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Remittance is a very important part of the financial ecosystem. Not only does it help people to send money to their loved ones, but it also helps the economy grow. To fulfil the needs of expats living in Malaysia, Lotus Remit offers the best money transfer services.

Lotus Remit is a digital money transfer service provider that lets you send money online to family and friends living abroad. It’s an easy, affordable and secure way to transfer money overseas from Malaysia.

Flexible international money transfer options:

Lotus Remit offers a variety of convenient and flexible ways to send money home to your family and friends. You can make money transfer in Malaysiathrough traditional channels such as cash deposits at our retail branch or transfer online through our website. When you make the International Money Transfer, we ensure the recipient receives the fund as soon as possible.

World-class technology for fund security:

If you are looking for money transfer in Malaysia services, Lotus Remit can be a preferred option. It is powered by the world-class technology designed for your security and peace of mind. As a Lotus Remit customer, you can send money onlinewith confidence knowing that your funds have the safety net of our top-notch technology.

In addition, you can use multiple payment options including debit card or credit card as well as bank account transfer to transfer money overseas.  If you are looking for an easy and hassle-free way to send money abroad, Lotus Remit might be just the thing for you. The service is specifically designed for expatriates who want their loved ones back home to receive funds quickly and conveniently.

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