“Mom’s Therapy” : takes care of your hair and skin, The way your mom takes care of you

"Mom's Therapy" : takes care of your hair and skin, The way your mom takes care of you
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About the Founder, Company and brand “Mom’s Therapy:-

“Mom’s Therapy” is the brainchild of Ms.Krishna Tamalia Vora, who is passionate about the goodness of herbal ingredients. Born and brought up amidst lush farms in Gujrat, Miss. Vora always dreamt of reaching out to all men & women and pamper them with natural herbal products to preserve their beauty and charm. With a heart of gold, a smile intact on her face and a down to earth attitude, Krishna considers her team members as her family and walks along with them to strengthen the base of Mom’s Therapy.

Each product of our brand is the essence of purity as the ingredients including black sesame seeds are grown and cultivated in Krishna’s farms in Gujarat, under strict supervision. The overall idea is to promote herbal products because the benefits of herbs are many yet unknown to all. Miss. Vora believes in the magical effects of natural herbs and thus intended to serve people with ancient proprietary methods.

Seeded in 2016 at Mumbai, Palasa Body solutions Pvt. Ltd was launched by Ms. Krishna Tamalia Vora. “Mom’s Therapy” is registered brand name under, which all our products are manufactured and sold to all men & women. 

 The inception of  “Mom’s Therapy”-

The story behind the brand name “Mom’s Therapy” is interesting enough. Miss. Krishna’s grandmother “Muktaben Madhavlal Bhatt” was an accomplished mastermind. The concoction of first cold press black sesame oil with natural herbs along with floral extract and Ayurvedic ingredients mixed in a particular ratio was the key element known to her Grandmother and thus passed to future generations. This tradition of natural medication has been followed through the ages and we aim to contribute towards it. The benefits of Ayurveda ingredients, when mixed in right proportions, will work wonders! For pampering hair and skin, we have come up with products, which are made using Ancient Proprietary Method and are not less than magical potions! 

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We started our journey with Herbal Hair Oil under the brand name “Mom’s Therapy”. Receiving an overwhelming and encouraging response from our customers, we have launched few more 100% herbal and natural products related to hair and body solutions. We have 8 products today in our portfolio including Herbal Hair Oil under the brand name “Mom’s Therapy”.

The other products manufactured and sold under the brand name Mom’s Therapy are

1) Mom’s Therapy_ Herbal Hair Oil

2) Mom’s Therapy _ Body Oil,

3)Mom’s Therapy_Eyebrow Oil,

4) Mom’s Therapy_ Coffee Body scrub,

5) Mom’s Therapy_Herbal Hair Pack

6) Mom’s Therapy_Handmade Sheesham Comb

7) Mom’s Therapy_Herbal Makeup Remover

8) Mom’s Therapy_Herbal Face Pack

Moms Therapy Box 2 1

Image Credit/ Source: Mom’s Therapy Product

Target Audience:- 

Since herbal products are natural and safe to use, we have no gender or age bar it can be used by people from the age group of 5 years to any age.

Media coverage:

·         Our Brand was selected by BBC Worldwide for their  upcoming show called “High Street Dreams”

·         Our story has been recently put up by a magazine called “Pure & Eco India July – September 2017”.

.      Recently we were invited by the Stylecracker” as a guest @ VIP Hospitality Lounge at Mahalaxmi Racecourse. 

.     Also, we are Gifting partner/sponsorer with “Color’s Pinkathon Mumbai – 2017” – Milind Somanis founder.

.     We are happy to share that  “Mom’s Therapy” has grabbed one more attention of –

Aekta Kapoor, 

(Editor, eShe Magazine, and CEO Coral Content Contributor for The Economic Times, Open, Verve, Blackbook Luxury Insider, News18.com, TheNewsMinute.com, The Leela Magazine.)

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and she has covered “Mom’s Therapy Products in her magazine  “eShe – February.2018issue”

. After publishing about Mom’s Therapy products in her eShe magazine – February 2018 edition. 

Aekta Kapoor, (Editor, eShe Magazine, and CEO, Coral Content, Contributor for The Economic Times, Open, Verve, Blackbook Luxury Insider, News18.com, TheNewsMinute.com, The Leela Magazine.) got lot of enquiry  about the brand “Mom’s Therapy” which made her write the story about the Founder & Products of Mom’s Therapy”
And we are proudly sharing you the full coverage of the same – eShe Magazine, March 2018. 
.“Mom’s Therapy celebrated “Women’s Week” with  “@Missmalini Beauty” by collaborating with them.
Recently we have been covered by “Wedding Vows magazine May – June 2018”
Recently we are declared as the winner of ” Inorbit Pink Power 2018- Vashi” – https://www.inorbit.in/pinkpower/winners ( click on the view winners and then click on Vashi)
. Our Story has been covered by one of Mumbai’s most loved newspaper “The Afternoon DC” – Women’s World dated:14th June,2018
Milind and k 3

Krishna with actor Milind Soman at Mumbai’s Pinkathon

Online Collaboration:-

We have collaborated with various renowned brands – 


Vanity Cask,



 my envy Box,

 Glamego Box, 


Organic Shop etc… 

Below enclosed are the links of the websites-

·         Aplava.com (http://www.aplava.com/brand/moms-therapy.html)

·         https://lovethisstuff.com/products/moms-therapy_herbal-hair-oil

·         http://organicshop.in/mom-s-therapy-herbal-hair-oil

.  https://bellusnstyle.wordpress.com/2018/01/07/secret-of-my-healthy-shiny-long-hair-ft-moms-     therapy/


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