How to Check FAB Bank Salary Card Balance – Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Check FAB Bank Salary Card Balance - Step-by-Step Guide
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In today’s fast-paced world, staying on top of your finances is crucial. One key aspect is regularly checking your salary card balance, ensuring you are aware of your financial standing and preventing any unpleasant surprises. In this article, we’ll specifically focus on providing a step-by-step guide for FAB Bank Balance Check online and exploring other methods and.

Methods to Check FAB Bank Salary Card Balance

FAB Bank offers multiple methods for checking your salary card balance. Let’s explore these options in detail.

Step-by-Step Guide for Online Banking

Let’s delve deeper into the process of checking your FAB Bank salary card balance through online banking.

Step 1: Log into the FAB Bank website:

  • Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the official FAB Bank website.
  • Locate the login section and enter your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to the account summary section:

  • Once logged in, find the “Account Summary” or a similar option on the dashboard.

Step 3: Check the salary card balance:

  • In the account summary section, you’ll find details about your salary card, including the current balance.

Using Mobile Banking Apps

For those who prefer the flexibility of mobile apps, follow these steps to check your salary card balance using the FAB Bank app.

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Step 1: Download and install the FAB Bank app:

  • Visit your app store, search for the FAB Bank app, and download it to your smartphone.
  • Install the app following the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Login and access the account balance feature:

  • Open the app and log in using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the “Account Balance” or a similar section to view your salary card balance.

ATM Transactions for Balance Inquiry

For a more traditional approach, use FAB Bank ATMs to check your salary card balance.

Step 1: Locate the nearest FAB Bank ATM:

  • Use the FAB Bank ATM locator on their website or app to find the nearest machine.

Step 2: Insert the salary card and check the balance:

  • Insert your salary card into the ATM and follow the instructions on the screen to check your balance.

SMS Inquiry Service

If you prefer receiving information via text, the SMS inquiry service is a quick and straightforward option.

Step 1: Register for the service:

  • Contact FAB Bank customer support or visit the branch to register for the SMS inquiry service.

Step 2: Send the inquiry message and receive the balance details:

  • Once registered, send a text message to the provided number with the inquiry code, and you’ll receive your salary card balance details shortly.

Tips for Secure Balance Checking

While checking your salary card balance is essential, it’s equally important to do so securely. Follow these tips to ensure a safe financial experience.

  • Avoid using public computers for online banking to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Keep your login credentials confidential and never share them with anyone.
  • Regularly update your passwords to enhance account security.
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Common Issues and Solutions

Encountering issues with accessing your salary card balance is not uncommon. Here are some common problems and their solutions.

  • Forgotten passwords:

Use the password recovery option on the FAB Bank website or app to reset your password.

  • Technical glitches:

Clear your browser cache or restart the mobile app. If the issue persists, contact FAB Bank customer support.

  • Customer support contact information:

In case of any issues, contact FAB Bank customer support.

Benefits of Regularly Checking Salary Card Balance

Regularly checking your salary card balance goes beyond simple awareness. It offers several benefits, including effective budget management, early detection of unauthorized transactions, and better planning for future expenses.

Security Measures Implemented by FAB Bank

FAB Bank prioritizes the security of its customers. Measures such as two-factor authentication, robust encryption protocols, and regular security updates are in place to safeguard your financial information.

Educational Resources from FAB Bank

To empower customers with financial knowledge, FAB Bank provides online tutorials for using their banking services and actively engages in financial literacy initiatives.


Is it safe to check my FAB Bank salary card balance online?

Yes, FAB Bank employs robust security measures, including encryption and two-factor authentication, to ensure the safety of online transactions.

What should I do if I forget my online banking password?

You can use the password recovery option on the FAB Bank website or app to reset your password.

Are there any charges for using the SMS inquiry service?

Check with FAB Bank customer support for information on any charges associated with the SMS inquiry service.

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Can I check my salary card balance at any FAB Bank ATM?

Yes, you can use any FAB Bank ATM to check your salary card balance.

How often should I check my salary card balance for optimal financial management?

It’s advisable to check your salary card balance regularly, at least once a week, to stay on top of your finances.


Staying informed about your FAB Bank salary card balance is a fundamental aspect of responsible financial management. Whether through online banking, mobile apps, ATMs, or SMS services, FAB Bank provides multiple avenues for users to check their balance securely. By following the outlined methods and tips, you can ensure a seamless and secure financial experience with FAB Bank.

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