Everything You Need to Know about Cockroach Infestation


Cockroaches are cold-blooded insects that belong to the Blattodea order. These pests are commonly found in homes because of an adequate food supply. Cockroaches are omnivorous and eat animal protein, sweets and starch. It is very much possible to discover hundreds of roaches at one time. Pest control Toorak service should be booked to get rid of these roaches quickly. There are certain things about cockroach infestation that you must know in order to control the advent of roaches on the property. Have a look at those important aspects: 

Life Cycle of Cockroaches

The life cycle of cockroaches consists of three stages: eggs, nymphs and adulthood. A mother cockroach carries its eggs in Ootheca. This capsule-like structure can carry 6-40 eggs. 

It takes about 2-7 weeks for the eggs to hatch. Now, the nymphs released from the eggs start crawling around the house. They eat, grow and become adult cockroaches after shedding their skin many times. The life span of adult cockroaches can be up to 2 years. 

Signs of Infestation 

Insects like cockroaches hide in moist and dark areas. So, it can be hard to recognise them. Without taking professional help, cockroaches rapidly increase in number. To make things simple for you, we have listed some signs of infestation that could help you in identifying the problem at an early stage: 

  • You can look for cockroach droppings. The droppings can be found in the storeroom, bathroom and kitchen. 
  • The roaches leave smear marks wherever they crawl. 
  • The nymphs of the cockroaches are stored in a capsule-like structure known as Ootheca. You could find these tubes on your property if the cockroach infestation is severe. 
  • Do you know a cockroach can discard its skin 5-8 times? This shed skin indicates the presence of cockroach infestation. 
  • The pheromone produced by a cockroach has a specific odour. This odour can be considered a sign of cockroach infestation. 
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How do Cockroaches Enter a House? 

Cockroaches can enter a residence through many ways. They can enter via sewage lines or drains. If you have been facing lots of problems because of cockroaches, you must get the drains fixed. 

Next, the cockroaches can enter through plumbing pipes. They can travel from one house to another with help of plumbing pipes. Sometimes, people unknowingly carry them in grocery or travel bags. Lastly, the cockroaches can enter through holes or cracks present in the walls, doors and windows. 

If cockroaches find their way to your home, make it a point to hire pest control Lalor specialists. Professionals know the right way to eliminate them without harming anybody’s health. 

Dangers Posed by Cockroach Infestation 

Many serious diseases spread because of cockroaches. The contamination of food by roaches leads to health problems. Diseases like Salmonellosis, Listerioisis, Plague, Typhoid Fever and Cholera spread because of infected food and water. Next, the dander of cockroaches causes allergies in humans. 

Some people find cockroaches scary. Their mental health gets affected because of these pests. From a health perspective, it is not safe for you to live around cockroaches. 

How do Professionals Remove Cockroaches? 

Generally, fumigation and pesticide sprays are used to kill cockroaches. The eggs of the roaches are destroyed by experts to stop the life cycle of these pests. Professionals reach every corner of the house to ensure that the pesticides have reached all the necessary spots. Gels and baits are also used for exterminating hidden roaches. 


Due to a lack of information about cockroach infestation, people suffer a lot. The information given above can be helpful for you in dealing with a cockroach infestation. To prevent the negative impacts of infestation, you need to look for some clear signs. Then, you may seek help from experts to get the cockroach eradication done within a few days. 

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