Education and Real-Life Challenges

In the modern era, education has reached the primary level in the modern world. It’s almost a culture. People acquire reading and writing skills with the help of formal educational training. Clearly, literacy, or the ability to read and write, has become a prerequisite for meeting many of today’s challenges. As a strategy to ensure that no child is denied the opportunity to receive formal education. In some parts of the world not sending children to school is a criminal offense. Some governments, especially in Western countries, help people get formal education by subsidizing or providing free education. (at least on a basic level)

If you don’t go to school you won’t be able to adapt to the modern world. 

Therefore, education is not a luxury but a necessity. The modern attitude towards education seems unfaithful to Platonism, suggesting that it is better to be unborn than uneducated. There is no doubt that educational Pakmcqs General Knowledge needs are increasing day by day in various parts of the world. People sacrifice a lot to get an education. Parents are willing to pay any amount to complete their children’s studies. Some go abroad to get better education and training. Acquiring formal education has become a priority in life today.

Although formal education is widely accepted around the world, one key question about education that is rarely asked is: “How does education relate to real life?” It is necessary to ask the question of how helpful is education in solving real-life problems. Education does not consistently improve the living standards of many graduates.

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It should be noted that education is a means to an end and not an end in itself. 

This means that education is a production process. No process is complete without products. It is a product that values ​​resources. Process quality can be estimated from product quality. Education as a method is incomplete without an end to the process. It is the purpose that (education) is designed to serve. (Under ideal conditions) Let us examine one of the most sensitive aspects of an educated person’s life: finances, to support our claim that education has no impact on the lives of most learners.

How many students are financially successful? Most graduates struggle to achieve success. But an absurdly large number of people have graduated from higher education institutions (above), but they lag behind many people with less education. (Education) Financial difficulties and crises may be worse among educated people on the economic success scale. Most learners struggle to make ends meet while working. 

But he is unsuccessful and gets into debt after retirement

The inability of education to help graduates deal with real-life problems lies in the fact that most people do not understand the purpose of education. Why do we go to school Why do people go to school? What is the purpose of the study? What does the educational background look like? What is the purpose of the study? Why should parents send their children to school? Education is one of the most misunderstood or misunderstood human experiences. 

So that the purpose of the study is understood and clarified. 

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Continued abuse of education (by most people) will be inevitable. Many people go to school for the wrong reasons, and many parents send their children to school for the wrong reasons. Most people have a misconception about the objectives of education.

It is important to note that the root of the OTS results problem lies in the fact that in many parts of the world, education, in childhood, is the ticket to prosperity. This was possible because there were more job opportunities for the educated then. Still, things have changed dramatically and today, unemployment rates among the educated are high in most parts of the world. Therefore, the financial success of the study is no longer guaranteed. In fact, education has become the main cause of poverty. Because there is no system to teach the principles of wealth creation among the students.

It is time to rethink the purpose of education. The idea of ​​going to school to get a license was frowned upon.

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