How to Take Care of a Leather Upholstery?

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Leather furniture looks sophisticated and classy. This kind of furniture is available in many shades and designs. Because of its durability, people often choose leather sofas for their homes.

But, its maintenance requires time and commitment. You can’t ignore its cleanliness otherwise its life will reduce drastically. You may notice discoloration and peeling on the damaged parts. Leather Upholstery cleaning Service Adelaide professionals can be hired after every five or six months for thorough cleaning. For a regular cleaning regime, you need to follow some wise practices. Here, you can look at some easy and effective ways to take good care of your luxurious leather upholstery:

1. Make Use of Highly Advanced Vacuum Cleaners

These days almost every house has some basic cleaning machines. Vacuum cleaner is one of them. It is easy to use and can be kept in a small space. Usually, the dust particles are more visible on a shiny leather sofa than on a fabric one. It is essential to collect all those dust particles at least 2-3 times a week to ensure that the appearance of the sofa does not get ruined. Sometimes, people skip vacuuming for months and end up suffering from allergies caused by dust mites. To ensure that dust mites don’t thrive on the sofa, make sure you book sofa cleaning service Adelaide.

2. Use Mild Detergent

Ideally, you should book the sofa stain protection service Adelaide if the stains are dark and harmful. For quick fixes, you can purchase a detergent that is specially made for leather cleaning. This kind of upholstery gets badly damaged when plain water is used for wiping. Make sure that the delicate leather is cleaned cautiously.

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3. Immediately Clean the Spills

It is simply not possible to prevent spiling of liquids on the sofa. For house owners who have kids or pets at home, this task can be even tougher. To keep the sofa in presentable condition, you can ensure that whatever falls on the sofa gets cleaned instantly. It is the only way to prevent the creation of stains on the leather sofa. To remove the moisture, you can use a dry cloth. Don’t use a wet cloth as it can leave more stains on the surface.

4. Keep the Sofa Away from Sunlight

If your living room or bedroom has a big window, then cover it with dark curtains or blinds. Leather upholstery is extremely sensitive to sunlight. Cracking and peeling can start when sunlight directly falls on the sofa. It is a preventive measure for the damage caused due to sunlight but can help the bacteria and viruses grow. To deal with the growth of bacteria, hire the cleaners for services like steam cleaning and sanitisation.

5. Use Safe Homemade Stain Removal Solution

If your guests are arriving within a few hours and you don’t have time to book the Upholstery Cleaning Services Adelaide, then you can use some DIY hacks. Remember that these hacks are just for mild and easily removable stains. To remove the ink stains, you can utilise isopropyl alcohol. Just take a few drops on a cotton ball and rub it on the sofa. Oily or greasy stains on a sofa can be treated with dry powders like corn starch and talcum.

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6. Pets Should Not Go Near Leather Furniture

Pets like cats and dogs have a habit to chew leather products. They also scratch different types of surfaces with their pointed nails. Leather is already a delicate material and the furniture can get destroyed because of these activities. These damages are irreparable and can compel you to replace the sofa. Apart from these problems, they can also make the couch unhygienic by shedding their furs, dead skin and hair on the sofa. Many diseases related to pet dander have already been discovered and it is better to inculcate the habit of keeping pets away from sofas.

 Firstly, train the pets to not go near the sofa. Secondly, book the couch cleaning service Adelaide whenever the pets make the sofa dirty. It is crucial to book advanced cleaning treatments so that the allergies and infections don’t take a toll on the health of the people.

7. No Sharp Objects

Toys with sharp edges, furniture with sharp edges, glasses or other sharp items should not be kept on the sofa. Leather upholstery is more prone to the destruction caused by sharp products. Tell your kids to be more careful while playing near the leather sofa.

8. Water Destroys Leather

Leather upholstery is affected by liquids. Don’t drink hot coffee or other kinds of beverages on the sofa. Don’t allow the kids to hop on a leather sofa with wet feet.

9. Don’t Forget to Read the Cleaning Instructions

After every few months, it is essential to book lounge cleaning services Adelaide. What about the rest of the time? Well, you should educate yourself about the suitable cleaning methods for your leather upholstered furniture. When you buy the new furniture, a list of cleaning instructions is also given. Check whether the sofa requires dry cleaning or simple vacuuming.

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Conclusion Leather adds an elegant touch to the home or office interior. It looks way classier than a fabric sofa. But, it is hard to keep it clean as water can’t be used on it. By taking care of two things, you can keep the leather sofa in a decent state. Firstly, schedule the professional sofa cleaning Adelaide service frequently. Secondly, consider the tips explained above. They are quite simple and can be incorporated into daily life.

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