How To Utilize Color Psychology To Increase Conversions On Your Website

How To Utilize Color Psychology To Increase Conversions On Your Website

This post was most recently updated on May 19th, 2023

Have you ever wondered what the reasons behind someone getting attracted to a particular website are?

Not the content or the great navigation. These factors do matter but not at the very beginning. What matters the most are the popping colors we notice when we look at a website. Some people like bright colors and some like somber colors and we do get attracted to a website if they have our favorite colors in their color scheme. 

humans get attracted to things within mere seconds and most of the time it is due to the colors, visuals, and the way things look or appear. When we read a book, of course, the words have a huge impact on us but nothing can come close to impacting our brains the way visuals do. We remember visuals more easily and the colors especially leave a lasting impact on us due to our personal choices. 

You may have noticed that our mood also has a huge impact on the kind of colors we choose at that very moment. For example: if you are in a happy mood, you are most likely to go for colors that are bright and sunshiny and if you are not feeling well, bright colors will irritate you. This is exactly what color psychology stands for. The effect of different colors on our behavior is what makes or mars the chance of a lot of products in our life. Many creative agencies base the aesthetics of the websites they build keeping in mind the theory of color psychology. Color psychology has had a huge effect on how branding companies to design logos and create distinct identities for brands which help form an emotional bond with the customers. 

So let us discuss now how a website design company utilizes color psychology to increase conversions on websites to understand the impact of this theory, shall we? 

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The Significance Of Color Psychology On Humans And How To Utilize It For Conversions 

Colors heavily impact our behavior, emotions, and mood and indirectly pave the way for our choices in products. It is very important to make good use of how colors make us feel and utilize this aspect in the web design services so our customers choose us instead of our competitors. But for us to be associated with the right kind of color, it is extremely important that we understand our audience well because this could potentially take us to the pinnacle of success if done the right way and lead to high conversion rates. Marketers and behavioral analysts have done a lot of research on how certain colors symbolize certain attributes and invoke a particular kind of emotion. Using these colors or the combination of certain will surely help you understand human nature in a better way and how certain companies make a lot of moolah by tapping in on this well-researched information. 

White And Black Signify Sophistication And Class 

Black and white symbolize different thoughts but when used for a website, they signify class and luxury. While white is a metaphor for peace, black denotes death. Many luxury car websites incorporate these colors to give them a classy look. Black and white also tend to stand apart when it comes to colors and black appeals to people who are into stylish accessories. White has a more subtle effect and appeals to people who are calm but stylish. Both colors have a very unique and rather strong place in society and shouldn’t be used without understanding the repercussions of the usage. 

Red Signifies Passion and Love 

Can you think of a brand that made red its household color and made sure the world associated red with its brand? Well, you are correct if you are thinking about Coca-Cola. They have embodied the color red like nobody’s business and have associated the color red with passion, happiness, celebration, and love. Many websites use this color to signify celebration and discount offers as red tends to catch the eye of the audience better than other colors. 

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Blue Signifies Trust, Loyalty, and Dependability 

Blue is a cool color and it has always been used to signify attributes like loyal, trust, and dependability in a product or brand. So if you are thinking of using this color for your website to make the audience understand your value in the market as a trustworthy brand, you will surely succeed with flying colors. The best example of a brand that thrives on the idea of trust and safety is Facebook and people associate that very particular color with the social media platform now. 

Yellow and Orange Signify Happiness, Harmony, and Warmth

Yellow and orange are the colors of sunshine and light and that is exactly how they get used in the industry. The M in McDonald’s is a bright yellow and it stands for happiness and celebration. Many websites use this color for denoting great festive offers as these offers usually come during festivities and family celebrations. The color yellow also stands out like red because of its brightness. All these colors are hot so tend to immediately attract the attention of the audience but using them more than is required might not be a good idea for your brand. 

Purple and Light Pink Signify Royalty, Elegance, and Femininity

Purple is a royal color and all the shades close to purple give off a very extravagant and lavish effect on the audience. Pink signifies femininity and elegance so you will notice a lot of luxury fashion brands using these two colors to associate their products with panache, class, and regality.  

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Green Signifies Abundance, Luck, Prosperity, Nature, and Freshness

Green is the color of money and abundance. It also symbolizes mother nature and the freshness it exuberates so if your website and product represent the above-mentioned attributes then including green in your website aesthetics would attract the right kind of customers because they are looking for specific products that embody freshness, abundance, and mother nature. A remarkably good specimen of this would be the symbol/logo of Tropicana Juices. Here the color green signifies the freshness of fruits and so people connect with the color green pretty easily. 

Why Is It Important To Have Appropriate Colors For High Conversions For Your Website? 

Incorporating a melange of appropriate colors will make sure your online sales touch an all-time high and get the right kind of target audience. Colors like red and yellow are extremely confident colors and colors like pink and purple are subtle and soft but are important to signify panache. Your website should incorporate at least three colors and all the aesthetics should be a combo of these three. These colors should coincide with your brand and that is how the customers will recognize your brand easily. You can always use colors like black, white, and blue to highlight those three colors and be in the background so your brand colors can shine. 

Please make sure that a lot of thought goes into selecting the colors as they will affect your buyer and customer’s decisions and create a long-lasting bond which is important to retain your customers. Having a team of web designers that understand color psychology well will prove beneficial for you and take you one step closer to success. 

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