Memorial Reefs…. Really?

Memorial Reefs…. Really

Many families choose to bury their loved ones at sea, which is really scattering the ashes of a loved one, but there are other options as well. A memorial reef can be created from concrete and when the cremains of a loved one is deposited in it, it becomes an everlasting part of the ocean and coral reef. This type of memorial offers environmental benefits as well

Memorial reefs are a special type of coral reef, that honor those of our loved ones who have passed away. They are mostly all created as artificial reefs and can provide a home for many types of fish and invertebrates. They can also be used as a teaching tool to help students learn more about coral reef ecology. Coral reef memorial reefs can be created in many ways and can be placed at any location that offers a good supportive environment for coral growth. Some common methods used to create these reefs are by sinking weights into the ocean floor supportive or building an artificial reef from concrete, rebar, and other materials.

There are many benefits to creating coral reef memorial reefs including providing homes for fish and invertebrates that would otherwise struggle to survive in open water environments, teaching students about coral reef ecology, helping restore damaged ecosystems, and generating tourism income. If you are interested in creating or managing a coral reef memorial reef, please visit our website for more information.

There are many ways to create memorial reefs, and the price of creating one can vary depending on the materials used, the location is chosen, and other factors. A memorial service or brief observation may be held at the time of the installation. While it depends on the type of service and location, memorial reefs can range from @2,000. To over $7,500. 

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Fortunately, you can get help with the cost of memorial reefs. has a program to help with the upfront costs that can reduce the burden of having to come up with a large amount at one time.

Coral reef memorials are an important way to ensure that coral reefs are preserved for future generations. Cremation is a popular and environmentally friendly way to address the remains of a loved one, but it rarely includes the cremains being deposited into the sea. That’s where memorial reefs come in. These artificial reefs are created from concrete and when loved ones one’s cremains are placed in the reef, it becomes an eternal part of the ocean and coral reef.

A memorial reef is an artificially constructed area of a marine habitat that resembles the natural marine habitat of thousands of marine creatures. It becomes a living memorial as it teems with aquatic life and evolves over time to become a living coral reef. The cremains of your loved one live on in perpetual harmony with the ecosystem, helping to restore life to coral reefs, and in underwater areas where natural habitats have often been destroyed.

Memorial reefs appeal to people who love the ocean, fishermen, divers, and those truly concerned with the environment and the ecology of our planet. It is certainly a very different and unique form of permanent memorialization. If you desire something entirely different and have a wish to contribute to the on-flowing ecology and life cycle of our planet once, you are gone…then a memorial reef could prove to be your perfect memorial marker.

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There are many factors that go into choosing a memorial Reef: Location – The location where the reef will be located is important because it affects how closely it resembles natural reefs. Generally speaking, Memorial Reefs can range in size from a few inches to several feet in width and length. It is important that the reef closely resembles the natural coral reef habitat of thousands of marine creatures so that it becomes a living memorial as it teems with aquatic life and evolves over time to become a living coral reef.

Memorial reefs are proving to be a very viable option for honoring our loved ones. Both the cremation and the placing of the cremains of our loved ones as part of a memorial reef are ecologically responsible and cost-effective. Expect this approach to honoring our loved ones to increase in popularity as time goes on as more and more people become aware of this option.

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