Rodent Control Strategies You Must Know!

Did you see some rats jumping in your cupboard? Did mice chew the food packets in your kitchen? Well, these signs indicate the presence of rodents in your house. These pests are quick, clever and experts in destroying valuables. Moreover, they spread different kinds of diseases. The only way to get them eliminated from your house is to book pest control Windsor service that is rodent control. In the rodent control treatment, professionals use different strategies to control rodents. Let’s have a look at those effective strategies that professionals employ: 


Rodenticides are poisonous chemicals that are sprayed or dusted in different spots to kill rodents. Some chemicals used as rodenticides are zinc phosphide, Cholecalciferol, bromethalin, etc. Some rodenticides are more toxic than others and are used in low concentrations. 

It is not safe to use rodenticides without proper research. Only experienced professionals should be hired for rodent control because they can choose and use rodenticides more safely. 


One of the effective ways to control rodents is to place bait stations in different corners of the house. In this method, the experts try to fool the rats by mixing poison and meal together. The idea is to attract the rodents by keeping tempting food. The rats and mice eat the food item and die because of rat poison.

Different rats have different behaviours and food preferences. Roof rats love to consume fruits and vegetables. Norway rats like to eat meat and fish. The bait stations are installed carefully because kids or household pets can also consume the poisoned food product. Some common rat baits that you can use in homes are extruded blox baits, soft baits, liquid baits, pelleted baits and meal baits. 

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It is important to focus on bait placement when it comes to heavy rodent infestation. The distance between two bait stations can be between 15- 50 feet. The baits can be kept in the harbourage locations like near the trash bins, behind the wooden piles, in the storage shed, gaps near the doors, etc. 


If you want to catch live rodents without killing them with poison, then it is a great idea to keep traps. Spring traps, glue traps, electronic rat traps and cage traps are some common kinds of rodent traps that are often used by pest control Whittlesea professionals. 

Spring traps are powerful traps. When mice, rat or squirrel come to eat the bait, the spring of the trap is triggered. The rodent gets stuck in the trap. As the name suggests, the glue traps are sticky. It is a non-toxic method but can become messy. People still prefer traditional cage traps where the rodents get trapped when the door of the cage is closed. 

Ultrasonic Repellents 

With the advancement in technology, it has become easy for professionals to control rodents without using inhumane methods. The ultrasonic device emits waves and sounds that can’t be tolerated by rodents. These devices are simple to use and don’t affect human health. So, it is considered a safe and effective rodent control method.

Rodent Repellent Sprays 

Many sprays that repel rodents can be purchased from the market. But, the chemical composition of these sprays must be checked before use. Some sprays might have harsh ingredients that can irritate the skin or the respiratory system. Before buying the sprays, always consult with experts. 

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Several rodent control strategies are used by pest control experts to eradicate different kinds of rodents like mice, rats and squirrels. Some methods are safe while some methods must be executed carefully to prevent any accident. If you have noticed rodents on your property, then ask the experts to remove them. They would employ the best strategies to eliminate them.

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