hard disk drive, ATM, SQL, RISC, DRAM, electronic keypunch, UPC, magnetic stripe card, and SABRE airline reservation system.

The main reason behind the success of IBM today is its competent and hardworking employees. The company has a record of supporting more than 345000 employees, 70% of which come from outside the USA. They also have received several awards like five Nobel Prizes, five National Medals of Science, six Turing Awards, and ten National Medals of Technology. IBM has the world’s highest number of employees and is also one of the 30 companies included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 

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IBM is well-known for providing top-class software and technological services. Here we will read about the products, services, and inventions which the company has developed to date. IBM Cloud includes IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS software services providing public, private, and hybrid cloud delivery models. It also includes IBM Bluemix and IBM Soft Layer models that offer cloud computing services. They also allow the developers to create a complex website easily and quickly with dedicated servers and managed hosting. 

The company also provides Cyber security and Cloud Data Encryption Services (ICDES) to help the developers protect their data from hackers. Some of the famous hardware developed by IBMers includes POWER microprocessors, Secure Blue, TrueNorth, and All-Flash arrays. All the hardware is effective while developing console gaming systems, a neural chip that mimics brain functions, and data compression. It also offers various outsourcing, employment retention, forecasting services, and software packages worldwide. Some of these services include Alpha Works, Kenexa suite, SPSS software, BrassRing, and Weather Underground.

IBM has also taken initiatives in achieving sustainable development, economic growth, supporting healthcare, education, and infrastructure. Initiatives like Smarter Planet, Extreme Blue, Developer Works website, IBM Watson, and Corporate Service Corps (CSC). It also encourages all aspiring developers, technicians, and data analysts to enroll in their training courses. Popular courses include AI Learning, Block chain, Analytics, Automation, Business operation, Software development, and Mobile technology.


IBM, according to the Drucker Institute, is the third-best managed company as of 2020. The company has divided its business into four sections: IBM mainframe, IBM Web Sphere, IBM Flash System, and IBM Rochester. Let us get to know about each one of them in detail as we read on.

  • IBM mainframes include computer systems, processor units, middleware, emulators, and operating systems. It has been designing mainframes since 1952 and launched its first model by the name System/360. Currently, it is focusing on the zSeries family and has also introduced the 64-bit z/Architecture. Some of the current processor units designed by IBM include Central Processor (CP), Integrated Facility for Linux (ICF), Integrated Coupling Facility (IFL), System Assist Processor (SAP), zIIP, and zAAP. The operating systems currently operating in the market include z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE, z/TPF, MUSIC/SP, UTS, and Linux on IBM Z. A list of current functioning emulators includes System/370, System/390, UnixWare, Hercules, FreeBSD, Solaris, and zPDT.
  • IBM Web Sphere is a brand that manufactures computers and software for proprietors and enterprises. Some popular products like Application Server, eXtreme Scale, HTTP Server, Adapters, and Business Events. Adding more to the list are Host On-Demand, Message Broker, Portlet Factory, Process Server, and Edge Components.
  • IBM Flash System is a storage enterprise system incorporated in 2013 previously known as Texas Memory System. It is a system that allows users to store their data on a flash memory through flash chips. The system uses field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA’s) architecture and flashes memory controller functions. Some famous RAID 5 type flash chips include Flash System 720, 820, 840, and 900.
  • IBM Rochester is a plant functioning under the jurisdiction of Industrial Realty Group since 1958. It is a three-stored building, and Rochester, Minnesota, is its location. The facility is well-known for producing AS/400, OS/400, and RS/6000 computer systems. Some other models manufactured in this plant include IBM 5110, IBM 3740, and IBM 5280. 
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IBM technological company provides its services all over the world, including India. It has its subsidiary called the IBM India Private Limited that has its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. Sandip Patel manages the company supports more than 140000 employees offering IT and consultancy services. IBM India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest multinational companies in India, having the highest number of employees. 

IBM India operates its business through various service research centers spread all over India. It has offices in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Noida, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bhubaneswar. Some of the frameworks have also received global recognition, like ISL, IRL, LTC, GBS, GTS, S&D, ITS, and GBSC. IBM has also emerged as one of the best domestic IT players through the Airtel telecom company.


When we search for the top information technology companies of the world, the first two names that pop up are Microsoft Corporation and International Business Machines. So, let us look at Microsoft Corporation, which is also the biggest competitor of IBM.

Microsoft Corporation is a leading American multinational technology company existing since 1975. Bill Gates and Paul Allen co-founded the company that has its headquarters in New Mexico, USA. The best information technology companies include Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. It specializes in consumer electronics, computer software, web browsers, operating systems, and video game consoles.

Microsoft offers Windows, Servers, Office, Skype, Xbox, Surface, Dynamics, and Visual Studio. Bing, LinkedIn, Office365, GitHub, MSDN, Outlook.com, TechNet, One Drive, and Microsoft Store. It is also an official jersey sponsor of Finland’s national basketball team. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Microsoft distributed 15000+ medical caps, protective suits, infrared thermometers, and protection goggles to Seattle.

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Everything in this world has its advantages and disadvantages. Similar is the case with information technology. On the one hand, it is a vast advancement to the technological sector, whereas, on the other hand, it has its risks and limitations. Some believe that the rise of factories and manufacturing units is causing damage to the environment and contributing to pollution. Some think that it is promoting the leisure class and damaging the ethics and values of the public. It is a very debatable topic and, it is hard to conclude what is wrong and what is right as everyone has the right to express their views. Let me know about your perspective in the comment section below.

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