Linktree: Case Study, About, Logo, Founders, Pricing, Competitors, Investors, and More

Linktree: Case Study, About, Logo, Founders, Pricing, Competitors, Investors, and More
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Linktree is an internet-based system that provides networking administration technology. Linktree allows customers to communicate with the target market using just one source allowing customers to come across all of the significant material. These hyperlinks lead to the marketer’s preferred clips, social networking sites, shop, web page, and additional material. 

Linktree allows its Users additionally can construct and maintain a hyperlink and its associated information using an editor that allows for dragging and dropping.

Linktree is a platform that allows people to express all their work in one hyperlink, enabling their digital assets easier to find, manageable, and more probable for conversion. 

About Linktree:

Linktree image
Linktree (Image Source:

Linktree is the creator of a service that allows customers to hyperlink their viewers to the complete web environment. The company helps bloggers, individuals, celebrities and retailers enhance their digital presence via networks. 

Linktree lets influential individuals send their supporters to various social accounts, an online shopping shop, or materials that need to be exchanged allowing producers, companies, creative individuals, media outlets, institutions, and companies of any kind to put together a space.

Linktree allows anyone to promote, offer for sale, expand as well as efficiently communicate with supporters and their goods. Linktree’s headquarters is at 1-9 Sackville Street Collingwood, Victoria 3066 Australia.

Linktree Company Profile:

Name of the companyLinktree
Founded year of the company2016
Founders of the companyAlex Zaccaria, Anthony Zaccaria, and Nick Humphreys
Competitors of the companySkimlinks, koji, Wishlink, Rebrandly
Website of the company
Country of originMelbourne, united states
Investors of the company22 investors
Valuation of the company1.3 billion dollars

Linktree Name & Logo:

Linktree logo image
Linktree logo (Image Source:

Linktree Founders:

Linktree has four founders, they are Alex and Anthony Zaccaria and their business partner Nick Humphreys.

Alex Zaccaria: Alex Zaccaria is the co-founder of Linktree. Alex completed his education at RMIT University where he studied entrepreneurship studies.

Alex worked for many companies like dominant music as operations manager, at bolster music as director, at happy hobo as director, at bolster creative as director, and at Bolster as the founder director. Lastly, he founded Linktree in 2016.

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Anthony Zaccaria: Anthony Aaccaria is the co-founder of Linktree. Anthony completed his education at RMIT University where he studies business.

Anthony worked for many companies, they are – at dominant music as a marketing and artist relations, at sound alliance as an account manager, at the garage sale trail as a partnership manager, at native digital as an account director.

Anthony also worked as a director at bolster music, partner at side stage ventures and managing director at bolster group. Lastly, he founded Linktree with his brother in 2016.

Nick Humphreys: Nick is the co-founder and the creative director of Linktree.

He worked for many companies, they are – at common trolls records as graphic designer, at bitching and junk food as a freelance graphic designer, at dominant musical instruments as a graphic designer.

He also worked as a creative director at LNWY.CO. Other than Linktree, Nick also founded Bolster group.

Linktree Founders Image
Linktree Founders (Image Source:

Linktree Pricing:

Linktree offers four plans to its users, they are:

  • Free: The free plan comes with no charge, with the free plan users can interact with others, and have limitless hyperlinks and a customizable Linktree. 
  • Starters: The starter plan is for 374 RS per month, with starter users having More power and customization to attract additional visitors through and into their Linktree.
  • PRO – The pro plan is for 674.82 RS per month, it comes with 7-day free trial, with pro users who may expand, educate about, and control the following list.
  • Premium: The premium plan is for 1799.55 Rs per month, this premium plan provides users with a Premium assistance package is designed for enterprises that are prepared to monetize and distribute on a broader basis.

Linktree Competitors:

Skimlinks: Skimlinks drive publications’ e-commerce advertising initiatives. It assists in the development of a business model which may account for up to 25% of a publisher’s overall earnings, making publications less reliant upon advertisements. 

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It is the biggest retail information commercialization system worldwide.

Its software mechanically pays publications a percentage of the revenue generated by product references authored by editorial. The system is a Centralised hub that provides the tools and analytics needed to launch, expand, and extend an electronic e-commerce plan throughout desktop computers, gadgets, and smartphones.

Skimlinks brings together 60,000 publications to 48,500 retailers worldwide, producing $2.5 million in revenue per workday. 

Koji: koji is a system that provides hyperlink service management. The system provides customers with a variety of link management services. It lets businesses revenue, interact, and build communities using small Programmes.

 It allows producers on multiple social media sites, to engage with audiences and interact with followers.

Wishlink: Wishlink is an influencer-focused digital product discovery service. The platform enables individuals to work alongside companies. 

The Programme gives producers a Personalised URL to use when tagging items in their online platform postings and curates groupings based on their Favourite things. Wishlink was founded in 2022 in Gurgaon in India. The company has raised a total funding of 3 million dollars.

Rebrandly: Rebrandly offers web-based hyperlink management solutions. It assists businesses in increasing exposure through the development of abbreviated URLs that include their company names. 

Rebrandly ‘s Clients include Dropbox, Sage, Microsoft, and others. The company has headquarters in San Francisco, Rome, and Brio.

Rebrandly enables the creation, sharing, and management of Customised hyperlinks. Rebrandly allow businesses and people to create their own identities and minimise the hyperlinks that they distribute by registering a unique web address of their preference.

Linktree Login Image
Linktree Login (Image Source:

Linktree Investors:

Airtree: AirTree is a venture capitalist company that invests in highly aspirational Australian and New Zealand entrepreneurs that are creating great technology companies of the future.

Airtree serves as one of the area’s major venture capital firms, boasting more than one billion dollars underneath administration. the company Engage from pre-seed through later development phases in a variety of industries.

Index Ventures: Index Ventures collaborates with talented founders who have unusual viewpoints and possess the desire by making their dream come true.

The company assist individuals in transforming their ambitious concepts into worldwide enterprises that are going to have a long-term and good effect on the globe. The company was founded in 1996 in London in united kingdom. Index ventures’s portfolio count is 594.

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Insight Partners: Insight Partners is a worldwide programming investment Company who collaborates alongside rapidly expanding technological advances, programmes, Internet start-ups and ScaleUps that are transforming the respective sectors.

The business manages roughly eighty billion dollars in regulated securities as of June 30, 2022. Insight Partners has made investments in more than seven hundred firms around the world and has witnessed more than 55 of its holdings go public.

Insight Partners has its main office in New York City, with offices in London, Tel Aviv, and Palo Alto. 

Transition Level: Transition Level Assets is an Australian-based firm that assists those with significant wealth with the oversight of their assets in the beginning stages and small-scale industries. 

The company’s main concentration is on mobile devices, networks, online, and other associated industries. Transition Level specialises in preliminary technological firms ranging from angel to initial funding. 

FAQs about Linktree:

When was Linktree founded?

The company Linktree was founded in 2016.

Where was Linktree founded?

Linktree was founded in Melbourne in Australia.

How much funding has Linktree raised?

Linktree has raised the total funding of 201 million dollars.

When was the latest funding round of Linktree?

The latest funding round of Linktree was on March 28 in 2023 where the company raised 300K Dollars.

What is the company valuation of Linktree?

The company valuation of Linktree is 1.3 billion dollars.

In what space does Linktree srve?

The company Linktree Serve in the B2C, B2B and saas space.

How many investors does Linktree have?

The company Linktree has 22 investors.

Is Linktree a unicorn?

Yes, the company Linktree is an unicorn.

What is the website of Linktree?

The company Linktree’s website url is

Who are the competitors of Linktree?

The competitors of Linktree are Skiimlinks, koji, Wishlink, and Rebrandly.


Linktree is a platform for social media websites and businesses.  With the help of Linktree, individuals can build a miniature homepage for their social network profiles. Link tree is a tool for constructing a basic and appealing web page. Linktree can be downloaded in both the free and premium edition.

linktree renders it simple to distribute several hyperlinks, particularly on sites where the number of hyperlinks which might be added to the bios is limited. Linktree received a company valuation of around $1.3 billion in a Series C round of fundraising.

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