Is there Enough Job in Delhi for Fresher?

Is there Enough Job in Delhi for Fresher?
Is there Enough Job in Delhi for Fresher?

Delhi is India’s capital, and many people come here for jobs and business. The general impression is that since it’s one of the biggest cities, it will provide more opportunities than any other city. Such thinking has a lot of logic because all leading brands worldwide have offices in Delhi, where lakhs of employees work. This article will discuss various prospects of jobs in Delhi for freshers.

Go for a Walk in Interview

Many Delhi MNCs have corporate offices like Connaught Place, Nehru Place, Gurgaon, and Noida. Many BPOs operate from here, where a fresher with absolutely zero experience can get a job as an intern with a base salary ranging between 10K -30K. Besides, many start-up companies operate from Delhi and neighboring areas that offer good job opportunities for job in Delhi for fresher. You don’t need a prior appointment to visit these places. Check their details and history on Google before going for a walk-in interview. You might land a job in one of these companies if you are lucky.

Campus Placement

Delhi has many government and private universities like the University of Delhi, JNU, Jamia Millia University, Amity University, and Sharda University that offer multiple professional courses besides regular graduation and post-graduation courses. Thousands of students from almost every part of the country are enrolled in courses like MBA, Engineering, Mass Communication, Art, Architecture, and Pharmacy. 

All such institutions have a campus placement system where students can easily get jobs in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, or any other big city in very good companies with great salaries. These companies offer good starting salaries to freshers with no experience. The credit goes to these universities that offer top-class facilities to students to fine-tune their skills. It also depends on the attitude of students and the efforts they can put in to achieve their dreams. Private institutions like Amity and Chitkara provide one of the best infrastructures to be successful in any field, but students also need to make the best use of them.

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Improve your Personality

Therefore, be attentive, work hard, create a good network, and join internships you get from the university to make your presence felt. Also, look for global exchange programs that often prove a good launching pad for a great career. Take part in extracurricular activities to improve your personality. Most universities and colleges have excellent library facilities.

Please make use of them to broaden your views about the outside world. Read as much as possible, learn new languages, and attend events and workshops regularly at the university. Remember, by participating in these activities, you are building a strong base for yourself that all good companies look for in a candidate. It’s a process, and all good institutions help you ace it by providing the right environment and great culture that fosters growth. Managing a job In Delhi for freshers becomes easier for students who pass out from these universities.

Jobs in Mumbai for Freshers

Mumbai is known as the dream city where every day, thousands of youngsters land up to become part of its glamour and glitz. Mumbai is known for famous Bollywood, the headquarters of the Hindi film industry in India. Young men and women come to Mumbai with big dreams. They aspire to become film stars and television artists to earn name and fame. It’s different; most fail and either keep struggling or return.

However, Mumbai is much more than Bollywood. It’s home to the world’s biggest companies and has large offices employing thousands of people. The biggest advertising agencies, textile companies, export houses, and stock exchanges are in Mumbai, India’s industrial capital. These companies have created many jobs in Mumbai for freshers and experienced professionals.

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Other Exciting Opportunities in Mumbai

Mumbai boasts of the biggest advertising and modeling agencies, which need professionals like photographers, animators, video editors, and digital marketers. If you have relevant qualifications and experience in these fields, jobs in Mumbai should not be a problem. Many well-known photographers started their careers in these agencies, and today they are earning crores. If you have no interest in regular jobs in Mumbai, you can also work as a freelancer and get good assignments.

Many production companies employ good animators and video artists with very attractive salaries. Even freshers get opportunities to work as trainees. They are not paid much but get good exposure by working with stalwarts. The film and TV industry need a lot of support staff like makeup artists and lighting and sound experts. It creates further opportunities for jobs in Mumbai

There is no scarcity of jobs in Mumbai, Delhi, or, for that matter, any place in Delhi. It only needs dedicated effort from people to get these jobs. We live in an age where many new types of industries exist and offer ample opportunities for freshers.

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