Interview with Ivan Sukhamera: Everything that happens affects everyone

Interview with Ivan Sukhamera: Everything that happens affects everyone

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Ivan Sukhamera was first referenced in 2014. It was an incredible and brilliant tale about companions who exited college at twenty years old and procured a six-figure capital from a web-based entertainment business. They had entry level positions in China and the planning of a startup in Dubai, the improvement of their publicizing undertakings and work in huge organizations. Yet, time has made its changes, or rather changes. Fast achievement and acquiring aspirations blurred away from plain sight, and presently Ivan is likely dealing with the most applicable and essential region in 2022 which is the security of Europe.

Article: Over 5 years have passed since your last significant media interview. During this time, you have changed your place of home, the vector of work, and the socio-political setting has likewise changed. You have new insight and new capabilities. Be that as it may, priorities straight. Presently you are in Lithuania, before that you resided in Poland, where you were taught at SWPS, worked with Prophet and presently work with OSCE. Is everything right?

Ivan: Truth be told, the occasions that have occurred during this time have changed many individuals including, me.

I used to attempt to avoid legislative issues, however during the conflict or the purported “exceptional activity” it’s difficult to keep out. All that happens influences everybody.

Publication: How did these political adjustments influence you? Did it help you that you moved before the conflict?

Ivan: The conflict began in 2014. I moved to Poland in 2015. Modifications are putting it mildly; those are incredible changes to be more exact.

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Publication: We have the feeling that you plan and get ready changes in life to an extensive degree. We will get back to the subject of the conflict, I might want to find out about your “Clean” stage. Prior you said that books and intriguing individuals are more helpful than Belarusian schooling. For what reason did you choose to get a confirmation at the Warsaw SWPS?

Ivan Sukhamera: A few things are challenging to design and plan when things go bad. Everything is exceptionally questionable. You used to be either red or white. Presently there are many shades, because of the Web for this. Decentralization happens. Be that as it may, we should not discuss the conflict.

Concerning Poland, a brilliant nation helps everybody. I’m an ethnic Clean on my granddad’s side of the family. Poland was prepared for exiles, the data was affirmed at least a few times. They constructed whole regions the nation over.

For what reason did I learn at SWPS? The quality and cost of instruction are the primary rule. A year prior, I was proposed to learn at HULT, some place in London. Yet, it was costly. Graduate degree incorporates virtual working frameworks and organization security. Right now, I can’t express anything about Belarusian schooling. At the point when I concentrated on open plan at VSTU, everything was troublesome. In any case, you’re mindful of it.

Publication: Might you want to get more training? How far is it even fundamental when everything is changing so rapidly?

Ivan: I’m not one for entering college for the third time, I have a lot of work now. However, it’s never beyond any good time to learn. As of late I have been welcome to learn at HULT, a business college in the UK. I’m actually thinking.

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Article: For what reason did you choose to go to security field and does training truly help around here?

Ivan: It does. Everybody has their own assignments. Our primary objective is to end the conflict.

Article: How does the ongoing work connect with this objective? Since May 2022, you have added OSCE to your resume. Let us know how you entered this organization and what do you do.

Ivan: It relates straightforwardly and not in a roundabout way, on the off chance that I might say as much. We are observing the circumstance in all nations in Europe. I mean not the European Association however Europe. This isn’t an organization, yet an association (grins). I began as a worker, it was fascinating, presently it’s more troublesome. There are a ton of episodes and incitements. It’s troublesome, overall. As of late there was a congress of parliamentarians in Lodz, Poland. There is a ton of data on the Web, on the off chance that you are intrigued, google it.

Publication: What’s the hardest part? Is it in scale, obligation, or in the actual cycles?

Ivan: The trouble is that there are a ton of incitements. There is a conflict so you can generally doubt anybody. I rehash, presently there are a ton of shades, there are basically no “freedoms” and “wrongs”. Everybody has their own story. We are for security and harmony in Europe.

Publication: How could finding an equilibrium and some sort of objectivity be conceivable then, at that point?

Ivan: I speak with various individuals. I pay attention to their accounts. Everybody is unique, and the fact of the matter is different for everybody.

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Somebody is glad to talk and determine what’s going on in their country, somebody is forceful, I’m now accustomed to it. The conflict can be halted provided that we pay attention to the accounts, all things considered.

Article: How might we accomplish this when each side is judgemental, and there are bunches of casualties?

Ivan: We ought to switch off the Web for everybody! Until the end of time! Joking. Cheburnet, as China shows, doesn’t work. In the data age and weapons are data.

Publication: Is the security of Europe the main vector of your work now?

Ivan: The vector of work is to stop threats. There is high gamble of atomic conflict, regardless of who says something else. To arrange is that is what business instructs.

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