Top Game Development Programming Languages

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Top Game Development Programming Languages
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Video games are here to stay. They are not going anywhere. The growth of both the games and the industry indicates a rising demand for video game developers. Those who dreamed of putting together a game of their own can certainly try their hand at becoming a video game developer. Yet for that, they need the right tools and programming languages.

That’s right, many tools and programming languages are available. It can be hard to find out which ones should be learned and which ones to avoid. Luckily, a few languages are standout options. Let us now have a good look at those languages ideal for developing video games.

Understanding video game development

Video game development is a dynamic process. Here video games are made from ground zero. During the process, a large team of professionals works together to ensure the video game shop being created is one of the best games they have ever made. The team consists of artists, level designers, programmers, sound designers, writers, and other associated professionals.

These teams influence and utilize game development kits for certain platforms (Microsoft Xbox, Mobile Gaming (Android or iOS),  Nintendo Switch, PC gaming, or the Sony PlayStation). They can also use game engines (Unreal Engine, Unity) for game development.

There are some enthusiasts along with some well-known game development studios who can create, design, develop, test and launch their games from scratch. This means these gaming studios have developed their own engines.

The qualities of top programming languages used for video game development – what are they?

There are lots of programming languages available out there. It is important to have a grasp of the correct programming languages working best for the developer’s particular area of interest. They also must have a reason for such. Let us understand what makes a programming language suitable for the creation of video games.

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Here are some factors that can help in choosing the right language for making an immersive and smooth gaming experience:

  • Lean and Quick: Players love a smooth-running game without any lags, hangs, or stutters.
  • Strong: The best languages for making video games are able to support huge volumes of data and complex graphics.
  • It should be widely used: If a language is widely supported and used, then it will be easier for developers to import assets during game development (like graphics).

Now we are going to explore programming languages that exhibit these traits and hence are the best options for game development. Each language has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are versatile and some are complicated. Some programming languages aren’t strong. But they are easy to learn. 

Which programming languages are best suited for game development

Professionals from various mobile game development companies across the United States do agree that languages for developing video games aren’t always the same as those used for app development. 

Here are some worthwhile programming languages for game development:


C++ is one of the most popular options for developing video games. The language is based on good old C Language. The only difference from its predecessor is that the former is more powerful than the latter.

C++ is efficient, quick, and strong. The language has the ability to support complex images, beautiful images, and huge volumes of data. Moreover, it has many debugging tools that can troubleshoot coding problems and optimize gaming performance.

C++ is a versatile option used by numerous game developers around the world. It is implemented in powerful engines like CryEngine, Godot, and Unreal Engine. Its notable disadvantage is that it is a complicated language that is hard to learn. Beginners will find it difficult to learn it in the beginning especially if they are new to the industry.

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Java is another popular programming language. Its use is widespread among numerous industries and game development is no stranger. It is easy to learn in comparison to both C language and C++. However, for beginners, it is challenging to learn. 

Games that have been developed using Java can work on a wide array of operating systems and mobile devices. It is a versatile language used in app and game development. However it is not as agile as C++, and this is the reason that it isn’t widely used in game development circles. Yet it is a viable option thanks to robust frameworks like libGDX.


C# offers numerous benefits that C++ offers. Yet it is much easier to master in comparison to the latter. However, developers lose some levels of fine control that C++ has. Yet, C# is quite a powerful language and a favorite of programming enthusiasts (including professional studios).

One of the most common applications of C#is it being used together with Unity. The latter is a popular game engine that works as an entry point for numerous budding game development entrepreneurs.

Those who wish to create well-optimized 3D experiences should learn C++. It is commonly used by more well-known studios. Moreover, it even helps developers take advantage of Unreal Engine’s robust platform.


In terms of developing games, Python is not the language that comes to mind. But it is a top-class general-purpose language which is easy to learn. It also has some really powerful frameworks and libraries. In fact, some of them are created for video game development (especially PyGame).

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Numerous developers and programmers use Python in many other applications like artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and machine learning. Those who are looking for an easier language to learn and also wish to earn more lucrative opportunities can master Python.


JavaScript has always been used for game development. It is also another easy option having numerous business applications outside of the game development realm. JavaScript is a highly versatile language with low entry barriers. It is a good choice for those who aren’t ready for complex programming languages like C++.

However, there can be a tradeoff. The reason is that JavaScript is not as quick as its complicated counterparts. This is why the language is well-suited for making low-profile 2D (Two-dimensional) games instead of those made for gaming consoles and personal computers. 

Then again, learning JavaScript can create new opportunities for developers in games, mobile apps, and web app development.


Apple developed Swift for developing software specifically for the following operating systems:

  • iOS.
  • tvOS.
  • macOS.
  • iPadOS.
  • watchOS.

It is a modern programming language offering numerous features. This makes it well-suited for game development.

The are benefits of using Swift for game development. They are present in its performance and speed. Its code is compiled into machine code which helps it run efficiently. Hence, it is a worthwhile choice for game development.

More good things about this programming language are the automatic reference counting (ARC) and a robust type system. This helps make sure the code is safe, secure, and maintained with ease. It works when large and complex games are being developed. 

Libraries like SceneKit and SpriteKit are available which help developers easily add top-notch Three-dimensional (3D) graphics to the games in development.


Professionals of app development California agree with the fact that the languages mentioned here do have their pros and cons. Yet they are suited to the realm of game development. Despite  mobile devices having higher penetration, gaming consoles and computers are well-suited for gaming and game development

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