How Do Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) Apps Work?

How Do Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) Apps Work?
How Do Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) Apps Work?
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Vendors and suppliers are an integral part of any business. Therefore, certain quality checks and protocols ensure the supply meets all the quality and safety demands. Supplier Corrective Action Request or SCAR is one such service where the mistakes of a supplier are reported and rectified within a said time limit. ETQ Reliance’s Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) app enables organizations to identify, fix and record quality issues traced back to suppliers. Following is a detailed guideline on how a SCAR app works.

Identifying the Problem

The first thing a SCAR app does is to identify the problem. This could be anything from product quality to inventory size. Next, a report is compiled detailing a situation that originated and has occurred previously. Finally, all the aspects of an issue are thoroughly assessed before reporting to the management.

Team Formation

The next step is forming a small team of competent individuals who look through the problem. The group usually consists of 2-4 members who are assigned individual duties to look extensively into the root causes of the problem. The same team is responsible for providing solutions to rectify the errors and working with suppliers to ensure such scenarios don’t occur in the future. 


A single mistake should not halt a company’s daily operations. A SCAR app helps you contain the problem while also ensuring smooth operations. The actions taken can vary from stopping the shipment to segregating the goods; it all depends on the nature and extent of the problem. As the problem is identified in the beginning stages, it becomes easier for the rest of the team to contain issues with a specific shipment. 

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Root of the Problem

Now that the SCAR app has isolated the problem, the team works on finding the root cause of the problem. Comprehensive analyses are done to understand why the problem occurred in the first place and is a recurring issue. Once all the data is collected, it is sent to the supplier and management for further action.

Corrective Measures

Once the root cause of the problem is identified, the SCAR app moves to install corrective measures to make sure such issues never occur in the future. The root cause of the problem is targeted, and proper actions are taken to rectify the mistake. 


If the same problem continues, then it is a waste of its resources. The aim is to eliminate the problem once and for all. After applying corrective actions, the SCAR app then helps your business implement policies specifically designed to control supplier mistakes. 

Verifying Effectiveness

Once the problem is rectified and protocols to prevent it are in place, the SCAR app will verify its effectiveness. Usually, the subsequent three shipments from the same supplier are monitored to check for any repetition of mistakes. The additional protocols are also observed, and a detailed report is then sent to the company’s management. 

This is how a SCAR app helps your business rectify your suppliers’ mistakes. It’s an excellent tool to monitor your suppliers and ensure the quality of your services.

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