How to customize firefighter patches — symbolization of firefighter patches!

How to customize firefighter patches — symbolization of firefighter patches!

This post was most recently updated on September 3rd, 2022

Just like any other department, the fire department has its importance as well. However, it usually gets unnoticed, and they often don’t receive appreciation like others. It’s high time that we start paying attention to them because if they don’t put their lives to save others, then who else would? 

All thanks to their uniform and badges, they don’t look less like a soldier. These patches make them stand out and provide them with a unique identity. All those people who work in the fire department should be acknowledged individually. We don’t think that it’s too much to ask. They throw themselves into the fire every day without having a single thought. 

In the following article, we will not only be talking about the symbolism of fire department patches but you’ll also get to know how you can make customize patches for yourself. So without further delay, we supposed, we should get going, shall we? 

Four tips to creating a perfect firefighter patch! 

Let the patch speak! 

The reason why these patches stand out is that they speak themselves! You might wonder how is that possible, right? Well, while creating a certain patch, it is required that the design of your insignia is strong. Apart from that, the text that’s been embroidered on the patch should be visible. Since you are personalizing it yourself, and if you are doing it for the first time, these are the basics that you should be aware of. The text and design have to be thick enough so that when it’s run on the machine, you don’t have to face difficulties. Besides, this makes your patch distinctive. 

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Simple is a new fancy

The one thing that we find so attractive about custom firefighter patches is that they are simple yet classy. Now, this is the attribute that you don’t get to witness often. Numerous departments use insignias to represent their field whatsoever, but there is something different about the fire department. And if you want to recreate the same thing, you must not go crazy about anything. Just like less is considered to be more, we think simplicity has become fascinating. Plus, if you aren’t a professional and want to avoid complexity, then go with the less complex designs. Luckily, the fire department has some well-known insignias that are not intricate at all. Take the law-enforcement department, for instance; it has the smoothest patch designs for you to take your first step. 

Border colors 

When we are so focused on one thing, we often forget that there are other details as well. Yes, we are talking about your patch’s border! While customizing your fire department patch, you need to have an eagle eye for little details like this. You are probably thinking, who sees that, well, everyone. Efforts are only counted when you make the detailing count. Border colors are the first thing that catches the eye and compliment the background. Hence, choose your color scheme wisely. You can take inspiration from various patch makers, however, ensure that they are familiar with fire department patches! 

Contrast is the key! 

Last but not least is contrast. This might amaze you, but the human mind works in mysterious ways. We tend to remember the contrast and colors more than written texts. That’s the very reason why we often forget the brand names but remember their logos or symbols. Choose a bold color scheme so that it complements other specifications of the insignia.

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From start to end, creating patches requires attention to detail. Try not to avoid any of the above-mentioned tips if you are looking forward to making an insignia that represent fire department efforts in our daily life. Just like custom patches corroborate every single detail, you are supposed to do the same. Now that we are done with the making, it’s time to unfold the symbolism of fire department patches! 

When did it all start?

Many people think it is a modern-day department, which is quite absurd because how do you think people used to escape the fire back in the day? Let’s dive back into the past and see if we can find something interesting about it! 

It all began in the 1600s and started as a community-based organization, who would have thought it would come this far? Over time the community evolved and became an orderly system during 1700-1800 and finally turned into a paid department. We aren’t sure about its origin; however, we do know that the fully working department was founded and established in Columbus, Ohio! If we dissect the symbol of firefighter patches, here are the things that we get to know about them. 

The beginning

There’s a sense of responsibility, mutual trust, and friendship between firefighters from the beginning. And hence, the first thing that symbolizes firefighter insignias is comradeship. This is an identity of a fire department patch. 

The Maltese cross 

Then comes a Maltese cross, a pretty common yet famous symbol you are most likely to find on a firefighter patch. It represents the protection and loyalty of the fighters, and it was first granted to the Knights of St. John on Malta Island. That’s from where the cross came. Today, you can see this Maltese cross on almost every badge, fire truck, or patch. 

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The center-most part 

The center-most part of a fire patch is known as a scramble. You can find several symbols here such as an ax, ladder, helmet, hoses, and things like that. It represents the fighter’s commitment to the department. Since it’s continuously evolving, you might get to see more additions in upcoming years as well. 


Bugle is another interesting thing that can be seen on firefighter insignias. Your interest will get doubled after knowing the reason for featuring a bugle on a patch. Well, because it represents and symbolizes leadership. Besides, the bugle has a history as well. When there was no radio in the early years, it was a bugle that used to issue orders. Now you know why workers with bugle patch why to order their teams 

The colour red! 

Red has become an identity for firefighters. There is no truck or patch or uniform that doesn’t have red. This color can be seen in the fire department as well. The red color shows dedication and bravery.


And that is the end of the article with the hope that you don’t only find it helpful but also a fun read. Plus, this can be considered an ultimate guide. Apart from that, if you think there is something we can add to it, then feel free to bring it to the table because we always welcome constructive criticism!


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