Meet this “Amaravathi-AP” based Edutech Startup “Instacks. in” filling the largest gap of the education market and IT Resource

This post was most recently updated on May 8th, 2021

Why Instacks. in?

It is proved that 65% of the corporate companies are not satisfied with the educational system from where students are trained and they invest a lot of money to give industrial training for those fresher’s who get placed in their respective organizations.

Corporate companies are hardly looking for the best resource to save cutting edge on training. We live in a world where recruiters are searching for the right candidate and talented candidates are searching for the right opportunity. But at the end of the day, both of them satisfy themselves for less than 100%. We wanted to bridge this gap with Instacks.

We developed a platform that helps to fulfill the requirement for corporate companies to find the best resource in the skilled market and students to prepare for recruitment exams both government jobs and jobs in IT Sector such as SBI PO, SSC CGL, IBPS PO, Railways, TCS, Wipro, Infosys and many more.

Preparation for exams for government jobs and IT Sector is one of the largest education markets in the country with over 60 million students appearing every year for such exams.

Instacks.in will be one of its own kind website which is specifically focused on Quality and Efficiency in Education Sector at both online and offline by providing different types of services like Online Test series , Online Tutorials, Corporate level Launchpad programs, Techno workshops and Coding events for K-12 Category to Higher education and corporate staffing service.

“ Instacks ‘created’ a path for the students and management to ‘connect’ all of them in this golden path and help them to ‘explore’ their outstanding skills to the Knowledge World,” Says Instacks Team

About the Founding Team member:

A passionate team of 2 Founders Billa Anil Kumar Chowdary, Syed Gouse Feroz and 1 Co-Founder Vemuri Gowtham started “Instacks” on October-16 2015 and it was incorporated officially on October-16 2017.

“Our core values are Inspiration / Never give up. We drive from our next generation HI-END Solutions.”

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How Instacks.in is started?

The idea to start Instacks began when I was pursuing my college education, I had the interest to learn to program but I had to travel close to 40 km to go to the training center in town. I wish there was a trainer who can come to my place and train me on programming or at least a web portal that can give me the exposure and preparation required to get placed in corporate companies. That was the moment of inspiration to start ” Instacks.

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“ Till 2020, Education sector is going to be a Huge market with opportunities in Higher educational levels and K12 levels. Almost 52% of the organizations concentrate on the K12 level market, whereas only 15% concentrate on higher education. This gives Instacks a great chance to stand tall. Competition is less and Demand is more.

We already have some competitors in this area, but having a competitor helped us to look forward to. We made sure that in each and every feature that we add, we outclassed the current websites. Currently, we are providing services to More that 20+ Colleges, 6+ Universities, 7000+ Students and 26+ corporate companies. Instacks is going forward with the revenue of 2 Million “

About Investment and Vision of Instacks.in

We began with a wider vision and clear plans. Our biggest challenge was Investment. We had to invest a lot at the beginning with pocket money but then with a rigorous follow up to get investors helped a lot.

“ We got 7 million as a Seed investment from the US. We will be focusing on the growth and improvement of our product. We also want to focus on online and offline activation across the Southern part of India.” Says Instacks Team

We have the vision to bridge the gap between Students, Industries, and Colleges. Companies can directly interact with students via In stacks. Just like Naukri, a user can have his profile created in Instacks and they can take up mock tests for government exams and corporate exams, their performance will be compared with rest of the users in Instacks and overall ranks will be published and Instacks will share the skilled profile to the industries.

Journey till now:

In just 2 years, we have  More than 20+ Colleges, 6+ universities, 7000+ Students, and 26+ corporate companies. Instacks is going forward with a revenue of 2 Million and by 2020 instacks.in is targeting the market of 10 Million.

Future Plans:

Instacks is going forward with a revenue of 2 Million and by 2020 instacks.in is targeting the market of 10 Million and our passionate team is working towards making a relationship with more than 35+ Colleges and 15+ Universities by 2020.

Message to Investors:

Instacks.in looking forward to onboard mentors along with the investment of $ 5 Million by giving 20% of occupancy in our Instacks.in space.

“Our biggest Asset Satisfaction of our clients.”

  • Startup Name: Instacks.in
  • Founder: Billa Anil Kumar Chowdary & Syed Gouse Feroz
  • Co-Founder: Vemuri Gowtham
  • Year it was founded: October 2015
  • Where is it based: Vijayawada, Andhrapradesh
  • Sector: Edutech

You can follow us @:

Website : www.instacks.in
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/instacks/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onMzf38SICw



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