Top 10 Market Research Companies in the US

Market Research Companies in the US
Market Research Companies in the US

Market research is a coordinated interaction to gather information about target markets or clients. Being an essential portion of business methodology, statistical surveying organizations give basic information to examine the ongoing need, size and contest on the lookout. The consolidation of B2B market research as well as friendly and assessment research assists organizations assemble precise data about the people or associations concerning the overview objective. It’s undeniably true that an explored plan generally prompts productive outcomes. In this article, we will see the list of Top 10 Market Research Companies in the US.

Regarding worldwide research income, U.S. organization Nielsen was the main market research organization overall with incomes of 6.5 billion U.S. dollars.

Top 10 Market Research Companies in the US:


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Nielsen is a worldwide estimation and information examination organization that gives a total and confided in perspective on buyers and markets around the world.

Nielsen Global Media furnishes media and publicizing clients with fair and solid measurements that make the mutual perspective of the business expected for business sectors to work, empowering its clients to develop and prevail across the $600 billion worldwide promoting market. Nielsen Global Media assists clients with characterizing precisely who they need to reach and improve the results they can accomplish. The organization’s cross-stage estimation procedure unites the best of TV and advanced estimation to guarantee a more useful commercial center for the business. And it is one of the top market research companies in the US.

Gartner Research:

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Gartner Research conveys free, objective counsel to pioneers across a venture through membership benefits that remember for request admittance to distributed research content, information and benchmarks, and direct admittance to an organization of roughly 2,300 examination specialists situated all over the planet. Gartner Research is the crucial structure block for all Gartner items and administrations. It joins its restrictive examination procedures with broad industry and scholastic connections to make Gartner items and administrations that address every job across an endeavor.

Gartner’s examination plan is characterized by clients’ requirements, zeroing in on the basic issues, amazing open doors and difficulties they face consistently. Its restrictive examination content, introduced as reports, briefings, refreshes and related instruments, is conveyed straightforwardly to the client’s work area through its site or item unambiguous entrances. And it is one of the top market research companies in the US.

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Kantar is one of the world’s biggest information, experiences and counseling organizations, uniting a portion of the world’s driving examination, information and bits of knowledge skill. Kantar’s deal covers the expansiveness of methods and advancements, from buy and media information to foreseeing long haul patterns; from neuroscience to leave surveys; from enormous scope quantitative examinations to subjective exploration, fusing ethnography and semiotics. And it is one of the top market research companies in the US.

In April 2019, all administrations and contributions of the different Kantar organizations were joined under the Kantar brand name. This functional change empowers Kantar to fabricate stages and offers on a worldwide scale and to eliminate hindrances to coordinated effort and co-creation inside the association to more readily address clients’ issues.

Information Resources, Inc. (IRI):

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IRI is a main supplier of enormous information, prescient investigation and forward-looking bits of knowledge that help customer bundled merchandise, over-the-counter medical care associations, retailers, monetary administrations and media organizations develop their organizations. An intersection of significant outer occasions, an adjustment of purchaser purchasing propensities, enormous information making its mark, progressed investigation and customized buyer enactment is prompting a seismic change in drivers of outcome in all ventures.

With the biggest archive of procurement, media, social, causal and steadfastness information, all coordinated on an on-request, cloud-based innovation stage, IRI is engaging the personalization insurgency, assisting with directing its in excess of 5,000 clients all over the planet in their journey to remain determinedly significant, catch portion of the overall industry, interface with purchasers, team up with key constituents and convey market-driving development. And it is one of the top market research companies in the US.


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Ipsos, through its auxiliaries, participates in gathering, handling and conveying review information for brands, organizations and foundations basically in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Asia Pacific. It investigates market potential and market patterns, tests items and publicizing, assists clients assemble long haul associations with clients, concentrates on crowds and their impression of different media and measures popular assessment patterns.

Ipsos offers publicizing research administrations, including promoting following and brand value assessment benefits that help sponsors in the turn of events, assessment and improvement of their publicizing endeavors. And it is one of the top market research companies in the US.

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Westat is a 100 percent representative-owned exploration and expert administrations organization. Westat gives broad study plan and activities capacities on the side of present day information assortment from families, establishments, organizations and people. Westat applies different methods of information assortment and overview the executives to accomplish greatest reaction rates. And it is one of the top market research companies in the US.

The NPD Group:

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NPD’s worldwide data and warning administrations assist the world’s driving brands with accomplishing information driven development. NPD joins information, industry mastery and prescriptive examination across in excess of 20 enterprises to assist its clients with estimating markets, foresee drifts and further develop execution. And it is one of the top market research companies in the US.

NPD partnered administrations incorporate retail following, merchant following and buyer following. NPD offers week after week information, store-level empowered information for taking a gander at topographies or custom store groupings and record level data for partaking retailers. Retail location information is gathered from in excess of 600,000 entryways around the world, in addition to internet business and versatile stages. Purchaser data is gathered by means of online studies and NPD’s Checkout administration, which utilizes receipt reaping to follow and dissect buying and conduct. Prescriptive examination incorporates market gauging, new item determining, estimating and advancement assessment and division.

  • Website: https://www.npd.com/
  • Address: 900 West Shore Road Port Washington, NY 11050
  • Contact: +1.516.625.0700


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ComScore is a worldwide data and examination organization that promotes, content and the customer crowds of each across media stages. ComScore makes its items utilizing a worldwide information stage that consolidates data on advanced stages (cell phones, tablets and PCs), TV and film screens with socioeconomics and other engaging data. And it is one of the top market research companies in the US.

ComScore has created restrictive information science that empowers estimation of individual level and family level crowds, eliminating copied seeing across gadgets and after some time. This blend of information and techniques empowers a typical norm for purchasers and vendors to execute on publicizing. This helps organizations across the media environment better get it and adapt their crowds and foster promoting plans and items to all the more proficiently and successfully contact those crowds. 

  • Website: https://www.comscore.com/
  • Address: 11950 Democracy Drive Suite 600 Reston, VA 20190 United States
  • Contact: +1 703 438 2000
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GfK interfaces information and science. Inventive exploration arrangements give replies to key business inquiries around purchasers, markets, brands and media-now and later on. As an examination and investigation accomplice, GfK guarantees its clients everywhere “Development from information.” And it is one of the top market research companies in the US.

  • GfK’s industry center furnishes its economic analysts with a careful comprehension of business issues and questions intended for their interests. Ventures covered incorporate car, buyer products, design and way of life, media and diversion, retail, innovation, and travel and friendliness.

Forrester Research Services:

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Forrester Research Services is the exploration part of Forrester, one of the most compelling examination and warning firms on the planet. Forrester works with business and innovation pioneers to foster client fixated procedures that drive development. Its interesting experiences are grounded in yearly studies of in excess of 675,000 shoppers and business pioneers around the world, thorough and objective philosophies, and the common thinking of its most imaginative clients. And it is one of the top market research companies in the US.

  • Website: https://www.forrester.com/
  • Address: Forrester Research, Inc. 60 Acorn Park Drive Cambridge, MA 02140 United States
  • Contact: +1 617.613.5730

Top 10 Market Research Companies in the US with their website:

S. No. Market Research Companies in the USWebsite
2.Gartner Researchhttps://www.gartner.com/en
4.Information Resources, Inc. (IRI)https://www.iriworldwide.com/en-us
7.The NPD Grouphttps://www.npd.com/
10.Forrester Research Serviceshttps://www.forrester.com/

Faqs :

How many market research companies are there in the US?

  • 3424+ Top Market Research Companies in the USA

Who is the largest marketing research company in the United States?

  • Nielsen

Which is the biggest market research company?

  • Nielsen

Which research is best for the corporate world?

  • Case study research is one of the most important in business research.

What questions should I ask in a market research questionnaire?

  • Demographic questions e.g. How old are you? 
  • How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?
  • Did you consider any of our competitors? 
  • What do you wish our product could do?
  • How would you rate your most recent experience with us?
  • How long have you been a customer?


Market research is basic for deciding accepted procedures for drawing in your objective clients, getting the boundaries of another market, and contributing with certainty.

The worldwide income of market research surpassed 47.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, by far most of which came from North America and Europe. In the United States, statistical surveying income surpassed 47 billion U.S. dollars in that year.