Top 10 Payroll Software in Australia

Payroll Software in Australia
Payroll Software in Australia
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Payroll software is an application used to make due, arrange and robotize the representative installment. The software tracks all installments and keeps up with all installment records. Payroll software changes in cost and highlights and can be involved by private ventures as well as enormous companies.

Successful payroll software will permit the executives to screen time and participation, charge data and pay structure. The software will be incorporated effectively into existing organization systems.

Payroll software is made by outside HR innovation organizations that plan to upgrade the tasks of organizations that use their software. In this article, we will see the list of Top 10 Payroll Software in Australia.

Top 10 Payroll Software in Australia:

Easy Payslip:

Easy Business app colour 1

A proficient and efficient payroll application and site that is open whenever, anyplace. It permits you to make and email payslips, send STP records, track worker advantages and connections up with your bookkeeper so you can remain associated.

All highlights are immediately accessible and readily available on their versatile application and site. Their neighborhood Aussie telephone and email support is quick and cordial. It is one of the top Payroll Software in Australia.


Key Pay:

keypay logo

All around included, an online payroll arrangement that permits you to make pay slips, oversee worker advantages and grant understanding. On the Key Pay Plus plan there are extra highlights like a rostering, timesheets, participation booth and pay conditions motor importance you can change pay above grants and give worker remittances, for just $2 extra per representative/mo.

The disadvantage is that you pay per representative/mo so it can get more costly than different choices with comparative elements. It is one of the top Payroll Software in Australia.

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Reckon One:

images 5 1

An online payroll framework that is reasonable for a developing private venture. It permits you to make altered payslips, oversee worker benefits and make finance reports for you. Not at all like most finance frameworks, they give finance to a limitless number of representatives on their internet-based framework.

Their telephone support is run in a seaward call community, but their staff are useful and they are accessible at the end of the week. It is one of the top Payroll Software in Australia.

Cloud Payroll Micropay:

images 4 3

An online payroll arrangement that permits you to make payslips, track super and make finance reports. Its self-administration entry for workers is accessible through a portable application that permits the accommodation of timesheets, demand for leave and payslip viewing.

Their miniature arrangement for $10 a month is restricted to 4 representatives, but a considerable lot of the helpful elements require a more superior arrangement. The top-notch plan is fundamentally more costly at $18.75 per week for 5 representatives. While loaded with highlights, it appears to be this item is focused on bigger organizations. It is one of the top Payroll Software in Australia.

Sage Micro Pay:

access micropay

A payroll arrangement that permits you to make payslips, oversee benefits and guarantee all workers are paid on time. It’s additionally available to workers through oneself assistance entrance, permitting them to submit timesheets and access payslips.

A disadvantage to Sage is that the connection point isn’t especially easy to use and looks rather dated. This is a major impediment as most other finance arrangements have incredible usefulness and are not difficult to utilize. It is one of the top Payroll Software in Australia.


1200px Xero software logo.svg

Xero is a multiplatform accounting programming that is reasonable for a medium to huge business in view of its costly estimating and broadened highlights. Xero permits you to make payslips, has inherent timesheets and gives point by point finance reports.

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Xero gives HR, using time effectively and the sky’s the limit from there. Further, it gives you day in and day out help and bunches of preparing to kick things off. Their versatile application has many elements however doesn’t empower you to make payslips, this would be a drawback for entrepreneurs in a hurry. It is one of the top Payroll Software in Australia.


640px MYOB Logo

MYOB permits you to make payslips, be STP agreeable, tracks super and makes payroll reports. MYOB offers numerous other accounting highlights past payroll; this makes it reasonable for developing organizations who might require additional bookkeeping administrations.

They offer a scope of help including live web visits, online classes and documentation. It is a great incentive for cash and permits you to make limitless payslips for a limitless number of representatives, make limitless solicitations and oversee bills and costs. It is one of the top Payroll Software in Australia.


maxresdefault 2 2

An Australian created payroll framework that is fundamentally fit to medium and huge organizations. It permits you to make payslips, track representative advantages and make payroll reports. It offers an arrangement only for finance which may be all you want.

It likewise offers a standard arrangement with additional elements, for example, timesheets, rostering and HR the board. It is one of the top Payroll Software in Australia.

QuickBooks Online:


A web-based accounting arrangement that deals with payroll as well as invoicing. It permits you to make payslips, redo them to suit your image, do invoicing and create reports to assist with monitoring your business’ exhibition.

The lengthy element of invoicing makes QuickBooks Online appropriate for medium organizations with more noteworthy bookkeeping needs. The payroll part of QuickBooks Online is fueled by Key Pay. It is one of the top Payroll Software in Australia.

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download 21 1

Established in 2002, ELMO Software is a cloud-based arrangement that helps a large number of associations across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to deal with their kin, cycle and pay successfully. With a mission to make top tier innovation open to all working environments, ELMO is continually developing.

Our creative arrangements are at the cutting edge of a troublesome innovation industry, driven by the change of associations towards online frameworks which mechanize cycles and total data in new and savvy ways. It is one of the top Payroll Software in Australia.

ELMO arrangements can be utilized together or independent, and are configurable as per an association’s one-of-a-kind cycles and work processes. We help businesses robotize and smooth out their tasks to diminish costs, increment effectiveness and reinforce efficiency.

Top 10 Payroll Software in Australia with their website:

S. No. Payroll Software in AustraliaWebsite
1.Easy Payslip
2.Key Pay
3.Reckon One
4.Cloud Payroll Micropay
5.Sage Micro Pay
9.QuickBooks Online


What brands come to mind when you think about payroll software?

  • ADP.
  • PayChex.
  • Namely.
  • QuickBooks.
  • Paylocity.
  • Square.
  • OnPay.
  • Gusto.

What is the most used payroll software?

  • QuickBooks Payroll.

What are the different types of payroll systems?

  • The four most common types of payroll schedules are monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly.

What are the most common mistakes that can occur during payroll processing?

  • Misclassifying employees. 
  • Miscalculating pay. 
  • Not tracking employee hours and overtime. 
  • Not reporting all forms of taxable employee compensation. 
  • Incomplete or disorganized records. 
  • Missing important deadlines.  
  • Incorrect W-2s. 
  • Establish clear policies for payroll.

How do you ensure accuracy in payroll?

  • Check and Maintain Important Details.
  •  Proper Classification of Employees. 
  •  Check Legal and Regulatory Compliance. 
  •  Time and Attendance Tracking. 
  •  Automate the Payroll Process. 
  •  Data Integrity and Quality. 
  •  Communication with Staff. 
  •  Security and Testing.


Payroll management is fundamental for organizations to guarantee STP consistency. Payroll solutions guarantee your representatives are paid on time, without fail. It permits you to make and email payslips, oversee representative advantages and make payroll reports for you.

It saves you the issue of payroll administrator, permitting you to zero in on the significant things. Present payroll solutions are advanced, proficient and sensibly evaluated.

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