Plan Your Marquee Wedding the Right Way – Find 5 Tips to Design Event Marquees for The Special Day

Marquee Wedding
Plan Your Marquee Wedding the Right Way – Find 5 Tips to Design Event Marquees for The Special Day

Congratulations on your engagement! 

The date of your big day has finally been decided and now it is time to get into planning mode. If you are here, it means that you have already decided on getting an event marquee for the wedding. If not, you should seriously give it a thought.


Because it is a brilliant choice. Marquee weddings are not just beautiful, each one is also essentially unique. Event marquees literally provide you with a blank canvas, which can be creatively used as the perfect backdrop to capture all the wonderful memories of your big day. 

Whether you are a dreamer who has always imagined and looked forward to a princess-style wedding or you wish to keep your wedding theme minimalist because you prefer the contemporary trends there is an event marquee out there for everyone. However, finding, designing and styling the perfect venue for your wedding is not just a difficult task but a stress-inducing one.  

There are just so many things that require your attention! At times couples get so busy planning the practical necessities that they ignore curating and designing the finer aspects of the wedding event marquee. This is where we thought we should get in and try to lend some assistance by giving you tips on designing and styling your wedding marquee. 

Let us now quickly list these designing tips, to get your wedding event marquee ready and well-equipped… 

5 Tips to Create the Wow-Factor for Your Wedding Event Marquee 

1. Evaluate The Location of Your Venue   

Event marquees are more popular for weddings because they provide the ability to host an event practically anywhere.  However, deciding the exact site is a prerequisite before you begin to design the look and setting of your wedding. 

Once you have decided on the location, try incorporating the beauty of the surroundings while designing the look for your wedding. If it is a place with an inspiring view, opt for a marquee structure which accentuates and blends in with the scenic beauty. Similarly, you can also reverse this idea if you need a marquee to block a structure that impedes your overall landscape. 

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2. Choose A Theme for Your Wedding  

It is very important that you decide on the broader aspects of your theme early on and keep fine tuning the smaller things accordingly. This helps to filter out things that you don’t need from unnecessarily distracting you and keeps the whole process more organised.  

You must consider the colours that largely dominate your location and create a larger theme accordingly. Most marquee weddings are designed around a cream and green (the event marquee and the usual surroundings) palette. However, there is always the possibility that you might want to work with a completely different colour palette.  

Since the event marquee is mostly a plain canvas, it serves well to add a pop of colour to the decorations inside. However, we recommend keeping matching tones for your colour scheme as well as using limited number of colours. Crowding your event marquee with too many bright colours might make it harder to blend everything together in a way that is appealing. 

3. Plan A Layout Before Finalising Your Event Marquee  

It is very important to have an idea about your floor plan before you finalize your event marquee so that you can get a structure that serves all your purposes. One of the biggest advantages of having a marquee wedding is that it is uninhibited by structural barriers, giving you the ability to create a unique floor plan and layout as per your preference. Therefore, it is better to get an event marquee which suits a pre-decided layout plan rather than getting a generic tent and trying to fit everything into it later. 

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You can begin by creating the zones that your venue would require like the dance floor, sweetheart table, bar, so on and so forth.  

Once you are set on the zones, separate the ones that are for practicality and those that focus on creating a visual or aesthetic impact. This will make it easier for you to imagine the orientation of all the small zones within a larger space, making the whole process a lot easier and creating the overall look you want to achieve. 

4. Don’t Forget to Light Up Your Décor 

From the cutlery and ceramics to the floor and furniture there are so many things that go into creating the whole look and design for your wedding. However, people often forget that it is the lighting plan of the event marquee that brings it all together to create a holistic appeal at your wedding or reception venue.  

Apart from standing lights and candles on the tables, you must also focus on getting overhead lighting to create an overarching effect. You may choose to opt for big chandeliers or basket and paper lanterns or even simple fairy lights, fashioning a layout with which will definitely create a cosy ambiance and the perfect environment for your special day.  

5. Create A Grand Entrance  

Whether it is a wedding marquee which is open from two or more sides or an event marquee which is completely packed on all sides adding a grand entrance to the venue is an effective way of creating a luxurious aura.  

Depending on the aesthetics of the place, you can go for an open-air entrance using hanging lights or flowered archways to guide the way or you can go forward with an entrance which is essentially an extension of the larger marquee. If you possess a more adventurous and creative spirit, you can also opt for a custom-printed gazebo to create a distinctive entrance to your wedding venue.  

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A grand entrance need not be incorporated only for an exotic appeal; you can also utilize it to serve a purpose. It can be a good place to invite and usher in your guests according to the seating arrangement or to place a table with drinks or photo-props for your family and friends. 

Get The Picture-Perfect Event Marquee for Your Wedding 

Using these tips and ideas along with all of your other planning for the venue will definitely create the perfect stage end backdrop for your wedding or reception.   

The worst nightmare for any couple is to end up with a bodgie job on an event marquee which is intended as the venue of their wedding. Therefore, we advise our readers to opt for branded folding marquees as they are more reliable and sturdy.

Moreover, it is always better to choose a brand that not only retails but also manufactures marquees and gazebos. Manufacturing brands have a better idea in terms of engineering a marquee as well as to custom-size the structure for your requirements. Some brands also offer free mock-up designs of your event tent and we definitely recommend availing this benefit. Being able to look at a visual of the space will be very beneficial in curating the whole design and style of your wedding. 

In fact, we believe layout mock-ups are one of the best ways to ensure due diligence when planning your wedding event. After all, who doesn’t want the picture-perfect wedding of their dreams!

It’s your big day, you must make the most of it! An event marquee is definitely a great idea to make the day memorable and ensure that everyone has a ripper of a time.  

So get designing now with full zest, we wish that your wedding day will be the best!