Eco-Gen recruits Muhammed Ashraf to oversee their EMEA engineering rollout

Muhammed Ashraf
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Eco-Gen Energy Inc have just appointed Muhammed Ashraf as their Head of Implementation for their JouleBox®® Power Plants in the EMEA region. Mr Ashraf is a senior engineer who recently had a senior role developing a $16bn 1100MW Hydroelectric project in British Columbia, Canada.

Mr Ashraf also spent 6 years overseeing the O&M for 3900MW of Hydro Power Plants in Manitoba, Canada, achieving 99.8% system availability and system reliability. Ashraf has also completed multiple transmission and distribution projects from concept to completion, along with overseeing operation and maintenance tasks for the majority of his projects.

In addition, he and the teams he has developed have built grids, operation control centres, maintained and expanded existing transmission networks, as well as developing NERC and FERC rules for North American Power, who operate across 12 states of the US.

He also has extensive experience running training programmes on behalf of USAID to develop engineers across multiple countries in matters of reliability and maintenance, and is incredibly experienced at training engineers and operatives across all cultures.

Mr Ashraf will help Eco-Gen energy with their full end-to-end delivery of the JouleBox®, assisting with project planning, negotiation of PPAs, feasibility study management, construction and contractor management, project engineering, procurement, and in-country technician training.

Due to the rapid growth in demand for the JouleBox®® technology, Mr Ashraf will be joined by a growing team of implementation experts and engineers to ensure the smooth, speedy and above all safe implementation of the Paul Boaventura Delanoe designer JouleBox®® power plants.

Paul Boaventura, president of Eco-Gen Energy Inc said “we are delighted to have Ashraf join the Eco-Gen family, his wealth of experience in managing all aspects of the supply chain and its delivery across multiple domains will enable us to fulfil our ambitious rollout targets. The combination of cost effective baseload renewable energy, with our best in class land footprint, as well as our quick build time, power factor of 99% and zero risk offering means that Eco-Gen’s products will soon be found in almost every territory in the world. There is no place on earth that doesn’t need this tech, and with Ashraf’s expertise and outstanding work ethic, we look forward to delivering a transformational rollout programme across the EMEA region.”

Mr Ashraf said, “I am thrilled to be taking a leading role in this project. Eco-Gen’s JouleBox® technology is the biggest breakthrough technology of my lifetime. It will revolutionise the power generation sector and will finally enable countries across the world, rich or poor, to achieve true energy independence in a way that will facilitate rapid economic development whilst meeting our world’s most central challenge of effectively transitioning away from fossil fuels and into a sustainable way of living. Coming from Pakistan, I know the challenges that the Global South faces and it is such a privilege to be doing something that will get to the very root of that, and level the playing field for all. Meanwhile, the land restrictions and the geopolitical tensions in Europe mean that Eco-Gen Energy’s JouleBox® solution will enable us to solve all their energy challenges in one fell swoop. What excites me most about Paul Delanoe’s brilliant JouleBox® invention is the fact that feasibility, land acquisition and permit requirements are so minimal compared to other tech, that we can literally start negotiating terms in January and have the power plant installed and activated by December.”

About The JouleBox®®

–       Zero capital requirement (except for minimal land and interconnection/metering costs). Extensive rollout of the JouleBox® technology Immediately saves clients billions of dollars of capital expenditures and loans to finance its RE projects due to PPA terms on offer.

  • Reduced Ops Expenditures – The JouleBox® requires no external fuel source, and due to its high COP of 10, is able to generate power more cheaply than almost all other power sources especially when you take into consideration that JouleBox® removes the need for Grid Inertia, Battery Storage and Peaker plants.
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–       Diversification Paul Boaventura Delanoe’s JouleBox® IP doesn’t require specific climate conditions, and is therefore invulnerable to drought, changing wind patterns, or even darkened skies due to volcanic activity. Neither is it vulnerable to supply side issues in the regional or global marketplaces. It delivers true energy independence and minmizes the need for long distance transmission.

–       Local power – Eco-Gen can install a power station at any distribution substation, or any off-grid site such as a mine or industrial plants, providing electricity 24/7 to the client, with minimal transmission losses and a grid friendly Power Factor of 99%.

–       Safe and secure – JouleBox® power stations are built in secure SCIP buildings, impervious to extreme weather conditions or burglary, or indeed earthquakes upto 9.4 on the Richter scale.

–       Significantly faster build than other renewable options – 9 month build including shipping and installation. 

–        Minimal land requirement – A 2MW plant requires just 131 square metres, and 100MW plant requires less than 1.5 acres, enabling the plant to be easily and cheaply located in the most convenient location possible.

 –       Job creation – Eco-Gen Energy Inc and their subsidiaries will train local personnel to service the maintenance contract, offering jobs and skilled training to local communities. 

–       Reducing transmission loss to almost zero – The plants offer a grid friendly Power Factor of 99% and can be easily installed at the distribution substations level, significantly reducing the inefficiencies of transmission losses.

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–       Remove battery storage costs from budget – with the power being constant The JouleBox® tech removes the need for battery storage. It run synchronous generators that can adapt to demand providing more flexibility. This futureproofs clients from the issue of disposing of these batteries every five years, and of being reliant on those countries with a monopolistic hold over the battery manufacturing market.

– Longevity of equipment – The Eco-Gen JouleBox® has a Total Harmonic Distortion of less than 5%, ensuring that the quality of signal reaching the equipment being powered is sufficiently high that it significantly increases the lifespan of the equipment, and minimises maintenance and repair issues, saving clients even more bottom line.

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